Home Decor Craft Ideas Diy

Home Decor Craft Ideas Diy – We’ve all been at home A LOT lately, and after a year of staring at the same four walls, you might feel like it’s time for some decorating. Don’t worry, you don’t have to tear down walls, buy all new furniture and, well, break the bank. You can shake things up with just a little DIY decorating. But if you’re not feeling too crafty, don’t worry; many of these ideas require a trip to an antique store or flea market. Collect baskets or Bundt pans of different sizes and colors, place them artfully on the living room or kitchen wall, and voila, a whole new look! Maybe you’re ready to step away from the computer and heat up the hot glue gun? We’ve got you covered there, too. There are many ideas here that will help you achieve your hat. Try making sponge-painted nature silhouettes that can hang above your bed. Looking for a smaller project? Then try your hand at making a canning jar—we promise they’ll look great on the picnic table at your next barbecue. These handmade projects are guaranteed to add lots of charm and good vibes to your new and improved Christmas tree home. Post a picture of your project in the comments section below. We want to see what you create! Happy crafting!

A set of spoons takes pride of place in the kitchen when placed on a painted board. For an extra special look, set them in an ombre pattern.

Home Decor Craft Ideas Diy

To do: Cut a piece of plywood to the required size for assembly and paint. Place the spoons on the wood in a pattern from light to dark and mark the spot on each side of each spoon with a pencil.

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Just under the dish. Remove the spoons and drill holes at the marks. Working one spoon at a time, thread the fine-gauge wire through the handle and through the holes; twist the ends of the wire together behind the wood to secure. Repeat until done, then hang.

That empty wall in your home office will be so cute if you add a bookcase decorated with cane netting.

Shelf (floating bookcase by Brightmaison; amazon.com). Use a foam brush to apply glue (we used Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue) to the back of the shelf. Hold the cane in place and secure

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Gus likes to hang out with a colorfully painted quilt square. Just lean it against the wall for easy installation.

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To Do: Oversized painted plywood adds a graphic punch to any space. First, cut a piece of plywood to the size you need

(ours is four feet square). Using a ruler or painter’s tape for straight lines, trace the quilt block (here, Twin Star style) in pencil on the wood, then paint with acrylic paint. Nail strips 1/2 inch across

Update your laundry room wall with a craft straight from the 70s: wire art. Want to try it in other rooms too? Try writing “PLAY” in the children’s room or “REST” in the bedroom. To make: Start by cutting out letters from craft paper. Using the letters as a guide, mark the nail holes on the wall with a pencil. Hammer copper nails into the wall and wrap the nails with thick threads of different lengths.

Wrap one part for a decorative effect and glue the rope with hot glue. Add a decorative band to the center of the top and sides with thin sisal rope.

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The base for this coaster can be painted any color so that it matches your existing decor. To make: Paint unglazed ceramic bowls ($14 for 10; amazon.com) the color you want. Cut off the larger pieces from the caps. Spray the back of the lid with an adhesive spray such as Super 77, then press to seal. Cut off the excess stick with scissors.

Do you have a lamp that you’re just tired of looking at? Try wrapping it with rope to give it a whole new, modern vibe.

Rope, holding it with hot glue. Hang burlap burlap ($9; amazon.com) around the neck of the lamp for added embellishment.

Nothing says dinner like a cloth napkin, and these DIY stamped ones turn plain white napkins into a real treat.

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To make: Cut a four-inch square and make a stamp. Apply fabric paint to the front of the brush and press the stem onto a white linen napkin. Repeat the pattern as much as possible until one side of the napkin is completely covered.

Cover unsightly pottery with a DIY woven rope basket. All it takes is a few hardware stores.

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To Make: Begin by wrapping 1/2-inch-thick sisal rope around the mat, hot-gluing the rope as you go. Once you have the mat, start working your way up by gluing the rope over it to create the basket. Create a fringe by tying lengths of raffia together and pinching in the middle; add to cart

Store fruit or herbs in these cute DIY baskets that add charm and storage to your kitchen.

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To make: Cut a 3 1/2 inch long strip of cane slightly longer than the circumference of the wooden round. Hot glue the bottom edge of the strip to the outer edge of the wood to create the sides of the basket. Thread the string through the hemp (three or four lengths, evenly spaced) and hot glue, leaving plenty of length to thread through the second basket if desired. Hot glue lengths of flat cane to the top and bottom of the basket. Tie the string together at the top to hang it.

To Make: Hot glue Manila rope three-quarters of the way up a plain-mouthed mason jar. Wrap the wire of the mason jar necklace set with cotton twine and secure with glue. Put the lamp set in the jar and hang it.

The bathroom will be instantly updated with the addition of this bright and cherry towel rack. Paint the wood any color.

To make: Cut a 1×5 inch piece of lumber 27 inches long. Cut a piece of 2 1/2-by-1 1/4 lumber into two segments 5 1/2 inches long; Drill a 1-inch hole 1 inch deep in the centers of each. Cut a trowel handle 20 inches long and insert into the holes; stick in place. Glue the blocks to the top shelf. Paint any color.

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Welcome guests with a spirit wreath made from the heads of croquet mallets. A brightly colored door (here, Arsenic by Farrow & Ball) adds to the cheer. To Make: Cover a 14-inch biodegradable craft ring with cleaned and stick-on moss mat. Remove the handles from about 16 croquette hammers. Hot glue the heads to the wreath, alternating each other slightly (reserve handles for another DIY). Carefully rotate the wreath and use a nail gun to secure the heads permanently.

As life returns to normal, the chaos of everyday life (cars, dinners, etc.) begins to accelerate again. A chalkboard wall calendar will add fun decor to your entryway or kitchen wall while helping you stay organized!

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To do: Keep everyone out of the loop with an entryway wall calendar. Use painter’s tape (we used a 1/2 inch roll) to tape the 35 square grids to the desired size as shown, as well as two rectangles. Paint with acrylic chalkboard paint (we used Behr’s Interior Chalk decorative paint). After it dries, remove the tape and touch up the rough edges. Tie a length of string to a piece of chalk, tie a knot at the end, and hang it on the wall with a pusher.

Using one color or two croquet balls, cover the top with a fabric that matches the color scheme you already have and match this sweet footstool.

Cool Home Decor Wall Art Ideas For You To Craft

To make: Cut a piece of plywood to a 13 1/2 x 11 inch rectangle. Drill a 5/8-inch hole 2 inches deep in eight croquet balls. Glue a ball 2 1/4 inches from each corner of the plywood, hole side down. Cut the 5/8-inch dowel into 4 four-inch-long pieces. Glue one length to each unused ball. Insert the dowels into the balls attached to the board, glue in place. Cover the wood with fabric and fabric. Secure in place with a staple gun.

Breakfast in bed (yes, it still has to be like that) was made very beautiful when served on a homemade tray decorated with woven cane. To do: Insert a piece of cane the same size as the opening of the picture frame (here, Barnwood-USA 16×20-inch frame, $45; amazon.com). Hold with craft glue or mirror dots. Attach three-inch cabinet-style handles (threaded if necessary) to the short ends of the frame. If desired, insert a piece of glass that completely covers the hole.

To make: For an 8 1/2 x 11 inch “frame,” cut four pieces of crochet hammer handles, two 10 1/2 inches and two 12 1/2 inches. Cut a small rectangle the width of the hammer near the ends of the long lengths to accommodate the short pieces. Glue the four parts together, then glue to the frame. For a 5 x 7 inch frame, cut the handles to 7 inches and 9 inches.

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