Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans

Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans – A farmhouse DIY coffee table that changes the whole look of a living room? Sign me up!

There are tons of farmhouse coffee table plans out there but I’m so excited to feature today’s table! I partnered with Kyle and Audrey over at Hillbuildit Creations to present the 3D plans to one of their original builds; This fantastic DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table.

Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans

This DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table is one of her many awesome builds! Click here to see more of her awesome work!! Now let’s look at their coffee table. Isn’t she a beauty!! Thanks to Kyle and Audrey, and my 3D plan magic, now you too can build it with these awesome DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans!!

The 10 Best Farmhouse Coffee Tables (for Any Budget)

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First, you will assemble the two sides of the coffee table by attaching 2×4 clamps to 4x4s. You assemble the boards together with a Kreg Jig and pocket hole screws to fasten together with wood glue. There should be a 2″ distance from the 2×4 bracket to the floor. After completing this step, you should have two assembled sides for the DIY farmhouse coffee table base.

The top 2×4 should be flush with the 4x4s and the pocket holes on the bottom board should be down and the pocket holes on the top board should be up.

Next, you attach the decorative x boards to the assembled sides of the coffee table. You attach the angled 4×4 brackets to the assembled coffee table with pilot holes and wood screws. You repeat this step for the other side of the coffee table base.

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Amazing Diy Coffee Table Plans & Ideas

For the best fit, before you cut your Xs, measure the boards against your assembled side. (4x4s braces in place of 2x4s shown in photo)

You will complete the X-brace by attaching the 2 smaller 4×4 brackets to the 4x4s using wood screws along with wood glue. Repeat steps for the other side of the DIY farmhouse coffee table base.

Before cutting Xs, measure against your gathered side and mark for best fit/cut. (Note: Pictures show table with all 4x4s)

Next, you begin to form the base by attaching the two sides together. First, you assemble the bottom shelf by attaching the three 2x8s to each other with wood glue.

Best Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table

The bottom shelf should be ripped to match the length of the 2×4 stretcher on the table sides. You then attach the bottom shelf to the bottom 2×4 braces on the two base sides using a Kreg Jig and Pocket Hole Screws to attach with wood glue.

Next, you attach the top 2×4 bracket to the top of the assembled coffee table base using a Kreg Jig. Be sure to place the pocket holes towards the top so that they are hidden by the coffee table table top.

Next, you will assemble and attach the tabletop for your coffee table. To assemble the coffee table, attach 2x10s together with a cookie cutter and cookie cutters to glue the table top. You can also use a Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

Next, you attach the 2×10 breadboards to the assembled 2x10s using wooden dowels to attach with wood glue.

Diy Coffee Table Plans To Craft Your Own Table

Once your tabletop is assembled, you attach the tabletop to the assembled coffee table base using wood screws and tabletop Z clips fasteners.

Audrey and Kyle knocked this build out of the park, and with these easy step-by-step coffee table plans, now you have the chance to recreate your own.

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For the finish, Kyle and Audrey used Minwax Early American for the tabletop with semigloss polyurethane, and Cotton Blossom by Behr (with a base gray color) for the bottom. (220 grit sandpaper for distress). They also added in beautiful baskets like this one. Now it’s time for you to go and make your own DIY coffee table.

Your photo upload was successful. Please enter the following so we can review and post your submission: Build the Farmhouse Coffee Table for under $40 with just a drill and a saw! This is a beginner-friendly DIY project that should only take a few hours to complete.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

You’ll love the results – an absolutely gorgeous solid wood farmhouse coffee table, perfectly proportioned, with a large bottom storage shelf.

Our most popular coffee table is the Rustic X coffee table. This coffee table is very similar in design. The big difference is HOW it is built and the tools needed. The Rustic X coffee table requires a Kreg Jig. The Rustic X coffee table is slightly larger in size. It also has a solid bottom shelf (instead of the Farmhouse Coffee Table’s slatted design).

Yes! We’ve just added matching Farmhouse Console Table plans and matching Farmhouse Side Tables plans (in two size options) here.

HOW this coffee table is built is everything. Watch me build it in our Farmhouse Coffee Table video tutorial:

Amazing Diy Coffee Table Ideas With Plans

The plans for this coffee table follow. Please share a photo when you finish building, we love to see your projects! Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out.

Place the first long X piece in the end of the coffee table and fasten with glue and screws from above and below.

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Attach one of the 2×6 @ 18″ approximately in the middle of the coffee table with two screws per joint and glue.

Lay the 2×6 tabletop boards on a flat, level surface, with the best side of the tabletop boards facing down.

Best Diy Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

Apply glue to the top edge of the coffee table frame, and place the coffee table frame upside down on the table top boards.

Screw the base to the underside of the tabletop boards. Use enough screws but reserve enough to complete the next step.

Place the remaining slats in the frame and fasten with 2 screws per joint. The gap is about 1″ between (slightly less).

TIP: If heavy loads are expected on the bottom shelf of the coffee table, place a scrap 1×2 about 20″ long, under the shelf, centered and running lengthwise to the coffee table.  This will act as a middle “leg” for the shelf. and essential d ‘Increasing power of the lower shelf.

Farmhouse Coffee Table [beginner/under $40]

Stained Finish: For my stained finish, I simply sanded the entire coffee table with 120 grit sandpaper. I did NOT fill holes (you can see the screw holes in the photos). We all agreed that the holes helped give character to the coffee table. If the screw holes bother you, fill with color matching wood filler.

Painted finish: Fill holes with wood filler and let dry. Sand with 80-120 grit sandpaper. Remove all sanding residue with a vacuum. Prime and paint.

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