Build Your Own Projector Mount

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. However, they’re useless without a way to mount them to a wall or ceiling, unless you own one of those school projector stands. If you’re looking to set up your projector but aren’t sure which one to use or which product will work best with your particular projector, we have some suggestions.

Build Your Own Projector Mount

Regardless of the size or style of your projector, your mount should be easy to install, adjustable, attractive, strong enough to hold your equipment, and compatible with ceiling materials. You should search here.

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Installation: More or less universal mounting holes and other attachment mechanisms are suitable for different projectors. They also come with all the hardware you need for the style of application you need. One of the installation and design features we really like is the easy attach and detach mechanisms, so you can easily remove and re-install your projector when needed. But before you do anything, make sure the mount you want is physically fit to stick to the ceiling. In many cases, ordinary drywall is not strong enough to secure the mount.

Weight: Most setups weigh up to 30 pounds, but double check the projector’s weight.

Adjustable: We look for mounts that are widely adjustable for angle and distance from the ceiling. Some include additional tools or mounts for a wider range of deployments.

Appearance: Considering it’s going inside your home, you don’t want a big, gaudy piece of equipment distracting from your home theater. We love clean white or black colors, floor-to-ceiling fixtures, and minimalist design elements.

Rigging A Projector To An Electric

We like that this projector mount comes with lots of screws and other hardware. People also note the exceptionally strong anchors and arms that firmly support even heavy projectors and provide peace of mind to prevent the equipment from falling from the ceiling at any time.

It takes a few extra minutes to set up, but we think it’s worth it for this kind of stability and security.

This projector mounting kit includes four adjustable and removable tools to fit any projector, plus an optional extension pole to fit a variety of styles and equipment. We also like the included HDMI cables.

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This mount comes with a number of mounting options, holds the projector close to the ceiling, and is made of durable materials that weigh 30 pounds. But what we really like is that it allows you to quickly attach and remove the projector, for projector repairs or routine maintenance.

How To Mount Projector To Ceiling: Benq X3000i Gaming Projector As An Example

We like that this mount fits most projectors on the market, and other users appreciate how easy it is to configure and install. Its relatively slim profile and sleek design also mean there are no unsightly hooks and fixtures hanging from the ceiling. I recently purchased an Epson projector for my home theater. I searched around and found that the projector ceiling is very wide. I decided to do it myself. Total cost is less than $15.

3. E-Z Ancor Twist-N-Lock 75 #8 x 1-1/4 in.

4. Crown Bolt M5-0.8 x 16mm Zinc Plated Pan-Head Phillips Driver Machine Screws (3 Pack), Model # 80138, Store SKU # 574498

A screw is a piece of plastic or sheet metal large enough to cover your projector’s mounting holes

Siang Furniture White Ceiling Mount Holds Up To 30 Lb.

1. Download the projector layout and CAD drawings for mounting hole positions or measure yourself. Mark holes in hard plastic or metal board. Drill the holes and mount the board to the projector. Add some spacers between the board and the projector. Trim the board as small as possible to avoid interfering with the heat of the projector. The board I used is a piece of 3mm thick FR-4 board.

3. Drill two holes in the center of the mounting board and mount the hinge to the board. Place a ~10mm plastic block in the middle so that the pipe does not touch the mounting plate when the hinge rotates.

4. Install the pipe on the floor flange. Keep everything under the ceiling. Turn on the projector, adjust the hinge angel to the Y position and adjust the distance between the screen and the projector. Mark the position of the ceiling flange mounting hole.

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5.Uninstall the flange, use drywall anchors and screws to install the flange to the ceiling. Place the projector back on the flange.

How To Set Up A Projector

Now the ceiling installation is complete. To adjust the position of the image on the screen, you can adjust the angle of the hinge and rotate the tube slightly. As you can see from the picture above, every home project can involve some mishaps. Luckily no one was hurt, but we learned a lot about being careful on the roof. This guide will show you how to (carefully) set up a projector for home cinema and entertainment.

The first thing you need to do is determine the distance between your projector and your wall, so you know how big your screen should be. Our projector was about 7-8 feet away from our wall, giving us a 4×3 screen of about 100 inches (we went with 4×3 because our projector’s aspect ratio was 4×3). Not all projectors have the same throw ratio, so check your projector or measure it yourself.

You should first remove the phishing cables. If you are running hdmi to the projector, you should consider buying an hdmi switch to run only one cable. The hdmi switcher takes 3 inputs and can switch between devices to output. We used this (but I think we found it on ebay for $10):

It also has a priority switch, so when you turn on the device, it automatically switches to that input. For our projector we ran a single 30 foot hdmi cable to the projector and terminated the switch with our cable box/xbox/computer. We used this cable:

Mount A Projector

The best thing to do when setting up a projector is to build a screen. There’s nothing worse than a properly installed projector projecting onto a painted wall. I know it might be more than you want to spend, but it looks a million times better with a non-reflective cloth screen. I can’t remember exactly where we bought our screen fabric, but it looked something like this (I think we spent $30-$40):

To build the frame for the screen, we used some scrap wood and air nails to build a rectangle to wrap around the screen. Then we trimmed some Home Depot siding to go around it.

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I know we bought our projector mount on Amazon for $35, but I can’t find exactly what we bought. Just make sure it fits your projector and swivels/adjusts to the ceiling position.

Since our attic is above our projector, we added an outlet inside the attic. If you want to know how to do this, check out this tutorial:

Dirt Cheap Diy Adjustable Projector Ceiling Mount

Carefully measure where you want your projector to be. Ideally you want the mounting screws to go through the studs to support the weight of the projector, or in this case through the beam. We found the closest beam that would give us the perfect screen size and center the mount against the back wall. If your mounting kit is good, they should have a paper template to draw where the center hole will go. Take a drill bit large enough to fit the ends of the cables you will be fishing and drill a hole in the center of your mark. After your cables are fished out, you can put on the mounting hole cover to give it a perfect look.

Okay, now for the biggest and most embarrassing failure of the project. When you run the cables down the wall, you’ll probably need to drill a hole in the attic for a stud that runs along the top of the wall. While my roommate and I connected the surround sound system downstairs, my brother was in the attic drilling the final hole for the last wire for the surround sound system. As he bent down and drilled the last hole, his finger got caught in the drill and cut his finger. He jumped from the pain and took a step back. The fact that he didn’t realize that it was the “board” behind the board was actually a part of him

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