Cute Date Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Cute Date Ideas For Your Boyfriend – If you’re stuck on the same dinner and movie dates, then these fun and creative date night ideas are for you! Grab the free printable list and make your own date jar or couples bucket list!

Date nights… we all want them, but how often do you actually venture out of the house with your husband or boyfriend and actually go on a proper date?

Cute Date Ideas For Your Boyfriend

For my husband and I, it’s about once a week…and it’s usually a mid-day date lunch at one of two different restaurants because that’s pretty much all we have time for.

Stay At Home Date Ideas

But last summer we decided to try a different restaurant once a week that we had never been to. We are foodies and love to visit new places and try the local cuisine. So we thought it would be a cool and easy way to experience something new together.

Some of the restaurants were dumb but some were fantastic! And we never would have tried them (or deviated from our usual restaurant lineup) if it weren’t for our adventurous spirit.

Interestingly enough, we also found that changing the “setting” of the date also sparked new conversations and bonding moments…which gave me the idea to create a whole year or two of fun and fresh date ideas. And I share them with you!

If you’re bored with your current date nights and can’t bear the thought of sitting on the sofa together for another Saturday night ‘date’, then try some of these great date night ideas:

A Z Date Night Ideas

But first, why is date night important? Here are some of the main benefits of spending this quality time together with your spouse:

When you’ve been married for over 15 years like me, it’s easy to get into a rut. Most evenings are spent watching our usual TV shows and if we really want to go crazy, we watch a movie instead.

But sometimes you need to change things up a bit and experience something new together! These date ideas are a great way to break out of your normal routine and can help eliminate boredom in your marriage, especially if you commit to trying out one of these dinner ideas every week or even two a month.

Life can get stressful, from toddlers going on sleepovers to bosses who never acknowledge your hard work, so it’s important to enjoy time with each other apart from the daily stresses.

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Months Of Date Night Ideas With Your Husband (with Free Printable Tags!)

A date night can offer an “escape”…just don’t spend your time together discussing difficult topics like finances or parenting issues. You can save these conversations for a typical Monday.

According to an article in Psychology Today, date nights are a necessity for a healthy relationship because they strengthen your emotional bond and friendship.

I tell everyone that my husband is my best friend and I think that’s one of the reasons we have such a strong marriage. And I 100% agree that our great friendship is largely due to all the quality time we spend together…another reason not to miss date nights!

The ideas are different. Here are a few ways you can put these ideas into action for great dates:

Fun Date Night Ideas For The Perfect Date

It’s super easy to make…and a fun way to leave your date night plans up to chance. Just download and print the free printable list of date night ideas at the end of this post, cut them out along the dotted lines, and add the scraps of paper to a jar.

I LOVE making bucket lists…probably because I just love any type of list and the super satisfying check offs that go along with them. And a couples bucket list is a great way to plan fun dates together!

You can print a printable bucket list or create your own and add your favorite date night ideas to the list! Then pick one idea from your couples bucket list for each month and make it your date night!

Write the date night ideas on the back of the playing cards (one idea per card). Then, at the beginning of the week, you each pick 4 or 5 of your favorite cards… Shuffle them and draw one date night card from the pool. Whatever you choose, this is your date night for the week!

Last Minute Date Ideas That Will Keep The Spark

*You can also do this with my printable date night idea cards at the end of this post!

Don’t have an ice cream maker? No problem! You can Google no-churn ice cream recipes for some great options.

Dress in old clothes and add food coloring to the water. Whoever is the most colorful at the end is the loser!

Throw yourself into your kitchen Iron Chef style with a little friendly cooking competition! You can keep it cheap and easy by seeing who can make the best or most creative grilled cheese sandwich.

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Creative Second Date Ideas 2020

Go through old photos or moments from your time together and put them in a scrapbook or time capsule. You can also create a photo book together using a site like Shutterfly!

Go to the store and pick up two identical boxes of brownie mix. Then go home and see who can “lacquer” the mixture and make the best brownie!

Search for the popular dances in the popular app and try them out… and don’t forget to capture it! (Who says teenagers have fun?!)

Turn off the TV, put away your cell phones, and just talk to each other… but without discussing the kids’ schedules for the week or how your work days went.

Couples Painting Date Night At Home: Paint & Sip Couple’s Edition

Grab a challenging puzzle and a bottle of wine and enjoy each other’s company and some much needed downtime.

First, put together an epic blanket in your living room or bedroom. Then make a “picnic” dinner and eat inside your fort!

Pick up some canvas and paints at the craft store. Then search YouTube for drawing tutorials that you can follow along with… Bob Ross would be a great choice!

Do facials together, take turns giving each other massages and polish each other’s nails…sexy massage oil of choice.

Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas And Activities

Grab a sketchbook and some pencils and get into art. Sit on the couch and draw each other…outfit of your choice!

This is one of my favorite date nights of all time because I’m a pet and I love a good deep dish pizza! My husband and I like to take an early shower together around 4pm and then go to bed to eat pizza.

Our family does this every Valentine’s Day for a fun “family get together”. Go here to learn how to make homemade chocolate fondue!

I have a great list of the best two player games for couples here if you need date night ideas!

Unique And Relaxing Date Night Ideas For Couples

Working together on a DIY project is a great way to connect and be creative. Plus, you’re working toward a common goal, which is always a good thing!

My husband and I recently made this awesome DIY faux brick wall together, but if major home improvement isn’t your thing, you can also try some easy DIY wood signs. You can even create a sign with text from your first dance!

You should be able to find pizza dough in the bakery section of your grocery store. Grab some marinara or pizza sauce and your favorite toppings. Bake your pizzas in a cast iron pan for a truly delicious homemade deep dish pizza!

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If you don’t have a fire pit or charcoal grill, you can even use the small fuel cans that are used for catering.

Fun Date Ideas For Teenage Couples At Home (fun & Cheap Activities!)

Set up your own mini golf course in your home. Use plastic cups for “holes” and household objects for obstacles.

In case you still can’t tell, my husband and I like to engage in a little friendly competition during our date nights. Make two cakes, buy some frosting bags and tips and see who can decorate the best cake. You can even watch a how-to video on YouTube together and follow along and see whose cake is the best!

25. Order a replica of the top layer of your wedding cake and view your wedding photos.

This is actually something I did recently as a surprise for my husband for our anniversary. We never got to eat the top layer of our wedding cake on our first anniversary because we accidentally left it at our reception venue. Oops! So, I tracked down our cake baker (twelve years later) and had her make a mini cake that tasted the same, minus all the expensive decorative details. Silly pet name of choice.

Cute Ways To Ask A Guy To Be Your Boyfriend

Think of some clever clues and hide sexy notes or romantic items around the house. You can go here for a great scavenger hunt for date nights at home!

Buy different brands and different blends and see what you like. You can also invite other couples to your house so the wine doesn’t go to waste!

If you’re going to host a couples night at home with wine, then you have to have charcuterie! Watch YouTube videos on how to make ‘meat roses’ and radish flowers and post your new ones

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