How To Make A Book Nook For Beginners

How To Make A Book Nook For Beginners – It’s been almost 15 months of various home improvements while we’re all more or less stuck inside. You designed the perfect reading corner. You filled it with pleasant reading corner items. If you’re anything like me, you’ve done more online shopping than you might think

But your bookshelves, well. The combination of books, pictures and the occasional plant is classic but could also use some life. It’s spring and we’re all looking for something new and interesting to do. Books contain beloved worlds within their pages; What if the magic could live outside these pages too?

How To Make A Book Nook For Beginners

Bookends are book-sized (thick) inserts for your bookshelf. They are mini dioramas that give you a 3D view into a scene. They are basically a dollhouse but for a book, and they are adorable. These are some of my favorite DIY bookshelf shelf kits!

Book Nook Ideas That Will Bring Magic To Your Shelves

If you’ve ever enjoyed a classic British novel about certain Victorian-era orphans, houses that might be particularly gloomy, or enjoy a bit of steampunk, this twisty London alley corner might be for you.

Take yourself on a quick trip to Italy every time you scan your shelves with this charming scene from Venice.

I find this Narnia book nook a charming meta, given that both wardrobes and books show us worlds we might never discover otherwise.

Tolkien fans may want to tune in to the next few corners, starting with this iconic scene with a quote from the White Wizard himself.

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Let’s Try This Again. Need Some Tips On The Book Nook To Make It Better! Please Help! Thank You In Advance!

Gollum searches for his beloved in front of the doors of Doreen in this iconic scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.

If a bookcase isn’t quite right, this set of charming bookshelves with a scene from The Hobbit might be

For anyone who has ever been taken out of this world by a book, I have your book corner right here!

Looking for a magical book corner that doesn’t refer to a specific fandom? This charming scene may enchant you.

Ways To Make A Reading Nook In Your Room

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding off into the sunset with your black beauty or black steed, this stable scene might just be the bookend for you. and as a bonus,

Fans of musicals may find themselves breaking into song every time they pass by this inspiring Les Miserables-themed book nook. I know I would!

If your shelves lean more artistic than bookish, this stunning combination of Van Gogh’s paintings will be the perfect addition.

And finally, for those who didn’t find exactly what they were looking for in this list, there are empty book corners. Check out this guide and let your shelves—or your imagination—inspire you.

Mushroom Forest Book Nook

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