Fun Art Projects For 11 Year Olds

Fun Art Projects For 11 Year Olds

Fun Art Projects For 11 Year Olds – First, cut a piece of contact paper and draw a butterfly with a marker. Butterflies are symmetrical, so it doesn’t matter which side of the contact paper you draw it on, but it’s more convenient to draw it not on a sticky side.

Show your child how to stick pompoms on a sticky surface! You can get creative and arrange patterns with pom poms, but random colors work great too! Optionally, you can use pieces of colored toilet paper for this project.

Fun Art Projects For 11 Year Olds

Story stones can be a great addition to your story time. I made story stones for the book Room on the Broom. We play matching stones with the pictures on each page of the book. Another way to play is to recreate a story without a book. And when Scarlett gets a little older, I plan to make more story stones for other books, then all the stones can be mixed in a bag and we can take stones in a random order and create our own stories. I made them with stones I got at Michael’s, painted them first with white acrylic, then painted the art with acrylic paint and finished the details with brush pen.

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Here’s a fun rocket flight activity – place a paper rocket on a straw, have your child blow into the straw and the rocket launches into the sky! I made 2 simple rockets, pictured left and right, by cutting out the rocket shape from construction paper and gluing it together. The key here is to make sure you tape it tight so no air gets into the racket from any opening other than the bottom. Then put a rocket on a straw, blow into the straw and it explodes. My husband designed this fancy rocket (middle picture), the rocket also comes off the straw and flies better than the ones I built. So get creative, challenge dads to build rockets and have fun with your kids!

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We love playing with buttons. This button set includes a variety of different shapes and colors and is great fun to use in combination with the dough. Here I made a fun skull for Day of the Dead and Halloween. I made a skull shape out of dough and decorated with buttons and sticky gems. You can build cars with playdough and add wheels with buttons, you can make a face from playdough and add eyes, nose, mouth. The possibilities are endless, you just have to be careful.

I made this abacus out of cheerios, box and ties. Zip ties are perfect for the abacus because you can lock it from both sides with an additional zipper, which is then cut. Cheerios can be replaced with round pasta. We count up to 10 on each row with my 2 year old, but older kids can use this abacus regularly.

I made this fun machine using clothespins, thick straws, food bag lids, washi tape and a ribbon. These thick paper straws fit perfectly in the lid of the grocery bag. I tied the ribbon to the center of the car and took different toys for a walk.

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I made this world map by cutting out continents from sheets of felt. All the continents are removable and depending on the age of the child you can either arrange them on a sheet of blue “ocean” felt or ask the child to arrange them in the correct order. I also cut out some animal shapes to place on different continents and had some felt animal faces that I made for another activity. We also use these cutest Japanese animals to place them on the world map. They come apart, so if your child is too young, you have to be very careful with these toys.

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Another crafty idea is to turn a milk carton into a house. I painted it blue and then my kid helped me decorate it with stickers. I also made windows out of sticky notes and hid animal stickers underneath.

This was the creation I did with my 2 year old, but I’m sure older kids can make a more sophisticated family portrait. I helped her paste our photos onto the paper, then she added stickers and doodles. It is precious to me anyway. This can also be a great gift.

I have a very picky eater so I have to find creative ways to present her food. Here is an attempt to create Rapunzel in a tower, well you can only see Rapunzel’s hair here. Creating food art with your child could be a fun creative activity.

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Check out this carousel I made. It actually spins! Can you guess how? The secret is to use the spinner. We attached a spinner to the bottom of the plate with double sided tape, then had a line of animal toys that wanted to take a ride. I also attached the toys with double sided tape.

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