Do It Yourself Shelving Ideas

Do It Yourself Shelving Ideas – Bookshelves are a great storage solution for more than just books, and they can also make a room more stylish! Here are some of the best DIY bookcases that you can make yourself. These easy-to-follow tutorials will help you make amazing bookshelves and impress everyone with your awesome project.

Pallet furniture is so popular right now, and what better way to experiment with the style than with this easy-to-use drawer and pallet bookcase?

Do It Yourself Shelving Ideas

Here’s a bookshelf that makes a fun weekend project and uses Strong-Tie connectors to speed up the construction process.

Genius Bookshelf Ideas To Update Your Home Library

The Toscana bookcase retails for almost $800, which sounds scary, but if you decide to make your own DIY version, it’s only about $80.

If you think this geometric bookcase is impressive, wait until you see the rest of the collection, which will come in a series of posts. I collaborated with Sarah from The Created Home on these geometric buildings, and the bookcase was the first. Click the link below to get the free plans for this beauty and visit Sarah for the full tutorial.

Floating bookshelves are so practical! They still offer storage space, but they’re also slim, making them great for any small room.

When the bookcase of your dreams costs $1000, what else can you do but learn how to make your own? So Jenna did and it turned out perfect.

How To Make Diy Bathroom Shelves

House bookcases look adorable in any kids bedroom, but they are also quite expensive. The good news is that you can make your own for a fraction of the cost.

The back shelves look so stylish! In addition, they are another great storage solution for small spaces, but also versatile because you can also use them for decorative items.

This bookcase has the simplest design and raw wood adds charm. Regardless, it looks pretty sturdy, so no compromises are made.

Mid-century modern furniture is still not out of style. This MOD bookcase is kid-friendly, and Anna White’s free plans are self-explanatory.

How To Build A Diy Recessed Wall Shelf

If you have a passion for rearranging furniture, a rolling bookshelf is just what you need. This one has a rustic industrial feel, but keep in mind that the paint can change a lot.

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Although this bookcase is designed for kids, I can definitely see it looking good in a neutral colored living room.

This farmhouse bookcase might seem like a daunting woodworking project, but check the instructions. They are very thorough and so wonderful that it is worth the effort.

I love how this bookcase came out, and even though it was designed for a basement, I’m sure it would look beautiful as bathroom storage.

How To Build Diy Industrial Pipe Shelves

If you’ve looked at your fair share of DIY gutter bookshelves, you’ve probably noticed that most of them aren’t very stylish. In fact, the real success of this project is that the bookshelves look really cool.

Ursula outdid herself with this gorgeous reclaimed wood bookcase. It’s true, reclaimed wood isn’t that cheap, but it gives this project a lovely look.

Sometimes it’s much better to do something custom. Take this project for example, which teaches you how to make floating shelves even if the walls are uneven.

This box bookshelf is one of the easiest ideas ever, but also great because it looks so good!

Cool Bookshelf Ideas: Diy Bookshelves From Recycled Materials

Here’s a modern DIY bookcase that looks like an expensive purchase and just needs some pretty decorations to display. Shelf decoration is a fun and easy way to make a room more personal and cozy. Here we show you some rustic DIY shelf ideas that you can try today.

If you’re looking for creative ways to organize and display your items, these rustic DIY shelves are a great way to take your storage to the next level. In addition, you save money when you do it yourself.

From floating shelves to corner shelves, we have found the most beautiful and creative DIY shelves that you can make yourself. Get inspired by these 25 rustic DIY shelf ideas and then try to get your hands dirty.

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Cheap And Easy Diy Closet Shelves

These shelving ideas are a great way to add organization, style and decor to your home very easily and frugally. Wooden shelves in particular are the best among the shelf categories for getting your hands dirty, as they are sturdy, rustic and full of natural warmth.

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And to get a cheap or free source of wood, you can get your hands on pallets, a barn, lumber, or any other wood lying around for nothing.

To create the cozy atmosphere of a rustic interior, all you need is to add texture. Reclaimed wood, galvanized metal or cast iron are all part of the rustic home decor style.

These natural, less polished materials offer a unique sense of craftsmanship and give any room instant character. To achieve such a style, shelves are essential.

Diy Rustic Pallet Bookshelf

Whether you need something for storage or just want to add to your interior, shelves are the perfect and simplest solution.

I have collected more than 25 rustic shelf ideas that you can easily make yourself. They are economical, easy and add beauty and style to your home. You can find a shelf for every room and every budget. Whether you need something in the bathroom to store towels or beauty supplies, or in the office for your work stuff, or even in your bedroom, here’s a shelf that’s perfect for you.

There is also a style for everyone, some hang on the walls and some on the floor, but they all bring the perfect touch to your home decor and functionality to your home.

Creativity is the limit. Depending on the weight you plan to put on the shelves, you can get very creative, but here are just a few ideas:

Diy Entry Closet Shelves

It depends. It can be very cheap if you use or reuse old items. Costs can vary depending on what you need to buy, where you buy it, and the quality/brand of the product you buy. Hard to say for sure. I can say that it can definitely be cheaper than buying pre-made.

So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, take a few minutes and browse this lovely collection. I’m sure you’ll love more than one idea and I bet you’ll want to build them!

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*Disclaimer: All of these images and links are for inspiration purposes only, because I think all of these bloggers are amazing, and just like I do in all my rounds, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. If you are at all familiar with that platform, you know that there are a lot of images that do not have direct links to the original source. Some of the pictures featured here I could not find the source or misdirected, but if you know the source, please contact me and I will update this post immediately, thank you very much!

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Diy Closet Shelving

I especially like these shelves. It’s so creative and original. Using hooks and industrial hardware to create shelves is a genius idea.

Adding a wall of open shelving can be the perfect solution for increasing storage space (always a plus in the kitchen) and for creating visual interest in an otherwise boring wall.

Rustic painted corbels and dark stained wood planks are all you need to create shelves that scream farmhouse throughout.

Geometric Wall Shelves are one of the most popular interior design trends today! Cut pieces of wood that should have sharp edges to make hexagonal shapes and attach them to the wall! Plus, these hexagonal shelves would also work well as wall art and give your decorations more display space!

Amazing Diy Bookshelf Plans And Ideas

These could easily be the simplest shelving system you can make. I love how rustic it looks and how much storage it adds. These types of shelves work perfectly in almost any place, such as living room, dining room, storage room, garage, closet, basement, etc.

Do you want the perfect rustic unit to display your kitchenware? Although the rope is not used to hold the shelves, it looks very authentic!

Gotta love industrial shelving. This bookcase looks great in that living room and is really easy to make.

Some wooden boards, a few shelf brackets and some huge glass jars are all you need to recreate this amazing storage system. You don’t need fancy expensive equipment here. The focus is on the jars!

Diy Corner Shelves For Extra Storage And Display

Shelves don’t have to be just for decoration, they can be functional. As much as I love how pretty they are, they can serve a purpose. Bathroom storage space! Nothing fancy and yet so beautiful.

With a few wooden boards and rustic shelf brackets, you can turn a boring wall into a wonderful decorative space.

Use this industrial-style shelf

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