Diy Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Diy Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas – Small bathroom makeover ideas to help inspire you to makeover your own bathroom. There are ideas for every style home including farmhouse, traditional, modern and more!

If you’re looking for ideas for a small bathroom makeover, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to give your bathroom a makeover. Most of them can be done in one weekend. Take a look around and be sure to check out the before photos to get an idea of ​​how much can be done in a small space on a budget!

Diy Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You must see before this half bathroom makeover to truly appreciate the remodel. Think old wallpaper and old carpet!

Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Boost Home Value

This homemade bathroom makeover started with a peel and stick wall and turned into a beautiful farmhouse remodel.

This before and after of a small farmhouse bathroom remodel gained additional space by opening up the shower and turning the DIY dresser into a vanity.

Basement bathrooms can sometimes be dark due to limited natural light. This basement guest bathroom was given a bold and beachy look with a few simple ideas.

See how we installed waterproof wall panels for our shower/tub walls. This saved us a ton of money and time because we didn’t need to rent equipment or learn new skills. When we bought the house three years ago, with no modifications made to the house in the last 15 to 20 years, we knew it would need minor to major renovations. And we knew that the renovations would be an investment.

Tips For Diy Bathroom Remodel On A Budget (and 6 Décor Ideas)

We’ve done so many much needed renovations over the last three years and I’m proud that ALL of them were weekend DIY projects.

After completing our DIY kitchen makeover and installing laminate wood floors in the kitchen, dining room and laundry room – it was finally time to renovate our bathrooms.

The 1990 oak was peeling, cracking and in desperate need of a major update…or replacement.

The white patterned linoleum floor was stained and I tried everything to remove the stains and make it look less dirty. Nothing worked.

Best Small Bathroom Ideas

It’s time to make some major updates to this space. Here is my step by step guide on how to remove linoleum!

As you can see from the photos, we are still working on a way to either relocate the door or find something that won’t make the bathroom look crowded and difficult to walk into.

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The door hits the side of the toilet, so our next project is finding a sliding barn door like this one on Amazon that will fit the space properly. (If you have any ideas, let me know! A pocket door is not possible because there is no wall space on either side of the door. Honestly, it’s all messy.)

The main thing with this bathroom reno – I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We budget every month, so spending hundreds, if not thousands, on a small half bathroom that is mainly used by guests was not in the cards for us.

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I say: how to remove the toilet, how to install new toilet hardware, how to install vinyl flooring, how to paint the cabinets (and have a stainer), how to remove and install light fixtures… Anything that would help me cut costs and do the entire renovation myself.

When I then shared the photo on my Instagram, it was a huge hit! I think people overestimate how much of a DIY project it is, so they’re amazed when they see it being done for under $200. CRAZY!!

I guess that’s why I’m SO passionate about sharing affordable home renovations – why would I spend over $1,000 to have someone else do it when I could do it myself for just over $100?

Think about it for a second – that’s a gourmet Saturday night meal for you and your partner!

Diy Gorgeous Farmhouse Master Bathroom Remodel

The floors are updated (thank goodness.) I’m quite obsessed with how they turned out for the price.

We bought a light fixture on sale at Menards… but the day before we were looking at this industrial style light fixture on Amazon. Here’s a similar antique bronze light fixture to ours for just $55!

We painted the walls, but we bought the paint before this renovation, so we saved money in that regard.

The previous vanity was in great shape, so while I really wanted to replace it with a new one, I justified the savings in renovating by painting the current one. It turned out amazing and looks modern and fresh with the new floor!

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom

I also just removed the old molding and painted it white. We still have to install it, but it’s an easy way to save some money.

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What home renovations have you done yourself? What did you spend on vs. Comment below I would love to read what you have done with your house!! It’s taken me a while to put this post together, but I’m excited to finally share all the details of our tiny guest bathroom remodel on a budget, including what we did—and what we wish we’d done. they did differently!

The “before” version of our guest bathroom is a pretty common look, as those brownish tiles and gold granite countertops were very popular with DIYers a few years ago.

But the combination of brown tile and bathroom tiles, cherry wood vanity and gold granite countertop was too dark for me. With no windows in this small space, it really felt like a cave when you walked in.

Small Bathroom Remodel Cost

Actually, this bathroom used to be even darker because the walls used to be beige too! However, I painted them with Benjamin Moore’s Simply White a few years ago and it made a huge difference.

I love the lighter and brighter feel of this space now. It went from the darkest room in our house to the brightest!

To stay within our budget (which was originally $1,000, but ended up spending almost $1,200), we kept the original bathroom layout and reused the same sink, toilet, tub, mirror, shower head, towel bars, and faucets.

I may end up adding new faucets here – I’m amazed that the ones we have are still in such good shape after 11 years!

Diy Budget Bathroom Renovation Tips — Poppie Lady

The first thing we did was add a new coat of paint to the vanity, with Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen Blue.

If you remember when we remodeled the kitchen, we paid someone to paint all the cabinets. They came, taped everything, removed the old hardware, cleaned all the cabinets, lightly sanded, primed, painted, took the cabinet doors and drawer fronts to their shop to spray paint, and then installed them along with our new pulls just a few days later . It was amazing!

Bathroom remodel to keep our bathroom remodeling costs down I decided to give painting the cabinets a shot.

This was my first attempt at painting cabinets, but I figured if it didn’t work out, I’d have to squeeze the cost of a new vanity into our budget.

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Diy Budget Bathroom Remodel • Refresh Living

Luckily, I was surprised at how easy it was to paint our vanity – and how well it turned out!

If you are considering painting your bathroom cabinets yourself, this is a great way to save money. Check out this post for my step-by-step instructions on how to paint bathroom cabinets.

Next, we replaced the old sink lights with these globes. I ordered them in brass because I planned to eventually change the cabinet hardware and faucets to brass.

I later decided not to go with brass here, so we spray painted the metal and plastic parts of each fixture with matte black.

Bathroom Remodel On A Budget

I’m so glad we added the new fixtures early in the remodeling process because they added some much needed light to this space and made our work a little easier as we tackled the rest of the projects here.

I originally planned to paint the brown tiles around the bathtub with this product. After reading all warnings regarding fumes, etc. however, Dave offered to remove the old tiles and replace them. (Her!)

We chose classic white subway tiles from Home Depot for the tub’s perimeter, a simple and cost-effective decision. I chose the longer, 12″ version for a slightly different look.

Dave, with his amazing DIY skills, had the old tiles out in a couple of hours, but some of the tiles were permanently attached to the wall, so he ended up pulling out all the old baseboard and installing new.

Bright Ikea Bathroom Makeover (for Under $900!) — Momstrosity

This added an extra day to the project because he had to tape, mud, and sand before he could begin tiling.

It is a good idea to cover the bathtub with a piece of plywood so that it is not damaged during demolition.

I knew I wanted a white quartz countertop for the vanity, so I went to the kitchen and bath department at Lowe’s and ordered a custom quartz countertop and sink.

Since the shoe is only about 5′ long, we took it out

Small Bathroom Ideas

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