How To Build Your Own Closet Organizer

How To Build Your Own Closet Organizer – Learn how to make your own built-in closet organizer from scratch using 2 basic power tools with this step-by-step tutorial, plans, and video.

Wondering if it’s even possible to build a DIY closet system yourself from scratch?

How To Build Your Own Closet Organizer

But then you might think that’s fine, but that means I need a lot of advanced tools to do that.

Level Up Organization With This Closet Ikea Hack • Craving Some Creativity

Think again, because I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this using the most basic power tools: a circular saw, a power drill, and an optional miter saw.

I decided it was high time I gave my son’s closet a little organization. It began as a small private room of the basic building order. It has no closet doors.

His closet has one problem. the entrance to the crawl space is in the closet, so the organizer had to be designed so it wouldn’t get in the way.

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Diy Closet Organizer On A Budget

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The best plywood to use for a built-in cabinet is ¾″ birch plywood. It is a great plywood for painting because the faces are relatively flat. It is also inexpensive compared to other hardwood options.

If you’re going for a natural finish, you can even buy pre-finished birch plywood that’s varnished on one side.

As always, I have a very detailed video showing how to build this cabinet. Watch below.

Pros & Cons Of A Diy Or Professionally Installed Closet

I used the Kreg Rip-cut set to 11 ¼″ (the width of the closet organizer) and made all the cuts with a circular saw.

I like Rip-cut because once you set it up for the width of the cut, you can make those cuts many times over for very quickly reproducible results.

I used Kreg 720 to make the pocket holes. You can also use Kreg 520 or Kreg 320.

The pocket holes are made with a drill collar and a Kreg jig set for the ¾″ setting.

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How To Design A Closet

Make sure you measure accurately for each shelf placement and make sure they are square and level when you attach them.

With the organizer part of the closet ready, it’s time to build the drawers.

I like to have the drawer frame ready so I can make sure my drawers fit and work well.

The simplest way to build a drawer is to attach the front and back pocket holes to the side, then glue and nail them to the base.

Do It Yourself Custom Closet Systems

I made 5 drawers: 3 deep drawers and 2 shallow drawers. I also added a divider to the shallow shelves for more organization.

In this case, I made the pocket holes attached to the shelf on one side and the pocket holes attached to the side on the other.

This is so that most of the pocket holes will be hidden on the back, but the pocket holes needed to attach to the other side will be accessible.

Once all the pieces are ready, it’s time to attach the organizer to the wall and make it permanent.

Diy Portable Closet Organizer (pdf Plan)

I decided to add an extra permanent shelf on the second side to add a bit more stability to the structure.

I was going to look at an accent wall inside the closet, so I painted the walls and the organizer before I installed it. I also added concrete contact paper to the back wall.

If you want to paint the entire cabinet the same color, you can just paint after everything is installed.

Walls are not flat and square and can result in large and varying gaps between the built-in and the wall. The coating does not work in this case, because it can fall into the gaps. A support rod or Caulk-saver is a great solution for this.

Diy Closet Organization

It is a flexible foam rod that can be stuffed into the opening. They are available in different thicknesses from ¼″ to ¾″ so you can choose the best option for your situation.

After the support rod is installed, you can cover it with a cover. Once the cabbage is dry and dyed, it gives you a flawless look.

It is now well organized. There is plenty of storage space and shelves and no cupboard space is wasted.

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I also added some baskets and bins to keep toys organized. You can never have enough in a child’s closet.

How To Build A Simple Inexpensive Diy Closet Organizer

The closet makeover was simple and easy. It’s not a bad idea to work for a few days to take a closet from construction grade to a fully customized closet with perfect organization.

Who am I kidding? It probably won’t stay that way ever… but at least my son can’t tell me he doesn’t know where to put something. There is no place in our home that is less organized than our closet. It doesn’t seem to matter if you have a walk in closet space or a small construction closet, you can never have enough room for your cute purses and your favorite pair of pumps, right? And is there anything wrong with wanting it to look nice while you’re at it? We think it’s not much. However… basically, to get the look we all dream of, you need to pay big bucks for a custom built closet. Not on this blog. We tracked down some of the best bloggers out there and found DIY closet organizer plans for you that any of us can use to create a custom organizer from scratch. So let’s get down to it, pick yourself the best one for your situation and dig out the saw and the drill. We organize!

If what you’re looking for is a chic built-in that gives you drawers, shelves, and jewelry storage… Then this DIY closet organizer from Nick & Alicia via Build Something is perfect for you. Throw in the fact that it can be adjusted to fit almost any size closet and we have a winner.

Do you have children? Then you have closet crud. Let’s join the fight together to go “raw” again and check out Houseful of Handmade’s closet organizer plan, perfect for any kid’s room. Drawers, shorter hanging spaces and even open spaces under the drawers for those inevitable skates or skateboards… Find Mom there when she needs to call. It will be:

Building Closet Shelves With Plywood: Good Idea Or Bad?

? Then you should find out how Pink Little Notebook did it with Remodelaholic. Learn how to build a closet organizer you’ll love

A great way to use an Ikea Billy bookcase. Well, this DIY closet organizer from Home & Hallow proves that you did. A great and fairly easy project for any of you who are afraid to jump into one of these full custom closet jobs.

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Need a custom DIY closet organizer that you can make in under 3 hours for about $70? Then Homemade Modern has you covered… inside

Out of the closet, it turns out. Because you can use this both as a closet organizer and as a stand-alone closet.

Creative Diy Closet Organizer Plans & Ideas

Making It in the Mountains used an ingenious “box system” to create a custom cabinet that can be changed by simply changing the box or simply changing how it sits in the organizer. Oh, and the wallpaper. Game on, readers! The game is on.

If you have a small sliding closet like we have in our apartment, you want to squeeze that last inch of closet space. Enter, the DIY closet organizer from Fix This, Build That. Follow all of their step-by-step instructions to turn this extremely small closet into a super organized space. And, it has drawers. Built-in closet!

So we’ll wrap up with this canyon DIY closet organizer from Pinspired To DIY… Not much more to say, right? Go check out their full tutorial.

So if you’ve ever wanted a great DIY closet organizer, today is your lucky day. Speaking of organization:

Diy Closet Organizer: How To Build A Simple Closet Organizer

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