Diy Projects For 5 Year Olds

Diy Projects For 5 Year Olds – As the temperature slowly warms it’s time to create these wonderful spring crafts for kids – a list of ideas for all ages to jumpstart your arts and crafts imagination.

Spring is one of the best times of the year and perfect for outdoor play! But there are days when you’re stuck at home and days when it’s time to get crafty in the classroom when you need some awesome DIY ideas.

Diy Projects For 5 Year Olds

We love spring! When the temperature rises, the weather becomes fun and colorful, flowers bloom and people liven up. It’s a great time of year to work on lots of interesting study units like frogs, bugs, weather (especially rainbows), flowers and more!

Kids Crafts With The Cricut

In this collection of spring craft project ideas you’ll find a variety of projects for all ages, from super simple projects that toddlers and preschoolers can manage, ideas that go well with kindergarten themes and crafts that grade school kids will really enjoy.

One of our favorite springtime and kids’ favorite projects is definitely these printable bug rings. A simple boredom buster perfect for a rainy day.

Simple flowers are perfect, and these are just paper strip flowers and oh they are gorgeous!

Springtime is great for talking about caterpillars (and the butterfly life cycle – we’ll get to that in a moment). It goes well with some of the children’s favorite books.

Easy Art Activities For Kids To Do At Home

Caterpillars that are cute as a button. These have become a hit as kids love making them and taking them as their imaginary pets. Fun and easy.

We love to add a little fun to learning and that can definitely be said for the Butterfly Life Cycle Paper Toy. Such a fun craftivity for kids.

Do we have a list of spring craft ideas for kids without toilet paper rolls (you can naturally use paper kitchen towel rolls). Frogs are a great spring project and are definitely fun to make.

Spring and rain go hand in hand so why not make this adorable paper plate spring craft. Great fine motor skills for little ones.

Kitchen Crafts For Kids

A weather unit would not be complete without rainbows. We love them. We love using colorful construction paper to make things and we love watching them pop.

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Craft day means you need kids craft ideas that are easy and fun. Easy craft ideas for kids to make at home are always needed. We always need new, exciting and fun crafts for kids. I have found some great paper crafts from loads of different mommy bloggers.

Paper crafts are great for rainy days, hot summer and cold winter days. They are a great way to keep your kids from getting bored. Arts and crafts for kids help them stay in one place for longer while helping them accomplish their daily goals.

Best Valentine Crafts For Kids

Take some time to make paper crafts for kids where you cut out all the supplies so you can easily set everything up. This allows you to set up an easy paper craft session and be able to remove what you need to help you cut.

While each individual craft should have its own supplies there are certain supplies that should be in your paper craft tote.

Now that you have all your supplies and a supply tote created you can start crafting. Your kids will love creating new projects.

These dream catchers are super cute and easy to make. Use different colors for yarn and let your kids be creative.

Spring Crafts For Kids

I’m all about using the products we collect so let your child make and paint cute little animals before you recycle the egg cartons.

Now your child can match angry eyes with a smile. They will enjoy flipping through to create different looks and putting them all together and combining the looks to make a face.

Drilling holes in popsicle sticks is a fun activity for your kids, although it does require some adult supervision.

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Your kids will enjoy being creative with this paper rainbow craft. Create silly faces in the cloud and add cotton balls.

Super Cute Paper Plate Fish Craft For Kids

Paper bunny crafts are the cutest little crafts and your kids will enjoy creating many of them.

Another version of Paper Bunny Craft These ladybugs are just adorable. Combine two crafts together and get double crafting time.

Teach your child how to make a small emoji book out of a piece of paper. They love to draw emojis and create books.

I remember when I was a kid and I had some fun with it. It was a good way to keep your hands busy.

Construction Paper Crafts For Kids To Make

Young girls love to create bracelets with their friends. This is a great craft for slumber parties and sleepovers.

Dragons are awesome and your kids will love playing with it. This is a great craft to make for a birthday party.

These hyacinth flowers take a little time to create and are great for older kids with steady hands. They will be so busy creating these flowers that you will be able to catch up on some reading.

Have your kids make these and stuff them inside with candy, gum, or small toys from the dollar store. They can then be handed out as favors at your next slumber party or birthday party.

Diy Ideas For The Kids To Make At Home

This is a cute gift for Valentine’s Day. Your child may enjoy passing these on to their friends at school or to close family members like grandparents.

This is a cute garland for your front door or to give as a gift to your child. It’s fun to make, easy, and can be super creative.

Add some cotton balls to the cloud and glitter glue to the sun to make this easy craft pop.

This is a great craft that will keep your kids busy for a long time. You can sit back and relax while they create all the bugs they want.

Outer Space Crafts For Kids That Are Out Of This World

Paper crafts are a great activity to keep kids busy for a few hours while you get some work time, self care, or just watching a TV show. Joining in activities with your kids makes them more fun too. Take some time once a week to do a paper craft activity with your kids but make sure they get to do it themselves too.

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Individual craft time will help them build independence and problem-solving skills. Joining them helps build bonds and create memories. Both ways are beneficial for your kids so make sure they experience paper craft activities with and without you.

Crafting is a great way to set your child up to explore great hobbies. It helps them to be more creative and build their imagination. Sit your kids down with a crafting tot and let their creativity flow.

What craft are you excited to try? Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more like this and pin it to your kids’ crafts and activity boards. This super cute paper plate fish craft is inspired by the beautiful book The Rainbow Fish. We love easy crafts that go with the themes we’re enjoying. This perfect fish craft can be done just for fun or as an extension of an ocean or sea preschool theme. Plus, who doesn’t love a great book activity?

Technology Projects For Kids They’ll Love

Pictured below is what you need to make these cute paper plate fish. However, I have shown it in list form towards the bottom of the page. Have fun!

Cut a triangle shape from the right side of the plate and glue it to the left side of the plate for the tail. The opening from the cut out will be the mouth. Then, cut 2 small wings from colored paper and glue one on each side of the plate, and glue on the googly eyes.

Using different colors of paper, trace circles about 1-1 ½ inches. You will need 22-25 of these for the fish scales. For the circles, I just used a small plastic sprinkle container, but you can use anything you have around the house. You can trace circles for the kids and cut them out or use a circle punch if you have one. Cut the circles and fold them in half.

Your child can rub the glue using a glue stick

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