Aftermarket Suspension

Aftermarket Suspension – A true sports performance shock with an incredibly low price, the new 490 Sport Series shocks feature high-pressure monotube with deflective disc damping technology, hand-threaded preload and rebound adjustment to dial in the ride.

This technology combined with a linear spring rate allows for a constant feel through the damper stroke and the ability to withstand extreme temperature ranges and heavy loads.

Aftermarket Suspension

From pushing the pavement around town to hammering around the tarmac on your next race day, the 490 is the perfect choice for your performance demands!

Choose The Right Aftermarket Suspension For Your 4×4

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Progressive Suspension 412 Cruze 12.5 Inch Heavy Duty Shocks in Black Finish for 2004-2020 XL Sportster Models (412CRZ-4064B)

Progressive Suspension Low Height Asymmetric Fork Monotube Cartridge Kit for 2014-2016 Touring FLHTC/U, FLHTK, FLHX/S, FLTRU, FLTRX/S Models (31-4005)

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Polaris Rzr 900 Trail 50

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This item will be self-shipped within 5-10 business days subject to availability with our suppliers. Aftermarket Car Suspension Explained: Can Modern Cars Really Benefit From An Upgrade? As factory suspension setups become ever more sophisticated, does the aftermarket still offer one? A plug ‘n’ play option?

Unless you’re a professional chassis engineer, there’s a strong argument for leaving your car’s suspension alone: ​​A large team of experts spent tens of thousands of hours fine-tuning the ride and handling, so you The chances of all their hard work improving are, well, slim.

However, the big names in aftermarket dampers – Kony, Bilstein, KW, Öhlins, etc. – produce products that are developed by professional chassis engineers who have honed their skills in motorsport and are used by many of these types of automakers. have strong ties to (for example, KW supplied coilovers for BMW’s extreme M4 GTS). That’s why, despite the ever-sophisticated nature of the dampers fitted to cars by their manufacturers, the aftermarket continues to thrive, and consumers look to production-car compromises for sharper handling in extreme conditions. even on some very high-performance models) are willing to trade. On road and track.

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Harley Davidson Introduces New Performance Suspension For Dynas

While this was the case in some ways, the aftermarket has had to act quickly to reflect recent changes in the high-performance market. A decade or so ago, electronically controlled multistage dampers were still a novelty. These days you will find them on top and hot hatches. So the latest aftermarket offerings provide a similar adaptive damping capability for cars that don’t have it as standard, and for cars that do they offer coil-over damper units (coil-overs) that have existing electronics. Plugins are included and maintain full functionality. of the original system.

For example, KW and Bilstein have aftermarket adaptive damper setups based on the coilover configuration. (Meanwhile, Öhlins has been developing electronically controlled suspension technologies – CES, or Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension – for OEMs since the 1980s.) Bilstein calls its direct replacement adaptive damping system DampTronic, and it Compatible with certain Porsche, BMW and Mercedes. A handful of others. KW’s system is known as DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) plug-and-play, and is currently only available for a few BMW and Volkswagen models. Given how susceptible many modern full-car electronic management systems are to outside interference, the fact that these replacement units can easily slot in place of the original is testament to the close relationship between some automakers and aftermarket suppliers. .

The list of cars for which adaptive damping can be added where it is not present from the factory is still not very long, as kits have to be specially developed for individual cars and this is a complex process. But you will get Audis on it. , BMWs, Porches, VWs, Mercs and the Range Rover que. The KW DDC ECU system provides three settings accessible via a button on the dashboard – Comfort (when the button illuminates blue), Sport (purple) and Sport+ (red). Bilstein’s ride control system offers a choice of Comfort or Sport, again courtesy of a face-mounted button.

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Both of these German rivals also offer dedicated chassis fitters the option of wireless control of damper settings via an app on your smartphone or tablet – KW’s system only works on iOS devices, while Bilstein’s iRC module does. Compatible with Android. Both systems offer a regular array of modes (comfort, sport, etc.), but they also allow you to fine-tune the damping rate by small percentage points at a time and on individual axles, as well as for specific conditions. Also adjust the ride height. You can also store up to five personal customization settings – one for your daily commute, perhaps, another for ring lap…

Toytec Boss 2.5 Aluma Series Performance Suspension System For 10+ 4runner

Öhlins has since turned its attention to further developing ‘regular’ coilover technology and claims that the results, in terms of damper reaction times and overall chassis performance, are superior to those of electronically controlled systems. The results are better than those obtained. The Swedish company’s road and track range features what it calls a Dual Flow Valve (DFV), whereby the damper reacts as quickly during the rebound phase as it does under compression. This means the wheel stays in better contact with the road surface after, say, a sharp bump that would bounce it off the deck.

The benefits of DFV, Ohlin says, are manifold. Without sacrificing ride comfort, your car can ride with stiffer springs – in the case of the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, twice as stiff as standard – reducing squat, dive and roll, and keeping the tires in line with the road surface. Better contact, while also improving steering response and stability. Compared to the PASM-equipped 997-generation GT3 RS at the 1min 30sec track, Öhlins reckons, its road-and-track setup offers a 1.6 to 1.8sec per lap advantage, depending on the driver. It is also claimed to increase the confidence of less experienced track drivers.

Adjustability remains a key draw of aftermarket dampers. KW’s three-way coilover kit for the BMW M2 illustrates the point, with 16 settings for rebound control, 14 for high-speed compression (straight-line driving and very sharp corners), and six for low-speed compression (when you turn. in a sharp turn). It may take you some time to work out the ideal setup…

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Aston’s Newey-designed hypercar is finally ready. Is wearing a number plate the best thing ever, or too much of a compromise for your own good?

Superlift Suspension: Premium Aftermarket Truck & Suv Parts

The 697bhp DBX707 is big, bold and budget-friendly for an Aston Martin, but its chassis also has some flair, thanks to the success of the Royal Enfield 650 twins, with a number of aftermarket solutions providers including Ohlins. , both offering editing options. Models

The Royal Enfield 650 twin has won many hearts since its public debut at EICMA in November last year. Two models, the Interceptor and Continental GT, have already sold well and even reached tuning circles.

In the latest development, renowned Swedish suspension component manufacturer Ohlins has introduced aftermarket springs for both models to improve their road handling characteristics. This is definitely good news for all those looking to inject some more sportiness into the 650cc twins.

First on the list of aftermarket suspension options for the Royal Enfield 650cc twins from Ohlins is the FSK 145 fork spring kit. This component can be used on Yamaha R3, Kawasaki Ninja 300R, Honda CBR 250R, Honda CBR300R, and even middleweight models like Honda CB650F and Kawasaki ER6N.

What’s The Best Suspension For The G80 M3?

For the rear suspension, you can choose the RE 911 or RE 912 from the STX 36 twins. These parts are suitable for both cruiser and cafe racer style motorcycles. Aftermarket parts can be used with many damping adjustment options and can be used without length adjustment.

A complete suspension kit for the Royal Enfield 650 Twin can be purchased for around Rs. 95,000 as the front spring kit costs around Rs. 19,000 and the rear setup comes in at Rs 75,000. Price includes shipping, import duties and installation charges.

The stock Royal Enfield 650 Twins are powered by a 648 cc parallel twin fuel injected, air and oil cooled SOHC engine that produces a maximum power of 47.65 PS at 7, 250 rpm and a peak torque of 52 Nm at 5. 250 rpm.1 2021 RAM 1500 TRX Chassis and Suspension 2 2020 Porsche 911 Review by Hero Police

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