Things To Put On Your Lanyard

Things To Put On Your Lanyard

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Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no secret that the school will continue to look much different this year. Whether educators will be in the classroom full-time is still unclear in some areas, but it’s best to be prepared. if your child

Things To Put On Your Lanyard

Getting back to school face-to-face this fall, having them take off their masks all day (a challenge we all know all too well by now) is crucial. It’s best to send your kids with multiple face masks each day, and investing in a face mask cord can be a smart way to help kids keep their masks close by. Plus, they make cute stuff for adults too!

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Up front, find a set of face mask neck ties for kids on Etsy to help ensure they come home with a mask in hand every day.

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Whether for yourself or as a gift for a friend, lanyards are cute and fun to make and don’t require a lot of materials. Lanyards also have a variety of uses, such as providing a great way to secure keys, cell phones, badges or whistles. There are many different types of neckties you can make, some more advanced than others, but here are a few ideas to get you started in this fun hobby.

It’s a “wiki” similar to Wikipedia, which means that most of our articles are co-authored by multiple authors. To create this article, 88 people, some of them anonymous, worked to edit and improve the article over time. This article has been viewed 742,674 times.

How To Make A Spiral Lanyard

To make a box of cord, first cross the centers of 2 equal lengths of material in a crosshair shape. Then, hold the centers in place while holding one end of the lower string and pull over the center to make a large loop. Grab the other end of the bottom yarn and do the same, then knit one end of the top yarn over the first loop it joins and under the second loop. Then knit the other end of the top yarn over the first loop where it joins and under the second. Tighten this stitch and continue sewing until the cord is the length you want. Scroll down to learn how to make a diamond braided cord! Items that I manage just fine without them, but then when I got them, I wondered how I managed. Also, it has made my teaching life more fun and enjoyable!

#1: A nice bag to carry your work. We all take work home, and for some reason, when you carry it home in an ugly old bag or a repurposed shopping bag, it feels… sad. I think that when you love the bag you carry home with your work, you are more likely to feel good about the work in it. There are some really nice bags. Here are a few that I love: messenger bags, tote bags, and computer bags. I especially love this shop on Etsy. He makes personalized orders (combining his fabrics and monograms too!). Here is the bag I ordered from him:

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#2: Great pens for grading. Rating is boring. Rating takes forever. Grading… is part of the job and we need to find ways to take the pain out of it! Personally, I hate that the ink doesn’t flow well or smudge (I don’t have time to wait for this to dry!). My life changed the day I discovered these pens. Papermate ability. These pencils are great because they come in a variety of colors (I despise rating with red pencils), they dry instantly and frankly the colors make me happy!

#3: A cool key chain or lanyard for your school keys. I like cords because they make it harder to lose your keys. The problem is, most of the school-issued lanyards are pretty unattractive. Cool keychains can also be difficult to find (for those who don’t like neck strings). When teaching, we usually need to have our keys with us at all times, so let’s make it easy to carry them with us. Here are the four types that I think are most helpful. Cord, wristband and stretch band and badge pull. I just ordered this cord from a great shop on Etsy and I am really happy with it. Quality and stylish!

Diy Keychains That Make Great Gifts

#4: Personalized stamps. I’ve never met a teacher who didn’t like a good stamp. I usually have good luck with the targeted dollar portion before the school year starts (there’s always good teacher material out there). However, recently, I discovered some really cool personalized stamps! I found two on Etsy that I love, a rubber stamp and a self-inking stamp. Then there are the seriously cool stamps made by these guys. I had a visiting teacher who had one of these and my students thought it was the greatest thing ever! I’ve been wanting one ever since!

#5: A great coffee (or tea) mug. How else can we get through long teaching days and even longer nights and weekends without caffeine for grading!! If you’re going to sip the sweet nectar of the bean (or leaf) all the time, you can sip it in style! I have silly and inspiring teacher mugs. Some have scientific puns, some have formulas, some have images that disappear or reappear when hot liquid is added, and then there are sweet mugs with inspirational teaching messages. I love them all for different reasons and I drink according to my current mood or the unit I’m processing.

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#6: An inspiring book about teaching to open in difficult days, weeks and years. I am a big advocate of inspirational messages and stories. I have a deck of inspirational cards in a decorative holder on my desk, where I can hand over cards and messages to my bear or my needs. I also have several copies of chicken soup for the teachers’ soul – digital copy in my corner, hard copy at home and hard copy in my classroom and other inspirational books. That way, an inspiring answer is always with me when I need it. Check out this blog post I wrote for more inspiration and self-care tips.

#7: A personal laminator. At first, I bought this laminator on a whim. It was so cheap at Costco and I thought “hey, I have a couple of small posters to laminate, it’s worth the 20 bucks”. I am sure I will use it several times”. Best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent on my class. It is the gift that keeps on giving! I’ve laminated so much over the past few years that I had to purchase multiple packs of replacement lamination boards to be able to laminate MORE material! I’m practically an addict! How can I not use it on everything! Instantly makes everything virtually indestructible for students’ daily wear and tear! The first year I got it, I printed a class set of periodic tables and laminated them. I’ve used them every year since then. It’s been 4 years!!!!!!! All still in perfect condition!! I also used it for station markers, review cards for games (like the snowman game I mentioned in this article), signs in my classroom, bathroom passes, task descriptions for group work; you name it, I’ve probably laminated some iterations of it!

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#8: Snack

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