Build Your Own Vanity Unit

Build Your Own Vanity Unit – Make Your Own: 12 Inventive Bathroom Renovations The centerpiece of any bathroom is the vanity. Not only does it protect the sink, but it also provides valuable storage. Its finish and style often help set the palette for the entire room. When you choose this very important part of your bathroom scheme, you don’t have to settle for what you can find in stores. There are unique DIY bathroom projects that can replicate many different vanity styles in today’s bathrooms, from large wall units to small statement pieces. DIY bathroom vanity possibilities range from simple upgrades using paint or a fun drawer pull to inventively upcycled clothes or vintage pieces. Need some ideas? Here are some great examples of DIY vanity to get your creative juices flowing.

Shara from The Woodshop Diaries made this impressive mid-century quote herself—and you can, too. Using pine wood and birch plywood for the base and custom cut granite for the counter, Shara cut, assembled and painted the vanity for a classic cool look.

Build Your Own Vanity Unit

Upcycling old pieces of furniture in the bathroom is a great way to save money during bathroom remodeling. Lovely Jane took an old dresser and transformed it with some paint, new hardware, and marble countertops. Instead of spending upwards of $2,000, this blogger created the look for just $200.

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You don’t want to compromise on storage or style – if you have a small bathroom. Angela Marie-Maid shares her tutorial for a sleek bathroom that still has enough space to hide toiletries and other items. The modern farmhouse design looks great and only costs about $65!

A flush bathroom vanity is ideal for small bathrooms. You get a surface area for cosmetics and toiletries without the visual bulk of a traditional vanity, leaving you with an airy, roomy atmosphere. Erica from DesigningWebs shares how to create this modern and stylish vanity in her small powder room.

Starting with an old dresser from the Salvation Army, Oregon Cottage created a beautiful bathroom vanity. She selected a stake, cut a hole, and then installed the faucet. She finished the look with a fresh coat of paint and a protective seal.

Turn the vanity into a pull-out stool that gives kids an incentive to reach the sink. After you remove the tock, make a simple plywood box and install it using drawer slides so it’s easy for toddlers to move on their own.

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A vanity with lots of drawers might look great, and you might even assume it means you’re getting lots of storage, but the reality might not be so rosy. Grooves take up space, can only fit a certain size of material, and often have to be cut in special ways to fit around the faucet. That’s why Shara of Woodshop Diaries came up with an ideal solution: faux drawers that are actually cabinets. You get the look, but have plenty of room to store produce, cleaning supplies, and other necessities.

If you’re looking for a quick upgrade to your existing van, don’t underestimate the power of color. Chelsea actually painted her vanity sink legs gold. It was a simple project with a big payoff.

A luxurious modern bathroom renovation may not be out of your price range – if you do some of the work yourself. Shara from Woodshop Diaries shares a tutorial for this beautiful vanity with an additional counter to get ready. Visitors will be very impressed to learn that you made it yourself!

Simple does not mean boring. This adorable vanity from My Love 2 Create is beautiful and clean. The natural look compliments many decor styles and makes for a beautiful focal point.

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This Anna White vanity set is perfect if you’re looking to achieve a modern farmhouse style. While this isn’t an ideal project for the first-time DIYer, it’s manageable for those who feel more comfortable with a jigsaw and brad nailer in their hands.

Sometimes the best plan is to work with what you already have. Kate from Centsational Style took her builder-grade vanity and completely transformed it into a sleek, glamorous floating vanity by removing the base and raising it a few inches.

If you have the money to hire a handyman for every household mishap, go ahead. But if you want to dip into your cash and do some self-help, check out these clever products that solve a million and more small problems around the house. Go now! One of the most requested blog posts I get asked to write is about our sink unit. That’s what we found with our old bathroom when we bought an oak-style console table off eBay that we then turned into a double sink unit for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a built-in sink unit. Pay and we think very good. Looking like a piece of furniture, a real feature over your standard bathroom fittings – it also doubles up for storage. I wasn’t blogging at the time so I didn’t take any pictures of it. This time around I made sure to take pictures along the way…

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We started looking for the chest of drawers. Our old bathroom, which really should have been a bedroom for its size, spoiled us. The layout in the new house didn’t lend itself to a double sink unit so we measured and searched both for dimensions and for the closest to the house. eBay is great but we don’t want to be interested or bid on something halfway across the country. Alternatively you can look at local antique or furniture stores. It doesn’t have to be pretty to begin with, you can do wonders with a paint brush and some new knobs. We found it at a good price, we paid £45 for it through ebay and thought we would repaint it. Long story short, we then thought it would be too big for the bathroom so we found another one a little smaller that was white, but in the end it’s the perfect pink and so good in style that won the day and miraculously It just fit. ! I thought we would repaint it, I never thought we would have pink in the bathroom. But then it clicked. It was already a suitably sophisticated Chuck Ed, and pink!! Ben was happy enough to stick with it, so the pink sink unit was it. Which it happens to be trending right now.

Amy Painted Vanity Unit With Sit On Basin

The next step was to find the sink. Again from eBay. This is a baby butler sink with no faucets, although for our last one we bought sinks with inblek faucets. We measured and found a sink that would fit on top.

In order for the sink to be attached to the unit, Ben had to cut a hole in the top of the unit to allow the waste to pass through.

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The top drawer then needed cutouts to wrap around the waste pipes. So the boys cut the back and then put some pieces of wood around it to make a strong barrier.

This chest of drawers wasn’t very strong so they reinforced the top and back with pieces of wood to make sure it could take the weight of the sink and the water to prevent bowing over time.

Bathroom Storage And Organization Ideas

The sink then sat on top, with the waste pipe underneath, and siliconed around the bottom edges.

The back of the chest of drawers is cut out for the waste pipe to connect to the through pipes where the boiler and main pipes are placed.

The cracks then go back in and it’s too much! I wish I knew what color this unit was painted. I think it’s some kind of chalk paint. The closest furrow and ball is calamine pink.

It’s very sad but I like it. I just hope it doesn’t get *too* annoying over time. I might follow his chalk paint, I’m thinking of messaging the ebay seller I bought it from and hoping he remembers. I might add some wax too.

How To Create A Bathroom Vanity Sink For Under £150

Side note, post about recycling dipstick jars for bathroom storage here. Aesop toiletries that are my favorite are available here.

I will blog the whole bathroom soon, it’s almost finished! For the ducts, another eBay purchase, Ben fitted them through the paneling so they protrude from the wall. This is facilitated by the fact that there is a false wall and shelves to hide the pipes. With a solid wall it will be very difficult to fit the pipes into place and install the faucets. When we placed the faucets above the sink we were thinking about the height for aesthetics but practicality with partitions and such.

I’m really happy with how it all comes together, and what a pink find! It is the main focal point of the bathroom and I love pink so much.

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