How To Keep Pc Safe

How To Keep Pc Safe

How To Keep Pc Safe – A computer is just another tool that when taken care of, will serve you pleasantly and easily for a long time. Just like you should take your vehicle to an auto repair shop regularly, you should do some routine maintenance every few months or time to keep your computer running smoothly. If you need an upgrade, then check out these custom gaming PCs.

Heat is the downfall of most computer components. More heat means components will degrade faster or problems can occur, so reducing heat generally increases the lifespan of a gaming PC. Some tips include:

How To Keep Pc Safe

Most computers run faster when they are brand new and not loaded with any software. But of course, computers are used to run the software, so installing more programs than the operating system is necessary. The good thing is that most programs will only use up your computer’s resources when they are active and loaded. Even web browsers will have inactive tabs get rid of if there are too many open tabs to save resources for the ones you’re looking at. However, not all programs are so nice.

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Sometimes an old computer is just old. Everything has a lifespan, including computers. But don’t just throw away a perfect computer when a single component can slow down the entire system.

Finally, if you think you need all of the above, starting with a new computer is probably the best way to go. Be sure to bring your old computer to a local electronics store for proper recycling. Many components in a computer are toxic and are not supposed to end up in a landfill. The world has changed a lot recently, especially when it comes to the way we do our work.

Where once we were all crammed into cars, buses and wagons, many more of us are now choosing to work from home. This new flexibility brings with it many positive opportunities, including a better work-life balance.

For many businesses, they take care of the basics outlined in the government’s Cyber ​​Essentials programme, which is a great way to ensure your company is secure – but many of its guidelines can also apply to personal computers.

Computer Security 101: How To Keep Your Pc (or Mac) Safe For Work

With the right know-how (and a little time to set up security), you can ensure that your Windows PC or Mac is as safe as possible to work on.

Whether you’re on a PC or Mac, making sure your firewall is enabled should be the first thing you do.

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As the name suggests, a firewall acts as the first line of defense against cyberattacks, making decisions about which connections should be allowed (and which should not). Of course, you can also choose to allow programs through the firewall – or even block programs from accessing the Internet altogether.

One of the most common routes into one’s computer is through software that has not been updated and has unpatched vulnerabilities.

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For example, as we covered in our guide to the Office 2010 end-of-life process, once a piece of software is no longer supported by its developer, it usually doesn’t take long for hackers to find exploit holes. If you continue to use this version of the software, you may be exposing yourself to potential cyber threats.

The solution? Always make sure your operating system (Windows or macOS) is also fully up to date and that any software you use – such as Microsoft 365 – is also up to date.

Both Windows and Mac have options in Control Panel / System Preferences to check for software updates. It’s also a good idea to have automatic updates enabled so you can be 100% sure you’re always using the latest – and most secure – software.

One issue that is difficult to mitigate is the physical theft of your computer – and this is a risk for both Mac and Windows.

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Fortunately, both platforms have built-in encryption tools that can effectively “lock” your files if you’re not logged in. This means that if your machine is stolen, the thief would not be able to access your files without also having your password.

Have you ever heard that Macs are immune to viruses? It’s something you’ll hear from time to time, (even something Apple used to advertise), but – in reality – it’s a complete myth.

Macs are just as vulnerable to malware, viruses and other digital mischief as Windows – it’s just that they are (or, at least, were) less prevalent. In terms of market share, the Mac has always been less popular than Windows, at least until Apple’s recent resurgence. So, in sheer numbers alone, cyberattacks have focused most of their attention on the most common platform: Windows.

Here is a final tip for Windows users based on the fact that reports indicate that 77% of critical vulnerabilities can be mitigated with a simple change.

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The Best Way To Clean Windows 10: A Step By Step Guide

What is this change? Just create a new user account that does not have the “Administrator” account and use it for your daily use, including work. That way, if an accident happens or someone somehow gains access to your account, they won’t have the necessary permissions to do serious damage.

Of course, you can always go to your Admin account at any time to take care of updates and other digital paperwork.

If you are a business owner and have any number of employees working from home, and especially if they are using their own devices, you need to be 100% sure that you are cyber secure. At Get Support, we can help.

Call us today on 01865 59 4000 and our team can give you a full IT cyber health check.

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Watch the video below to learn how to protect your computer from viruses, as well as how to back up your files.

Malware is any type of software designed to harm your computer or gain unauthorized access

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