Do When You Re Bored

Do When You Re Bored – Boredom happens at work and everywhere else. Here are 80+ ways to turn your boredom upside down. We’ve included everything from updating your LinkedIn profile to a strong lounge pillow, so there’s something for everyone.

But there are days when you look at the clock, and 2:42 PM is staring back at you. 2:42 PM, and you’ve already finished your to-do list and are staring at your chipped nail polish, consider spending the next 12 minutes choosing it.

Do When You Re Bored

Spend the afternoon doing that. Or you could take advantage of that boredom to do something really productive—like an activity that will dramatically improve your professional standing and career.

Fun Things For Tweens & Teens To Do When They’re Bored

When used correctly, boredom at work does not have to be a negative thing at all. Forbes explains that up to 90 percent of all American adults deal with boredom. It’s a common phenomenon—and one that creates a natural ebb and flow in your workday. This ebb and flow of boredom creates an open space for you that can inspire creativity, motivate you to push for change, and allow you time to create that change.

Authors David Sturt and Todd Nordstrom argue that boredom most often stems from monotony. So if you find yourself facing it, take it as a sign to break things! Create a challenge or change for yourself, whether it’s in your normal workday routine or your career in general.

It’s time to use your boredom to do something challenging. Something maybe (dare we say it?) a little fun. Are you with us? Great Here are 80+ options that will fill your time and improve your career.

There are many ideas on this list. Want to jump ahead? These links will take you to the specific section you are looking for.

Things *not* To Do When You’re Bored At Home

Does your inbox need a little… help? Yes, us too. From organizing your files to updating your signature, use an afternoon where you would normally feel bored to give your inbox a light.

These activities offer the added benefit of making you more productive—no more wasted time searching for specific emails or deleting ones you never read.

You know when you clean out your closet to sell your clothes, and you get to treat yourself to a new item with the money you made? Do the same here. Choose a newsletter that you will actually open, either specific to your industry or focused on women. Psst, we actually have a very nice newsletter.

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Do you really need to keep a constant eye on your email inbox? Consider your group of emails—and spend a dedicated hour or so thoughtfully responding to each one.

Fun Things To Do When Bored To Help You Stay Sane

Maybe it’s your old boss or one of your current colleagues you’d like to know better. Regardless, shoot them an email and ask if they want to connect in the next few weeks.

No, really—when was the last time you watched it? Is it even accurate? Could it be more fun?

Shoot off a quick email to some old colleagues you haven’t talked to in a while. Just ask them how everything is going. The point is: small hellos prevent your network from getting cold. And here are some free networking templates to get you started.

For him, but are too long for him now? Set this folder now to dump them all in. The next time you are bored at work, you can open them.

Things For Couples To Do When You’re Bored At Home

You know those jobs you have that are always on the back burner? Put these in their own folder too, so you can refer back to them for inspiration down the line.

Look, if you are bored, is there something new you could learn or do? Spend some time today on what new projects you’d like to tackle at work to develop your career, then ask your boss for what you want.

There aren’t many better feelings than knowing you’re being organized. (Is it just us?) Take advantage of your boredom to deep clean (literally) your computer—both inside and out.

Clear your screenshots. Clean out your trash. Organize your files. Update your software. In the end, you’ll feel better (and your computer will too).

Fun Things To Do When You’re Bored

The way your files are set up now probably leaves something to be desired. Come up with a logical structure and clean it all up.

Or whatever cloud service you prefer (although we really like Dropbox). It will save your computer’s bandwidth, and make it easier to access your stuff from anywhere, including your phone when you’re stuck in traffic and realize that your boss needs that Excel file, like, now. (…Talking to a friend.)

If you somehow miraculously did not have to restart your computer when updating your programs, give it a restart now. We all deserve a little downtime.

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Now that your computer is sparkling from the inside out, do the same for the space around you. Studies show that if your environment is cluttered, you’re more likely to feel inspired and motivated. What do you know? Maybe it will keep you from feeling bored today—and give you a fresh start for tomorrow.

Things To Do When You’re Bored Online

Don’t just mix everything around. Take everything out of it, pull out the spray cleaner, and give the whole thing a nice wipe down. It looks nice, doesn’t it? Which brings us to our next point:

How long do you use this pen because it’s the only one you have? How many times have you starved in your office and made the wrong choice of vending machine? Make a list of office supplies, snacks, whatever you would like to have. Then go shopping for them this weekend.

An office plant? (Fun fact: they make you more productive.) Maybe a vision board on your wall? A calendar, planner, or whiteboard? What are some ways you can make this space more useful? You’re less likely to feel bored at work if you have plenty to inspire.

Read career articles, research networking events, or listen to a podcast on career advice. Get some inspiration that breathes new life into your routine. This might look like setting a new personal goal or creating a plan for an exciting side hustle. No matter what you decide to focus on, we can promise you will benefit from taking time for yourself.

Fun Things To Do When Bored At Home Alone

We’ve more than covered you for this. Consider our lists of the best self-help books, the best books by women of color, the best leadership books for women, some of our favorite books, and last but not least, books to help you find finance. you are in order (finally). Or you can always buy our founder’s book, Power Moves.

The best ones are updated every week, which means the next time you’re bored at the office, you can go straight there. First up: Contessa’s YouTube career, duh.

We love SMART goals because they help you break the big picture into smaller, more manageable parts—the ideal way to make the most of a slow period at work.

Sometimes, facing your fears starts with actually acknowledging them. Hence why you should try your own bullying list.

Things To Do When You’re Hungry And Bored

When was the last time you tried something new? Because we have the perfect career advice podcast for you. These women’s podcasts are good too.

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Networking is hard, especially if you’re an introvert. The beauty of technology is that there are now tons of networking apps out there. We love BumbleBizz.

It is one of the best things you can do to meet new professional contacts, but it will also help you improve your personal disposition and talk to strangers. All good things for self-improvement.

Read this article about the types of networking events you need too. A reminder that you can network digitally too.

Easy & Cheap Things To Do When You’re Bored For Kids And Families!

Visualization and using visualization techniques are also really good ways to start manifesting your greatest hopes and dreams. Transform your biggest goals into reality.

It is important that you continue to develop your skills. Industry-specific, hard skills are important, as are soft skills that everyone can benefit from strengthening.

Want to master Google Workspace? There are classes for that. Feel like you need to strengthen your leadership skills? There are many resources for this as well.

In short, pick a boosted skill (or a completely new built skill) and go for it! Plus, there’s the benefit of adding it to your resume when you’re done.

What To Do When You’re Bored Of The Internet

If your office offers conference or course support, now is a good time to research what your next choice will be. If not, it’s still worth researching and maybe even pitching a great opportunity to your boss.

These range from expensive but comprehensive to totally free (ahem, YouTube). Here’s a complete guide to all of our courses.

You can also try to learn something from the masters of their craft in MasterClass. You can learn everything from negotiation tactics to playing basketball.

Plan how you can improve your public speaking skills. Or your productivity through the Rule of 3. Or research new techniques in your industry (Scrum meetings, the latest marketing trends, new platforms to use for project management, etc.).

What You Can Do Right Now If You’re Bored At Home

Your boss is also eligible. Find someone with career aspirations and ask them what they think you should work on in your own career to move up the ladder.

Hobby Sometimes, the best skill-based learning is the kind that doesn’t do anything

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