Microsoft Renewable Energy

Microsoft Renewable Energy – Microsoft has tried to expand its capabilities several times this year by partnering with various companies. These include domestic partnerships with Invenergy and EDP Renewables, a wind power partnership with Netherlands-based Eneco and a joint venture with Swedish energy supplier Vattenfall.

Today, the tech giant announced a number of renewable initiatives as part of a new wind power purchase agreement (PPA) with French power company ENGIE. As well as providing energy to the US, the deal will see ENGIE’s Darwin power program also used for renewable energy around the world.

Microsoft Renewable Energy

Under the agreement, Microsoft will purchase 230 MW of power from ENGIE’s Texas projects. While 85 MW of the money will come from the 200 MW Anson Solar Project, the majority of it, 145 MW, will come from the 200 MW Las Lomas Wind Project. Following this acquisition, the Redmond-based company’s renewable energy capacity will exceed 1,900 MW.

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In addition, the (VFA) new volume maintenance agreement will ensure that this PPA provides 24/7 power to the US. Microsoft France Vice President Carlo Pourassanta commented on the deal:

“Getting more energy helps to change our processes, but combined with Microsoft’s advanced cloud and AI tools, we can change the world. This partnership with ENGIE is an exciting step towards a future driven by costs and less. .”

Along with electricity, Microsoft also showed its role in the implementation of the ENGIE program for Darwin, developed using intelligent cloud services on Azure, including IoT and AI. With new features such as real-time monitoring and control of plants, reporting, forecasting, performance monitoring and predictive maintenance, the project provides operational improvements to some of the 15,000 MW power plants already commissioned. All around the world.

With these types of projects, ENGIE aims to activate approximately 9,000 MW of renewable energy worldwide between 2019 and 2021, adding 2,500 MW of renewable energy storage in North America. In addition, the French company is planning to bring 10,000 MW of wind and solar projects to the USA and Canada in the renewable energy sector.

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The scientific connection is clear. The world is solving the carbon problem. The carbon in our atmosphere has created a blanket of air that traps heat and changes the world’s climate. The global temperature has already risen by 1 degree. If we don’t reduce emissions and keep the temperature down, scientists say the consequences will be dire.

According to a group of scientists, human activities have released more than 2 trillion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the middle of the 18th century. A third of this is carbon dioxide, most of which has been released since the middle of the 18th century. 1950s. There is more carbon than the environment can absorb, and humans emit more than 50 billion tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year. This is not a matter of years or decades. Once more air enters the atmosphere, it can take thousands of years to dissipate.

Climate experts around the world agree that the world must take immediate action to reduce emissions. Ultimately, we must achieve “net zero” emissions, which means that people must remove their annual emissions. This will require aggressive strategies, new technology and public policies that do not exist today. It’s an ambitious goal, even a bold one, but science tells us it’s important for everyone alive today and for generations to come.

Although the world must reach zero, those of us who can move fast and move forward must do so. That’s why today we’re announcing an ambitious goal and a new plan to reduce and eliminate Microsoft’s carbon footprint.

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Microsoft To Power Data Center With 100% Wind Energy

By 2030, Microsoft will have zero carbon emissions, and by 2050, Microsoft will leave the environment without using electricity directly or indirectly since the company was founded in 1975.

We know that growth requires not only a bold goal, but also a detailed plan. As explained below, today we are embarking on an aggressive program to reduce our carbon footprint by 2030, both in terms of our direct emissions and across our food and commodity chain. We will finance this by increasing our property tax, starting in 2012 and increasing last year, to finance not only our emissions but also our value chain.

We are also launching a way to use Microsoft technology to help suppliers and customers around the world reduce their carbon footprint and a new $1 billion climate innovation fund to advance the global development of technology to reduce emissions, capture and remove carbon. Starting next year, we will make reducing emissions a visible part of our purchasing process. Our progress in these areas will be published in a new annual sustainability report, which details our emissions and reduction journey. In the end, all these projects will be supported by our words and supporting public policies that will accelerate the reduction of emissions and the possibility of elimination.

When faced with a new and difficult social problem, we want to first learn and then define a way to manage our work. This has been the foundation of our work in protecting privacy and the development of artificial intelligence, and is our way of meeting our carbon-efficient goals. We have come to the conclusion that seven principles or elements will be necessary through the continuous development and further steps.

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It is important that our work as a carbon-focused company is based on current scientific trends and fundamental mathematical principles. This applies to both of us as individual consumers and as businesses.

In some ways, things are good. As shown in the figure below, changes in human development, as measured by GDP growth, are closely related to energy consumption. This applies to both the future and the past. If we are going to continue to create more economic opportunities and development, it will take more energy. This is true all over the world and is especially true among the developing countries of the world, which should have access to the same level of development as the more developed countries.

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For more than two centuries, especially since the 1950s, economic growth has required an increase in carbon emissions. This is an old section that needs to be updated. In short, we need to use more energy while reducing carbon emissions.

The importance of the problem is shown by the results of scientific research in recent years. These findings clearly show that the global average temperature has increased by 1 degree over the past 50 years, and that carbon dioxide is the main driver of this increase in temperature. In fact, there is a serious risk that the average temperature will rise between one and four degrees by the end of this century unless we change dramatically and quickly. The consequences of such heat can be very dangerous.

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The crux of the problem is that we as a society are not committed enough to reduce emissions. We all came to the conclusion that we should all learn about “carbon math” and get the facts. These are important mathematical concepts to understand that the carbon problem affects all of us, whether we are individuals, families, companies or other organizations.

One aspect of this is simple but very important. Scientists calculate carbon emissions by dividing them into three groups or “caps”.

This clearly shows that we need to measure all three parameters. At Microsoft, we expect to emit 16 million tons of carbon this year. On average, about 100,000 were released and about 4 million

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