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Build Your Own Patio – I am very proud of this work. I sit in my garden every morning drinking my coffee and smiling from ear to ear looking out at my patio. I have dreamed about this day for years. When I bought my house four years ago, there were two trees, an ugly shed, and a big concrete porch off the back door. I immediately installed a faux flagstone patio (concrete stamp) to replace the falling shed and my fire pit floor.

Since then I’ve added a large vegetable garden, herb garden, tons of roses, trees, and flowers, and redone my front yard last summer. I’ve always meant to finish the back yard with a patio but I’m on a budget and the whole yard has to be done. If you want a private oasis but don’t know where to start: just start! Change the yard one piece at a time, plant by plant. That’s what I did with my first yarn. Now, here’s how to build a DIY patio for less than $300. For your reference, here is what the field looked like before this project:

Build Your Own Patio

Under the shade of the tree. Believe me, it didn’t look like this beautiful year when I did this job. It’s a mud pit. So bad that I don’t have a single picture and sadly, I didn’t think to take the truth “before.”

The Perfect Outdoor Sofa

Prepare the area. I was lucky because my grass died under the trees that I wanted in the yard. Assuming you still have weeds, use a shovel to clear the area of ​​all the weeds and dig. This project is definitely possible for beginners. No fancy tools are needed, just take an ax to loosen and remove the weeds, and a metal rake to level the area.

Until my father insisted we check out Classic Rock Stoneyard. Alyssa was really helpful. She quickly calculated the amount of gravel we would need to set up a 40-square, 3 inch deep patio. A ton and a half of gravel cost me only $160 – a fraction of what I would have bought at the hardware or nursery store! If I had known I could buy gravel cheap, I would have finished the toilet years ago.

There are definitely more interesting types of gravel than the pea gravel I chose if your budget allows but I love the way pea gravel feels under my feet. Again, I think it’s great! I paid for delivery (at $45, it was worth it) so we just had to get it from the street to the porch.

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Now there are many cheap options out there for trimming such as the strong steel with a strong green we all tread by accident if you want to build a balcony for less than $ 200, but I decided that Austin stone will really improve. gravel pea. In addition, my father built garden beds in the yard with Austin stone and I thought that if I use it for the gravel patio, my yard will be more cohesive and not like someone who built it all over the years four.

Circular Paver Patio Kit With Fire Pit

You can see how the total mud hole has moved here. It should be noted that since I completed this project in November, I also laid new sod under the trees.

My patios. Yes, my fire pit patio has a scary green wall and my sealed concrete patio has no sides at all. The fence goes all the way to the end of the fence and we put a shade bed on one side of the existing porch.

To get a curve around the base of the tree, we put some small rocks together. So far I haven’t had any problems getting into grass or gravel. My dad did an amazing job fitting the edges together perfectly!

When you have gravel there (in this case, in my driveway), smooth the grass cover on the prepared area. Usually this is landscape fabric, but we actually used a giant piece of canvas that cost about $15. I checked first to make sure it could fit under a gravel patio. It absolutely can! We drilled holes in it for drainage so that the soil under the balcony does not harden under the terrace.

Amateur Hour: Build Your Own Patio In A Weekend (ish)

A wheelbarrow is your friend here. A delivery truck dumped pea gravel on my road in a huge pile. My father and I put the pea gravel in a wheelbarrow, took it to the platform, threw it, and spread it out. Since my field was facing the fence, we dumped the gravel near the fence, working our way back to the front of the field. Place about three-quarters of the gravel, then stop to work on the edges.

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Place the stones as you wish. We did a little stone swapping to get the edge right. Use two spikes and string to get a straight line for your edge. This is more important than you think! Then move the stones out of the way and use the ax to dig a shallow hole that can put the stones in the ground. Place the stones in the hole one by one, taking care to make sure they are aligned and straight. They should be balanced so that no pebbles pass through.

Once your stone is set in the holes, you are ready to finish the patio! Just lift the gravel to the side of the rock, dump the gravel over the side and into the patio. Soften the gravel so that it is evenly distributed.

Well! Look how much space has been found in my yard. Can you believe the price is this low?! We could have done the patio work in one day but the gravel was delivered well in the afternoon and we had sunlight until about 5pm, since this work took place in November. If you start in the morning, I think you can do it in one day. Definitely a weekend.

Back Garden Nursery: Plants, Planters And Design Ideas

HUGE thanks to my dad for building this patio with me! I redecorated the living room with a new hammock and a beautiful six person teak dining set from Lowe’s. I added some potted plants, a ten-year-old concrete bench sits in the circular area in front of the tree, and (okay, dad) I ran solar panels between the trees. The dining set matches the new teak chaise, loveseat, and coffee table that I got for my concrete patio last fall, which I think ties the whole space together. Here are more photos of my remodeled bathroom! Update your yard, build a new walkway, or install a fire pit for a yard that’s perfect for summer shindigs.

A durable patio is a lot like a smooth paint job—it’s all about the prep work. Be too hasty in placing slabs on a poor foundation, and it may take a few seasons before the stones change and become a dangerous hazard.

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This fire pit, made of large salvaged granite blocks, anchors the patio design and keeps the festivities going after sunset. Here’s how to build a bluestone patio around a central fire pit. And don’t forget about fire pit safety.

Sure, you can spend days and dollars on a cobblestone or bluestone walkway, but a simple gravel path won’t break your back—or your budget. Gravel (as well as crushed brick or crushed shell) is a common material found in common gardens throughout Europe and Asia, and takes little skill to install. Have a day to take it down (as described here), and soon you will have a beautiful, flower-free path to walk in your perfect environment.

How To Build And Pour Your Own Modern Concrete Patio (diy)

The fire outside is very hot right now. Really. Mankind has called the fireplace home for centuries, it’s true, but these days people are going ultra-retro and getting heat from stone wall holes set into the ground. And, why? On a cold night, you can melt marshmallows and slurp s’mores while lounging in an Adirondack chair, feet up on the stone steps. So if you really want to shine right, do it in style. Use our step-by-step guide and spend a few days building your own fire ring.

The best way to cross a driveway is to install gutters, which allow water to drain through the gaps between them and into the gravel bed. From there, it slowly sinks into the ground. Compare that to a highway, where water picks up oil and other chemicals as it washes down the road, filling drains, polluting waterways, and increasing the likelihood of flooding from storm drains.

While you can buy a simple portable grill to listen to the call of coal, there is something interesting about the construction of the building. These features not only accent the porch, they accentuate it

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