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Learn how to make pipe cleaner crafts – over 50 of them – with these fun and easy ideas! Grab your chenille stalk and get started. You will love this collection of animals, flowers, dress up, holidays, decor and more.

Crafts To Do With Your Friends

Required Skills: None. Some of these projects have more steps than others, but all are easily accessible for any age. There is a wide range of ideas from toddler to teenager.

How To Make A Dreamcatcher

I’ll be honest, I never thought that much about pipe cleaners. I didn’t use it for crafts when I was younger that I remember, and now I reflect. . . I think I missed it.

Do you see all the amazing things you can do with chenille stems? Well, maybe you don’t see it yet, but you will. . . Because I have collected more than 50 ideas for you. Use them for easy summer crafts to keep kids busy, or any other time they’re bored!

Before we begin, I would like to share with you a few frequently asked questions. If you are ready to view the projects, just scroll down to the bottom of this section. Otherwise, here are some common questions about these chenille stem projects.

Mostly the kids do the crafts, although here are a few things I would make. You’ll find dolls, flowers, animals, holiday, back to school, party favors, jewelry, games and more. It’s shocking, really!

Easy Diwali Crafts For Kids

You can make a few pipe cleaner crafts with just two! You will find them in this list. In fact, there are some projects that only use one. Genius, I know.

Animals are so much fun to make! Did I try a few, absolutely. In this post you will find monkeys, flamingos, crocodiles, llamas and more. Once you get started with the animals you’ll want to start experimenting with your own designs.

Kind of. Do not throw them in the washing machine. You can hand wash them but be careful. Use mild soap and warm water and allow to dry.

You can get them at Michael’s or Walmart in a pinch, but I love this set from Caydo. The colors are amazing and the price is right.

Flower Kindness Craft For Friends To Share And Give As Gifts

These pipe cleaner mermaid dolls make a fantastic summer craft for kids that are great for ocean or beach themed projects. I love their beautiful yarn hair!

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This DIY tiara is the perfect mommy and me craft. You’ll love how easy it is to make this crown that’s great for playing dress-up.

Here’s a fun monkey craft for kids of all ages! Grab some pipe cleaners and some wooden beads and transform them into cute posable monkeys. These little guys can even hang onto a pencil.

Some pipe cleaners are more fuzzy than others, and you should choose some really fuzzy ones to make some fun flamingos! Love the use of feathers and their beautiful, long legs.

Art And Craft Project Ideas Especially For Boys Ages 5 To 8

If I could ski on popsicle sticks I’d probably try! I love this downhill racer with its pinecone body and felt/toothpick accents. Make for Christmas decor or hang on your tree.

These heart rings are very easy to make and perfect for Valentine’s Day. All you need is one pipe cleaner (or two pipe cleaners if you want to make a double heart ring). You can make a pipe cleaner ring in about 5 minutes!

With practice, you can make a hat out of pipe cleaners in minutes! These little chapeaus are crazy cute, and you can use one technique to create a variety of styles.

Bring your craft sticks and pipe cleaners to make these clever crocodiles. These little fellows look like a lot of fun, and what’s even better is that once your kids make them, they can play with them.

Simple Paper Plate Crafts For Every Occasion!

Ever try your hand at growing crystals. . . On pipe cleaners? Here’s a very easy way to grow your own crystals overnight. All you need is borax, pipe cleaners, and some hot water to create your own sparkly sculptures!

These tissue paper flower bracelets make sweet gifts for mom on Mother’s Day (especially for Mother’s Day teas in the classroom) and would also be fun for Cinco de Mayo. So cute and colorful!

These colorful skeletons are ready to dance the night away, that’s for sure! Make a bunch of them for Halloween or when studying the human body. They are great as colorful banners.

This pipe cleaner tree was made for a train set, and I’m a big fan of the combination of colors and glitter! Grab a metallic chenille stem, or white. . . Create a Christmas tree in any shade you like.

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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts & Diy Projects For Kids

This pipe cleaner rainbow project is a fun and colorful idea for kids of all ages. Create a rainbow and add soft cotton balls and a smiley face sun for a cheerful craft.

April showers bring May flowers! If you’re looking for a quick way to add a pop of color to your home for spring and summer, this floral wall hanging is made with felt and pipe cleaners. It comes together in almost no time.

Bubbles is great fun for kids of all ages! You can make mini wands with pearl beads and pipe cleaners – and yes, you can wet them. See how much fun kids have with this – hours of fun.

While looking through a vintage craft book recently, Rachel came across a fun idea that she really liked: making miniature sheep out of pipe cleaners and wool. She decided to let it go, but instead invited some llamas to the party and added some fun color!

Fork Painted Easter Chick Craft

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner; Celebrate with this unique shamrock headband! Kids will love making and wearing this fun and festive craft (adults will too!).

Calling all space lovers! Whether you’re enjoying stargazing on a clear summer night or in planning mode for the next Solar System unit, this hands-on STEM activity will help your kids learn about constellations, stars, and star formation in the night sky.

Maggie made these little guys to go with her painted cork mushrooms and I’m not sure I could handle the cuteness! Learn how to make your own set from her blog.

Apparently pipe cleaners are long, and they bend. . . Makes them perfect for making reptiles! These snakes are colorful and actually kind of cute. Have some fun with the faces if you do this project.

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Adults & Kids

This homemade ring toss game is great for kids of all ages and is 100% safe for indoor play. Instead of using plastic or metal rings, this DIY ring toss carnival game uses pipe cleaners for a super soft landing.

If you’re looking for an easy way to entertain the kids while out and about, look no further. These travel pipe cleaner dolls are perfect for long car rides, busy restaurants, and religious services!

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This pipe cleaner tic tac toe game is the perfect make once, play anywhere busy bag perfect for on the go! And now, you can even keep a few things in your purse and entertain your kids when needed!

These easy coasters and trivets are made with just pipe cleaners, yarn, and a glue gun. They are quick and easy to make, and great for kids to give as homemade gifts to parents and grandparents.

Amazing Diy Christmas Gifts For Family

Pipe cleaner flowers are a super easy craft you can make with the kids this spring. It requires only a few supplies and cleanup is easy.

This lizard started its life as a few slimy pipe cleaners. With the help of the child who shaped him, he became a loving pet. Is it beautiful enough for you in your home? I think!

This photo holder is a great kids activity for summer break, holidays and back to school. What a fun and easy way to display photos.

Looking for an easy and fun fall craft to do? This is a very easy fall craft to make a pom pom fall tree. Not only is this easy to make, you can get the supplies to make it for just a few bucks.

Homeschooling Ideas For Your Little Ones

You can make colorful bracelets out of pipe cleaners by braiding them – so easy, they’re perfect for kids who’ve never made one before. Make for team colors, holidays or friendship bracelets.

This dragon isn’t exactly Game of Thrones tough, but this little guy is strong for pipe cleaners! Make a bunch of them in different colors and kids will have a great time playing with them.

This is a great winter project for the kids to make and you only need a few ingredients! Grab your pipe cleaners and some cereal and get busy.

Create a Valentine’s Day card for a sweet friend or family member. This is a simple DIY Valentine card that kids can make with very little help!

Magical Harry Potter Crafts For Kids

Indian corn, or “calico corn,” is beautiful and known for its multicolored kernels. Make this a Thanksgiving staple using pony beads in a variety of colors and some pipe cleaners.

This DIY fidget tool is perfect for a young student’s desk because of that

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