Diy Projector Box

Diy Projector Box – Did you know that you can turn an old shoe box and some office supplies into a Smartphone Projector? Yes you can! It is a simple, easy, fun physics experiment that you can do at home. Learn and observe the light

This project has been around the web for a long time, but here is a brief and detailed tutorial I made for everyone. (Most of my new videos will be made as brief and detailed as possible. Enjoy!)

Diy Projector Box

There are two major types of projectors in use at the time of writing (things are changing rapidly in this area). The projector comes with many functions, strengths or weaknesses, but most will run on LCD or DLP technology. LCD is an older technology, but that does not mean it is obsolete by any means. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. This way of putting pictures on the screen is as interesting and not as complicated as you might think. A bulb is designed to illuminate a powerful light through a prism. The primer splits light into its component colors, and these are transmitted through tiny LCD screens. The screen itself sends signals to allow more light to pass through certain pixel locations. The light is then transmitted through a lens on the screen where the image is visible to the human eye. DLP or digital light processing is a bit more complicated. This time the light is shining through a colored wheel spinning on a chip attached to hundreds of thousands of tiny mirrors. The glass is turned on or off electronically according to the color requirements at that time. Even if only one color is displayed at the same time, one color follows the other so quickly that the primary colors seem to blend into the appropriate colors. This image always seems to glow when, in fact, small parts of it are fading. The technology was developed by Texas Instruments and is based on the old technology used for color television in the 1950s. Knowing the differences between the two types of projectors can be important as LCDs are considered better for static or high contrast images. DLP with brighter colors is thought to be better for video. Some DLP projectors are known to show rainbow effects. It can occur when a white object moves on a dark background. Small shades of red, blue or green can be seen. Most modern DLP projectors overcome this problem with multiple chips and high rotation rates for the color wheel. So what can we put these amazing machines to use?

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Digital Decorating 101: Outdoor Decorating, Part 3

Keep your box upright. Place your magnifying glass on top, then center it. Use a pencil to trace the cut line.

This is a simple trick I use all the time. If you are too OC, you can use the XACTO knife at the other end of the compass for a perfect and round hole cut.

When you replace the cover, the cover may close part of your glass (depending on the size of your glass or box). Use your precious cut as a style, then carefully cut out the excess cardboard that blocks your glass.

Make a phone holder using foam padding. Make sure it is perpendicular to the base to avoid image distortion.

Hacking An Old Laptop Into A 3d Projector

The camera turns the light source (your phone’s LCD) into a projected image. This means that you will need to position your phone screen in an awkward position to prevent it from rotating automatically. Go to lock screen settings and turn off auto-rotate.

Like all projectors, this also needs to be calibrated. Place your phone at the end of the box, then slowly move it closer to the glass, you will notice that the image will be clearer / softer. Move it forward until you get the clearest prediction.

I’m back! During my long absence from posting projects here, I recorded and compiled several tutorial videos to keep up with my new channel. Every week I will post new and random projects. Oops, great outside! Article 101 Digital Decoration Previously discussed the challenges of installing an external digital projector. The last thing digital decorators want is a broken projector, so be sure to read that article before planning your exterior display! Once you are aware of the potential dangers, it is time to make a plan to protect your projector from the elements. (Updated September 2021)

The team has seen many innovative solutions for custom projectors over the years as we create digital decorations. Today we will share with you the D.I.Y. Projects that decorators share with us.

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How To Make A Diy Smartphone Projector

Remember, we always collect weekly AtmosFAN submissions! If you have a beautiful decoration project that you want to share with us, just send us some pictures or videos using this easy submission form.

Before we get to the fun part, remember that any enclosure you create must allow for proper airflow. Without airflow, your projector may overheat and break down permanently. Now we go to creativity!

Using your projector outside is not just a matter of protecting the projector from the elements. Hiding your projector creates a seamless decorating experience where every visual element adds to the whole presentation and makes your guests wonder how ready it is. For example, Joe O., who loves Halloween, has come up with this simple but effective way to hide a projector using a greeting sign for his trickster with humor.

Joe O. also shared a picture of his enclosure designed to look like a grave. Once again, he added humor to make a real impact.

Diy Smartphone Projector

Home hunter Rick H. from Cincinnati also shared D.I.Y. The tomb cover included a fan to facilitate ventilation.

Another digital decorator, Tom H. from Tampa Bay, shared this enclosure made from styrofoam air conditioner:

Tom took the tips of the other decorators who were making the tombstone from the foam air conditioner and went one step further, turning it into a screen box! Styrofoam is a good choice for D.I.Y. The solution. Many paints will break down styrofoam, which adds to the rock-like appearance of the actual tomb.

In the previous article, 101 Digital Decorating took a look at the sound setup for your outdoor display. Sound is an essential element of many digital decorations, so you will want to make sure your presentation sounds as good as it looks. Since stumbling upon a tutorial for a DIY projector using a shoe box, I was fascinated by the idea. But I do not like to look bad. And do you really want to invite people to pull the closed shoe box? Laugh out loud

Portable Diy Projector, Projector, For Mobile Phone Home Theater Smart Phone Cinema

But it was not until I finished finishing my room that the idea started torturing me again because outdoor movies finally seemed possible!

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I will attend but then come out completely. However, this month I knew I wanted to do it. And of course we are restricted to using only one panel.

I started with a 2’x4 ‘wooden board that I had just been sitting in my garage from another project. It costs only $ 12 from Depot Home as it is part of a larger 4 ‘x 8’ plywood panel that was cut into 4 pieces when I bought it last month.

I was doing it right away so I did not know what measurement I needed. You will have to think about your measurements as well, because I think it depends on the strength of the magnifying glass. For the one I originally used, I had to make my DIY projector longer than a standard shoe box to get it focused properly.

How To Make A Diy Home Theater Projector And 50

Home Depot sells 2 ′ x 4 ′ boards by itself, but costs about $ 20 or more. My advice is to have them cut a board larger than 4 ‘x 8’, which costs $ 50, but overall you get more pieces at a cheaper price!

Here you can see that I have drawn a line for the front size that I want it to be (about 7 inches). It is better to cut it out when it is hardwood because it is louder and easier. Cut.

And it is best to cut it out when it is hardwood because it is more sound and easier to cut.

When cutting a circle, you must first drill a hole to get the knife into there and start cutting. 🙂

Diy Mini Cardboard Version 2.0 Portable Household Smartphone Mobile Phone Projector For Home Theater

You may need to clean the edges to make it fit. Do not cut it too wide, otherwise it will not fit and the light will go out!

After the glass was tested and fitted, I cut the front of the rest of the DIY film.

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