Build Your Own Shower Niche

Build Your Own Shower Niche – You probably knew this post was coming. Obviously, I have tile and bathroom renovations on the mind, as we are in the process of redoing our guest bath! If you follow along on Instagram, you may have seen my little adventure to Lowe’s to find materials for the guest bath shower stall, because I completely spaced out and didn’t plan ahead for that part of the shower

. I ended up getting tons of messages and thought a post might be helpful if you have a bathroom renovation planned and are considering a niche. Click through to see how to plan and design a walk-in shower… there’s LOTS of pin-worthy inspiration packed into this one!

Build Your Own Shower Niche

First of all, a shower niche is extremely functional and is super practical for bath and shower products. It’s probably obvious, but it really is a must-have if you’re renovating a shower or bathtub. It certainly beats a corner shelf, a shower cabin hung around the shower head, a suctioned soap dish or other subsequent alternatives. A niche just feels more intentional, permanent and aesthetically pleasing – from a design and architectural perspective.

Simple Diy Removable Teak Shower Niche Shelf

If you’re wondering how to design your own magical niche moment, I’d recommend asking yourself these questions before you get started…

Your answers to the above questions will definitely influence how the design of your niche will evolve and help you squeeze out the most functionality possible. Many people prefer to buy a pre-built niche stake

Instead of buying a pre-built niche, we both agree that it’s easier to let the materials and the answers to our questions influence the design… rather than a “one size fits all” solution. For example, you want to make sure that the tile, stone or material looks balanced, the cuts are the same, and you have enough for the back, surrounding sides and bottom shelf. If you buy a pre-engineered option, it is sometimes difficult to force your material to fit. We prefer to build the niche box for

I also think it’s worth noting… think outside the box! I absolutely love how the above niche provides a beautiful backdrop for plumbing fixtures. It’s so creative, adds a ton of depth and perfectly combines classic materials like subway tiles and marble. Perfection!!

How To Measure Up Your Niche

Both above and below you will notice the use of a ledge. It’s another clever idea and play on scale for a walk-in shower – and a great way to add depth if your bath products are larger. Don’t be alarmed if the bottom shelf under the products sticks out a little. I actually think it’s a nice visual difference.

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If you don’t love the idea of ​​making your shower niche stand out, it’s perfectly fine to continue the same tile and pattern into the niche. I would recommend that you make sure that your tile is aligned exactly and that the joint line is very clean

. The goal is to create a niche that looks well built, balanced and has great craftsmanship. Tiling a niche can be challenging, but if you take your time and plan ahead, it’s definitely manageable and will be worth it in the end!

I also have to share my friend Erin’s master shower because it’s incredible – but mostly because the negative space around the niche is brilliant.

Best Farmhouse Shower Niche Ideas

A niche does not have to be an ugly interruption in a sea of ​​beautiful tiles. I love the way she framed hers with lots of negative space, perfectly centered tiles and a penciled panel detail. It really adds a lot of weight to something fairly standard.

I’d say you score major bonus points if you buy or make matching toilet bowls. Want a little spoiler? I bought these for our guest bathroom niche that we will be packing in a few weeks. Although we haven’t even started tiling completely yet, I’m already itching for the big reveal. Haha!

I’ll wrap things up by saying this…there aren’t really any hard and fast rules when designing a walk-in shower. It is safe to mix and match materials, pattern and color. Anything goes as long as it is done with intention and good craftsmanship. I’d also put functionality high on the list of “successful niche design” because that’s the point, right? It must contain all your shower waste!

Questions? I’d love to hear them in the comments below! Did you have a favorite niche inspiration from this post? I was able to dig up so many beautiful options – hopefully they don’t put my own niche to shame. Ha! One of our frequently asked questions is about how we built the tall shower stall in our Master Bath and if we are happy with it. I am very satisfied with the individual high niche. Our shower is not very large and this niche gives us lots of storage. Since we didn’t have room for a bench in the shower, the bottom shelf doubles as a ledge to put my foot on for shaving. Mostly, I like the added touch of the green glass tiles and the marble shelves to the white subway tiles.

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Houseables Shower Niche, Insert Storage Shelf, 12×12 Inch, Installation Size: 13â€Âx13â€Â, Grey, Xps Foam, Leak Proof, Waterproof, Recessed Preformed Caddy, Tile Prefab Shelves For Bathroom, Prefabricated

When we were planning our master bathroom, one of the must haves for my wife was a walk-in shower. This would be a place to store the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and anything else that finds its way into the shower – out of the way. It would also help provide a little bit of contrast to the white subway tile we used for the two walls in the shower. This was done using 12” Glacier Ice Brick mosaic glass tiles purchased at Home Depot. The shower is 32” x 48” and the niche was placed on the larger wall, framed between the existing studs.

Once everything was framed I used cement backer board to cover the walls. I started by cutting the piece to fit the back of the opening first. This piece had to be cut and placed first so the side and top pieces could be screwed into the frame to hold the piece in place. I then used Redgard (purchased at Home Depot), a liquid waterproofing membrane, to waterproof all the joints on the back plate as seen in the photo below.

I installed the bottom shelf before starting the tile. A little extra thinset was applied to the back for a slight slope towards the shower. I laid tiles about a third of the way up before installing the next shelf. Then did the same for the top one. For the shelves I used a piece of marble threshold which I cut to fit. I supported the shelves with the surrounding tile. To prevent water from pooling onto the top 2 shelves, I cut side support tiles with a 1/16″ pitch toward the shower floor. When it comes to bathroom design, there is a subtle detail that is often overlooked, but it adds a layer of uniqueness, a wealth of deliberate functionality + a whole lot of magic + it’s shower niches A niche plays a big role, especially because bathrooms tend to feel cold.

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As an interior designer, the goal is to balance the beauty of the materials used, in a way that creates warmth + adds a layer of softness to the bathroom as a whole. Honestly, your whole home should have a come-hither feel.

How To Plan And Design A Shower Niche

For example, when you look around your humble abode, or when you spend time getting ready, it should draw you closer, indulge yourself in doing things that matter most to you + evoke a feeling that gets you to relax quietly all day long.

You should feel connected to experiences like the soft warm water falling from an overhead rain shower head or the guilty pleasure of knowing you have the perfect foot hook to shave your legs (yes sir, a foot hook in the shower is a big deal ) *wink*

So let’s talk all about the functional needs you may have for a shower enclosure, the benefits of a shower enclosure + then a handful of designer secrets that will make that niche to die for!

Psst… keep reading for why we love the shower ledge as much as the shower niche 🙂

Framing A Shower Niche Hero

Have you ever struggled with a shower stall before? If you’ve ever tripped and knocked everything out of it, you know exactly what I’m saying. But, if not… consider yourself lucky!

From limiting the amount of soap + conditioner you can have to taking up unnecessary space in your shower, shower enclosures can be both functionally and visually unappealing.

Good design is not as easy as simply declaring that you want a shower stall + then it appears. For a walk-in shower to be truly functional, there is actually quite a bit of work + things to consider – before (or sometimes during) your bathroom remodel. E.g…

This is a good first question because it really makes you think about whether a single shower stall is enough. Will it provide enough storage space for everyone’s shower products? All this of course depends on the overall length +

Space Saving Wall Niche Designed To Maintain Waterproofing Integrity

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