Diy Outdoor Couch Plans

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Diy Outdoor Couch Plans

We tackled a DIY outdoor table a few months ago, and it looked so good that we decided to try our hand at making a DIY outdoor unit, too! (Apparently we don’t know when to stop!)

Diy Plans For U Shaped Outdoor Sectional Sofa

Fortunately, everything we learned about the outdoor table project helped simplify the component project. We used Ana White’s website again to find outdoor sofa plans, which require the same basic steps and materials as the outdoor table, and decided to use that as our guide. We decided to make a sectional by combining a 2×4 outdoor sofa with one arm of a 2×4 section.

While this was definitely a very difficult, dusty project, it was worth it and a lot less expensive than buying a brand new hardwood exterior.

Before I share all the steps that went into making an outdoor unit, I wanted to include a breakdown of the total cost. We were able to reuse many of the materials we already had in the outdoor table project, which made the project very inexpensive. Still, I’ve included the full cost for you if you can make an outdoor table to go with it!

To make a sectional feel like a custom sofa, you’ll want to design it with your cushions in mind. There are standard sizes of cushions, but there is no guarantee that you will find the cushions you like in the dimensions you need. So I recommend finding and ordering cushions first.

Diy Outdoor Sofa!

The cushions we ended up getting at World Market were several inches larger than the original plans allowed. I went through and adjusted all the measurements in the plans to account for those differences.

You can find details on everything you need for an outdoor table in Ana White’s outdoor sofa and one-arm sofa section plans, including:

You will need a few tools in addition to these tools. Here’s what we used to build our external component:

After gathering all the tools and equipment, it’s time to start measuring and cutting. I’m a paper person, so I printed out our table plans before measuring and cutting.

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How To Build My Restoration Hardware Sectional.

I wrote the top of the boards with coordinating letters from the cut list, making it easier when putting the table together. I didn’t want to do any guessing when it came to which piece went where!

Unlike the outdoor table settings, this section did not require any notching. So after the wood was cut, it was time to start building the base for the residence.

I actually made a few mistakes in the measurements, so we had to make a few adjustments to get it all together. We made several changes to the original plans to add depth and height to the sofa, but it all came together quickly!

We also decided to add 2x3s to the seat and back for support. This wasn’t part of our original plan, but I didn’t want to risk the cushions falling over and it wasn’t too difficult to add.

Wooden Sofa Plans Diy Outdoor Sofa Diy Couch Plans

At this point I was pleased with how quickly the section came together. We learned a lot about the DIY outdoor table, and since the part doesn’t need any attention, it wasn’t too time consuming. The hardest part was getting all the measurements right!

I started with 100-grit and then went to 220-grit for a fine finish. Then I filled all the holes (that will show) with wood putty and a putty knife.

After the table was sanded, wiped, and dried, it was time to stain the wood. I decided to use the same Varathane Flagstone stain that we used on our outdoor patio table. I like to wear gloves and use an old rag to dab the stain. After it dried, I used water-based polyurethane to seal the stain. (Our section will be on a screened porch, but if your section will be outside, it’s best to use an oil-based stain.)

I bought these replacement cushions from World Market and they turned out to be perfect for our section! Well, all except the corner area – which only happened because we changed plans and put two sofas together. To make the corner pillow ready, I ended up cutting the inner foam with a serrated knife, then cutting the cover and putting it back together as a smaller size. The project wasn’t too difficult, but I have some sewing experience!

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Outdoor Sofa Plans — Woodbrew

This DIY exterior certainly brought its share of trial and error/improvements, but I’m very happy with how it turned out! Section is

Heaving – means it’s strong and will withstand the wear and tear of use for years to come. (Hopefully!) It can seat a crowd and goes well with our outdoor table. I’m so excited to have our Carolina room (mostly) finished!

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Download a PDF of 30 of our favorite family games that use things you already have around the house. The modern silhouette and clean lines make this outdoor sofa the perfect addition to any outdoor living space. Find free plans to build your own here.

Diy Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Backyard

Creating a beautiful, safe, and functional outdoor space can make a big difference in how you use and enjoy your home. It’s a great way to maximize your living space, and make the most of the summer weather. Last spring we started working on our backyard, and with the completion of this beautiful outdoor furniture, it’s finally shaping up to be the space we envisioned (see our outdoor design plan).

We dreamed of a backyard that reflected our style and matched the interior of our home, and with that in mind, we began our search for the perfect outdoor sofa. But we arrived empty handed. Most of the sets we found were lacking in some way, be it size, quality, or style. And the few sets we found and fell in love with were out of our price range. So we decided to team up with our friends at Kreg and to build our own, and of course, share those plans with you.

We took a lot of care before Nick started building this project, in the materials we chose to make sure we thought about the smallest details, we wanted this to be the perfect outdoor sofa. And I’m glad we did because of it

I showed Nick a few of my favorite outdoor sofas and he humored me in a few ways. Like any area in your home, your outdoor living space should reflect your style and go with the other rooms in your home. This meant we wanted an outdoor sofa that was traditional but still felt modern and fun.

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Free Diy Outdoor Sofa Plan, Using 2×4’s: With Build Steps And Video

We settled on this classic design that features a modern silhouette with clean sharp angles that are simple and streamlined.

This was another big decision for us. Like most households, budget is always front and center, so we’ve taken our options seriously. We could use plain or pressure treated lumber and while the cost definitely fit our budget we knew the quality and durability would be lacking.

Nick also looked at cedar as an option, which will provide more durability to the material, and a good look for many years to come (with proper maintenance). But it was a big jump in price, more than double the cost of pressure treatment and five times the price of full-size lumber.

We decided to choose cedar, even though it was more expensive, but we wanted to be confident that these pieces would last. Cedar was definitely the best choice, beautiful, and durable and we know we won’t be replacing this outdoor sofa anytime soon.

Diy Outdoor Sectional

And he found the perfect sofa from both comfort and design point of view. He didn’t want it to be obvious that the sofa seat and back were seated when you first looked at it. This was a deliberate attempt to help maintain the modern look we wanted.

We also thought long and hard about the finish we were going to use. Nick considered using the desk and furniture spots, but we didn’t like the idea of ​​stripping and something about it felt unrealistic to the look we were going for. He did a bit of research and ended up using wood oil to go in with the mixed stain. This will help prevent the cedar from turning gray as it provides some UV protection, helps to repel water, and will not peel when exposed to the elements. It is also a one coat process and will not require

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