Aftermarket Horn

Aftermarket Horn – Our OEM Horns are quite loud compared to other Generations. but if I can make them a little higher/so. safer when I need them (the lady who walked into my lane without checking her blind spot almost hit me, the long Horn Beep solved this potential fiasco)

Frankly it wouldn’t look as good as NSX or mostly on Subis but if it could be louder without being annoying or illegal like Train Horns/Air Horns and it adds a nice touch to the Front I’m totally in favor

Aftermarket Horn

I’ve only seen Accord with 1 different color Horn so far, has anyone replaced OEM Horns with something else recently? would you put them on top of the OEMs for a louder sound (better for Alarm if triggered), thoughts?

Kostenloser Versand Chrome Zombie Horn Abdeckung W/ Led Für 92 16 Harley Davidson

I’ve been seriously considering a Vixen train horn system on board for the past few months. I’m not sure how to proceed with mounting everything out of sight, but I think it’s possible. Although it’s probably illegal in the state of GA, I’d choose to use it sparingly and not be a jerk. Atlanta interstate traffic is getting more and more dangerous. And having to take the I-285 (rated as the most dangerous interstate in the country) during the normal commute can be really crazy sometimes. I prefer a loud enough horn when needed. There are a lot of idiots on the roads here, and a quick blast in the right direction could fix some of these “road hazards”.

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That’s where the biggest problem comes in for me… 99% of drivers have never heard a Train/Air Horn and many people will react like this: it’s a natural instinct to hit the brakes and want to stop because it scares them… well. I’ve never seen the reaction of pedestrians to Air/Train horns…many react with a shock rather than an immediate stop of movement…like someone hitting the brakes

I’m all for safety, but if you do decide on Air/Train Horns for your safety, consider the “OTHER” driver as someone who has never heard this louder before and could go crazy and do more harm than good.

I saw this thread and while I have nothing constructive to add… I watched people’s reaction in a parking lot the other day when a man released what appeared to be an air/train horn in his car. I wish I had it on camera.

Mercedes 190e W201 Hella Supertone/ Aftermarket Horn Adapter

On the other hand, if you want your car to sound like the old Road Runner horn (beep beep), get one from a new Hyundai Elantra. I had one rental car, the first time I double-clicked the remote to lock the car and that horn made me laugh out loud.

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