Diy Desks For Home Office

Diy Desks For Home Office – Your home office should be a welcoming, productive environment, but for most of us, it isn’t. Let’s face it – our home offices tend to get messy. Without colleagues looking over our shoulders, we let things slide. Sometimes, we don’t bother with a desk at all and choose to work from the couch instead. If your desk position isn’t working, don’t go out and buy a new home office suite. Grab your tools, roll up your sleeves, and try one of these DIY desk ideas.

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Diy Desks For Home Office

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How To Build A Custom Diy Computer Desk

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By subscribing, I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. // This site is protected by reCAPTCHA Enterprise and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Earlier this year, we built a DIY butcher block desk for my home office. It was one of the easiest and fastest ways to consolidate a large desk space. We actually found two file cabinets and put a piece of butcher block on top and….voila!

My main goal was to have lots of desk space to work, and this DIY butcher block desk definitely fits the bill! We got our 8 foot butcher block piece from Lowe’s. They also sell 6 foot and 4 foot pieces, but the 8 foot is exactly what we needed, so we didn’t have to make any cuts.

Our Ikea Desk Hack

You can’t see it in the picture, but Cy took a 6 foot 2×4 and drilled it into the wall studs at the height we wanted the desk to be. So the butcher block is resting on that “lip” and there are two drawer units on each side. He also used some screws and attached the butcher block to the drawer unit from the bottom to prevent it from sliding.

We applied a coat of minwax stain in dark walnut, and then we sealed the wood with satin polyurethane. (I wish I could say that my desk always looks this clean and clutter-free, but that just wouldn’t be true!)

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But I like that I have enough space to spread out my papers, planner, laptop and more on a daily basis.

The drawer units came with silver hardware, so I spray painted them black to get the look I wanted.

Diy Desks That Really Work For Your Home Office

I also printed some labels on my computer and added them to each of the drawer pulls.

The drawer units are not too big, which I like. They give me a little storage without taking up a lot of space under my desk.

The cute little mail holder on the wall was a birthday present from my Aunt Tessie. I put some white envelopes in it for these pictures, but when school starts, I plan to make a file folder with each of my kids’ names on them to hold important school papers.

I wanted to keep the shelving above my desk simple, so Cy made me these open shelves.

Diy Home Office Desk

I hope to show you the rest of my office in a future post. I really enjoy this little corner of our house that is mine. 🙂

Do you have a “home office” or a place in your home that you like to “work” in? Whether you’re decorating your home office or creating a beautiful workspace for your craft room, these DIY desk plans are easy and inexpensive. to make We’ve found desk ideas to fit every type of space—from corner desks to standing desks and more. Some even boast smart storage to organize all your supplies. Now get to work!

Leave a live edge on this floating desk for a more natural aesthetic. Mount on the wall with two simple supports.

For those who swear by the health benefits of a standing desk, this simple design wraps around the room without taking up too much space. Pair it with a bar stool for those times when your feet need a break.

Diy Desk Ideas

The top of this rustic piece opens to reveal three compartments. Ditch the pen and paper for the office—or make it vanity and ditch the makeup and makeup.

This DIY desk plan couldn’t be simpler—or sleeker! Pair hairpin legs with a butcher block slab for a mid-century modern-inspired furniture piece that looks straight out of a catalog.

A concrete top by The Merethought for The Home Depot adds an industrial element to this saw-style desk.

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Add a curved bookshelf to your desktop workspace where you can store both practical and beautiful items.

Diy Desk Plans For The Office

We’ve got the perfect desk for your farmhouse. The beautiful country-inspired design (courtesy of Michael and Sara of Huckleberry Ridge Furniture) includes two shelves and X details.

Turn an old dresser into a secretary-style desk with shelves for open storage. This entire conversion cost just $10 from start to finish.

You’ll have plenty of room to spread out your stuff thanks to this L-shaped desktop. The building plans by Jolene of The Rustic Barn are surprisingly simple for such a stunner.

Not only is piping a practical way to make desk legs, but it also gives the project a very “in” industrial style.

Diy Desk Top Build Tutorial

Reclaim a corner that goes unused by installing a custom workspace. A cove molding base gives the furniture a professionally made look.

A floating desk frees up floor space in this boy’s room. You don’t even have to sacrifice storage: the hinged top swings open, so he can hide all his treasures inside.

A system of shelves and brackets mounted on twin tracks allows for an organized desk area with the space you need.

Take a cue from the Murphy bed of the past with this desk that folds away into a sleek cabinet.

Cheap And Easy Diy Desk Ideas You Can Build

Who says a home office has to cost a fortune? Basic bookshelves and an inexpensive IKEA desk top come together to make a seriously cute DIY desk. Working from home has become more popular than ever. Although I have been teleworking for over a year now, I have been doing so from everywhere other than my home office. Kitchen, sofa, bed, you name it. The truth is, my home office looks more like a storage unit than anything else.

Today, I’m finally tackling my DIY desk top build to complete my desk and finally have a proper workspace. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a solid wood desk top from rough sawn ash wood. My desk is going to be huge: over 7 feet tall! With plenty of storage space and leg room.

After cleaning out my office, I was finally able to get my newly made base cabinets in position. I adjusted the leveling feet until the shelves were flush and then I could clamp them together and attach them with some screws.

After checking for level, I positioned and leveled the third cabinet, then popped in all the drawers. If you’re interested in seeing how I built them, you can check out the Cabinet Build Video or the Drawer Cabinet Build Plan for more details.

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Leaning Wall Ladder Desk

The biggest challenge in making this solid wood desk top is the limited space in my workshop. There isn’t a lot of room to work on such a large project, but most of my tools are on wheels, so I can move things out of the way and make room to use my tools.

I’m starting with 5/4 thick sawn ash that I will join on all 4 sides. This is my first time joining such long boards, and I quickly realized that my joiner was not tall enough to support them and be able to work safely. I picked up a pair of roller stands to support the wood on both the infeed and outfeed. Using a straight edge I can attach them to the connecting bed and go to work.

I would start by laying one face flat on the jointer, placing the cupped face down and applying pressure to the outfeed side. It took several passes until the face was flat and let me tell you, working with long solid wood boards is quite a workout!

With a face flat, I can flip that face against the fence of my joiner to flatten and square an edge. I checked the edge for square, then could go to the planer to flatten the opposite face.

Homidec Writing Computer Desk, 55 Inch Office Work Desk With Bookshelf, Study Laptop Table With 4 Tier Diy Storage Shelves, Modern Simple Style Desks For Bedroom, Home, Office (55 X 23.6 X

Feeding each board one at a time, I could slowly lower the cutterhead until all the boards were flat and the same thickness. I was hoping to end up with 1-inch in thickness and ended up just a hair short of the 1-inch mark. not bad.

With all the boards milled to their final thickness, the last step is to rip them

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