Things To Put On The Wall

Things To Put On The Wall – I don’t know about you, but the thought of “What do I put on the big wall?” can be overwhelming at times. I have compiled a list of 10 Easy DIY Wall Art Projects that anyone can pull off. So Start Reading and say goodbye to blank walls forever.

There are many ways to incorporate living plant walls, starting from full blown built in, to hanging simple planters. I love how Christine from @_forthehome decorated her wall with simple terra-cotta pots. You can read the whole process HERE. This is a great way to cover an empty wall. If you’re nervous about keeping a lot of plants alive, don’t be shy about using the fake version, there are plenty of realistic looking ones to buy now.

Things To Put On The Wall

The world of home decor has gone through several iterations of the classic letter board. I love this oversized version from Alexi at SeekingAlexi. This large X-letter board is perfect for decorating a large wall in one shot! You can take a closer look at the beautiful letterboard on Alexi’s Blog HERE!

Of The Most Beautiful Nursery Decor Items To Add To The Nursery

There are many beautiful flags to be found there. Etsy is full of customizable options! I love this one HERE from Wild Standard, but using a vintage flag would be just as gorgeous. Some authentic flags are big enough so you can cover a large area with one of them. I would love to find a vintage State flag hanging in my living room at some point.

Okay, Okay, so technically this still incorporates the use of framed art, but the addition of photo frames gives some super awesome structure and interest. Depending on how long you make your ledge, this is a really easy way to cover a large wall. Bridgett from This Minimal Home has a great DIY on how to make your own Photo ledge. You can read all about it HERE.

Have you been seeing this trend everywhere like I have? So fun and easy. You can buy a simple hat rack from Amazon, or do what I did in my bedroom and throw some nails in the wall to hang your hats. Use just a few hats like Sara Mueller here, or cover your entire wall with hats! Both are equally stunning. Decorating your wall with hats is not only super cool and easy, it’s also practical, so here you go!

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Painting a Wall Mural is a fun way to transform a wall into a piece of art all its own. There are so many amazing versions out there. I recently painted this accent wall in a terrazzo pattern. You can read all about the process HERE. Painting your walls is a very easy DIY wall art project that will make a big impact.

How To Decorate Blank Walls 7 Ideas For Renters

Whether you buy on Etsy, or make your own, the options are endless in macrame and weaving. Fill a corner of your wall, or make macrame a wall focal point. Either way, I still love this breezy boho trend. The beautiful weave you see here was made by my friend Happy Mountain Designs

For easy DIY wall decoration, hang your photos or prints on the wall using colorful washi tape. I love how unexpected (and also temporary) this wall solution is.

If you want to make a dramatic impact, try a collection of vintage mirrors and display them together to create a gallery wall. An added bonus is that when mirrors reflect light, they create the illusion of a larger room.

Another way to decorate a large wall is fabric frames. You can use vintage pieces, authentic batik, or try this simple DIY Mixed Media Art from Hunker Home.

How To Decorate Your Walls

I hope this article gives you some ideas on where to start the next time you’re faced with blank wall syndrome. Or maybe it sparked your own idea of ​​how to cover a large wall? If so, drop me a line below! I really want to hear!

Interested in more decorating ideas from House on a Sugar Hill? Here are some articles that other readers have found interesting … I have always been a fan of “wall collage” or as I like to call it in my house “wall-of-acak- s…. (stuff).” In my “One Day” book mentioned in my coffee table decor – I have a ton of wall collages cut out of pottery barn and ballad design magazines and am determined to put one in my home. As well as when I started decorating on the side I have done at least one wall collage in every house I have worked on.

No matter what type you want, they can go anywhere in the house. My favorite spot is over the bed, on the large open wall, or on the TV- Wall. I especially like to put wall collages on the wall mounted television because it makes it visually appealing and a focal point, especially when the TV is off.

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A perfect wall collage has many objects, pictures and sayings hung in such a way that they share the same line.

Become A Pro At Mixing Art On Gallery Walls

For the purposes of this post, I’m only going to focus on wall collages that fall under the idea of ​​2 + 3. For photo collages, I’ll write in a separate post, but I’ll apply some of these ideas at the end of this post. Tips & Tricks

Tip 1: The first step is to measure the space you have and draw the model on a piece of paper. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a large wall canvas like if you’re doing a collage around a bed frame for example. I draw all my ideas in an art drawing book (also called “One-Day” book). I wrote down all the measurements: Sides of each bed, bedside table to ceiling, across the bed, etc. stuff” that I think would look great on my wall (because you never know when you’re going to find the perfect “random stuff” – I found the metal horn collection above at a store called Z Lion in Charlotte while visiting my friends Eric. & Amber . Since I only have a carry-on, I was stopped at the airport security because these horns are considered “blunt objects”. However, they obviously made it home with me.)

Tip 2: Draw out an idea of ​​what you want to put on the wall: whether it’s a clock, a saying, a photo, an animal horn, etc.

Tip 3: Have a tape measure with you at all times. It can be the size of a small tape that you keep in your purse (or your pocket if you’re stupid… or your man-wallet). This is so when you come to the frame, object, or saying, you can see if it will fit in the space provided.

The Things That Make Me Different Are The Things That Make Me Me Piglet Quote Vinyl Wall Art Sticker Wall Decal Decoration For Home Room Nursery Kid Room Boy Girl Kinder Wall

Tip 4: The best place to find your wall collage is Hobby Lobby. They have everything you need for a wall collage. Every other week part of the store is 50% off. So sometimes it’s worth to wait for sales. For example- our little girl’s room above- the wall collage was only $107 total with everything from Hobby Lobby. The “kitchen collage” on the wall behind the kitchen table, also from Hobby Lobby- $60 total. (If you’re doing a collage of just photos, try Michaels frames- at least once a month they’re 50% off, and if you’re a teacher you get an extra 15% if you show your work badge.)

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Tip 5: Consider investing in a tape measure that tells you what each small line in the same tape measure is (LOL). This is so embarrassing to mention- however, if you are anything like me with a tape measure- I know 1/4, 1/2, 3/4ths and that’s about it. All the time I would say to my husband “that’s two lines after 1/2” and he would respond “You mean 5/8ths?” I came across this DeWalt tape measure below when I was browsing Home Depot (yes. , I browsed around Home Depot) I then bought it as a stocking stuffer for my husband last year- but in actuality it was right for me 😛 (Needless to say he realized this very quickly.)

Tip 6: Before hanging anything on the floor, start at the corner of the collage when hanging, and make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil to do some math “measurements” before placing the screws on your wall.

New***: Tip 7: PicGenie123!! I recently discovered a new product that Home Depot sells for hanging photos and let me tell you… I wish I had found this easy to use product years ago. measurement to make all the pictures perfectly even

Things To Hang On The Wall That Aren’t Framed Art And Prints

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