Gainesville Renewable Energy Center

Gainesville Renewable Energy Center – Sunbathe in the scorching sun change locations often For maximum coverage and exposure, no, I’m not a beachgoer or poolside sunbathing. But there are 150,000 solar cells from Gainesville Regional Utilities, one of the panels designed to convert sunlight into electricity. GRU will soon add another major project to its energy portfolio. As Gainesville continues to grow rapidly, GRU is constantly searching for new approaches. to meet the growing demand for electricity While contributing to global carbon reduction, GRU has become a major contributor to renewable and sustainable energy. Gainesville joins several other cities in the solar movement through GRU’s new partnership with service providers. clean energy of the country

Chuck Heidt, GRU Project Manager, said: “GRU is a pioneer in the renewable energy space. It has the largest share of Florida’s renewable energy generation.

Gainesville Renewable Energy Center

GRU sustainability projects and initiatives have elevated Gainesville to one of the nation’s leading cities in renewable energy. A dedication to the community and the environment guides GRU’s efforts. GRU owns and operates Florida’s largest biomass power plant, Deer Haven Renewable Power Station. This 102.5 megawatt facility generates power by burning clean leftover wood from local wood Forests used to make paper and other sources of scrap wood According to the Environmental Protection Agency report This renewable energy source is a source of carbon fuel. This means that it does not add net carbon to the atmosphere. with advanced technology This plant not only produces clean energy. But it also reduces carbon dioxide and methane emissions during the natural decomposition of wood.

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The project, which began in late 2013, will help maintain Gainesville’s energy needs for the next 30 years, in an ongoing effort to support Gainesville’s decarbonization efforts. Carrying out import duties on solar energy Encourage consumers to invest in clean energy by reimbursing the amount they pay for unused energy. Gainesville was the first city in the United States to introduce the food tax rate that was imported into the United States in 2009 and has been implemented across Europe. Gainesville’s pioneering renewable technology field comes with higher costs, which GRU has unfortunately had to pass on to its customers. new technology GRU is looking for ways that not only contribute to the health of society and the world but also GRU acquired the biomass plant in 2018 and is now saving nearly $1 billion in debt. Additionally, the upcoming solar power purchase agreement will equal the cost of GRU’s own electricity generation. These efforts make the GRU more economically sustainable for consumers.

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Gainesville City Council set a long-term goal and passed a resolution in 2018: to run the city on 100% clean energy and achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045, before the resolution is passed. Gainesville is working on this part. As the city has reduced its carbon emissions by 792,000 tonnes from 2009 to 2018, GRU will complete another project in the summer of 2021 that will allow its coal plants to burn 100 percent of natural gas. The project can reduce CO2 emissions. can get another 400,000 to 500,000 tons per year and are cheaper than coal.

Gainesville ranks higher than any other state. and even the nation in terms of renewable energy. As of 2018, 27% of New York City’s electricity came from renewable sources. That compares to the national average of 17.9% and the Florida city average of 3%, as stated in the resolution. The GRU general manager is working with city councils to develop city-wide energy policies, including utility efficiency programs. Commitment to Green Purchasing and ongoing research on green technology.

Gainesville’s location in the heart of the Sunshine State offers many opportunities for harnessing solar energy. Following approval from the city governor in July 2020, Gainesville will welcome the first large-scale solar project and take one step closer to achieving the city’s green energy goals. GRU has partnered with Origis Energy to Launched the Sand Bluff Solar project, which will combine solar power on the grid and spread across GRU’s service area. The 50-megawatt PPA is the first of a utility-scale solar project. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2022. The plant will be operational by the end of this year.

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These efforts have driven Gainesville to major cities across the country that want to be fully dependent on renewable energy. Using solar energy greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Public health around the world has been improved. and able to maintain energy costs when fossil fuel prices rise

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The Sand Bluff solar project aims to reduce more than 54,000 kg of harmful carbon emissions. This impressive solar farm will feature 150,000 solar panels with single-axis east-west tracking. Increase solar efficiency by tilting the panel gently to follow the sun as it moves through the sky. The Sand Bluff solar project will be connected to GRU’s grid, providing the equivalent of 11,072 homes during the day.

Sand Bluff Solar will occupy the agency’s 430 acres near Archer, previously cleared for lumber. The solar farm is surrounded by 75 feet of vegetation and is hidden from nearby places.

Sand Bluff Solar is a sustainable project. which will contribute to environmental health in many ways More than clean energy production Animal-friendly fences help maintain natural wildlife corridors. Sheep will graze the area. So there is no need to cut often. Native flowering plants will be planted in the area to attract native bees and butterflies to promote pollination and protect pollinator habitat. The Sand Bluff Solar project will create approximately 200 construction and maintenance jobs when the facility is completed. The project will not result in an increase in tax revenue. But it could result in higher tax revenues for Alashhua County.

Protecting Historically Black Neighborhoods During Development

GRU believes residents will not experience power supply interruptions or increased electrical reliability. If the sun doesn’t shine, the GRU has a backup plan for alternative energy sources. This includes fossil fuels. Building on the success of Sand Bluff Solar, GRU aims to bring sustainable energy projects to Gainesville.

Origis Energy Partners is committed to providing funding opportunities for disadvantaged high school graduates and local nonprofits through the GRU’s Brighter Tomorrow Scholarship program.

Students can participate in various educational programs and opportunities. Visit the Learning Center’s Translation Center to learn about the importance of sustainable energy. and ensuring that the value of protecting the world’s resources will be passed on to future generations. Verify that the waste wood fuel procurement process complies with FSC standards.

GREC Chief Executive Jim Gordon said the biomass plant wanted to boost other plants. and land owners to obtain FSC certification as well.

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“We implemented this responsible forest management plan from the start,” he said. “What this means to the community is that we provide real economic support to forestry.”

In the forest products industry, FSC certification is the gold standard for responsible forestry practices. According to a GREC press release

This certificate confirms that biomass plants use strict procedures that allow the source of wood for electricity generation. And the origin of wood can be identified while tracing the path of material from the forest to the supply chain.

Brian Condon, timber procurement manager at GREC’s lumber contractor Bio Resource Management, said they track all imported timber to make sure it doesn’t come from inappropriate locations, such as land with high conservation value.

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Aaron Maizlish of SCS Global Services, hired to perform the GREC certification assessment, presented Gordon with the FSC certification on Tuesday morning. The assessment involves several days of on-site audits, he said. Communications director John Brashwood told The Sun that funding for the audits comes from GREC owners, not utility-level. region

GREC and GRU provide financial incentives to FSC-certified landowners or state forest departments through the utility’s Forest Conservation Incentive Program.

Condon told The Sun that GREC does not currently have FSC certified timber because it is too far from the job site. making the entrance fee too expensive They hope biomass plants will be able to use FSC-certified timber in the future.

Using certified wood can identify products such as organic labeling on tomatoes, he explains.

Gru Receives Ok To Bid On Uf Project

The biomass power plant has been a controversial project since it began operation last year. Local residents who criticize the GRU and GREC often speak at government meetings and raise concerns.

Gordon said he thought the certification could ease some concerns about the wood’s origin.

“Unfortunately, there seems to be some misinformation.

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