Build Your Own Lazy Susan

Build Your Own Lazy Susan – Oh, fidget spinners Your 15 minutes are up, I’m still looking for you around my house I attended a big convention the year fidget spinners took over, meaning I brought home a ton of branded items from exhibiting vendors.

They were fun for a while, and my estranged husband still sometimes revolves around them, but overall I was ready to get them out of my house. Clutter guilty? Instead of throwing them in the donation bin, I decided to DIY them: easy and affordable lazy susans to use around the house!

Build Your Own Lazy Susan

Have one (or a bucket) sitting around, waiting to be used again? Give them a new purpose with a little smell!

How To Make A Lazy Susan

And what do you do with these DIY rotating trays? I have found my most helpful in kitchen and beauty products Empty tea bags on a high shelf? Too much spice in the cabinet? Extra makeup items rolling on the vanity? Sloth Susan to the rescue!

What’s better than an inexpensive DIY storage solution? They reduce the amount of clutter in your home by reusing items you really don’t want Goodbye, fidget spinner! Hello, organized home!

I’m Julia Ann, a full-time writer, DIY-er, and all-around cat fan from St. Louis. I’ve been sharing my best outfits and worst jokes on this blog since 2012. My husband and I work to navigate pregnancy after infertility and perfect our first home before Baby Cain arrives in late 2020. One of my favorite organizing products is the A lazy Susan They rotate nicely and make everything easy to find and access They are great in pantries, deep cabinets, on table tops, and even in cabinets Sometimes they are hard to find in stores, and they are expensive to buy And if you live somewhere where you don’t have access to many organized products, you may not be able to afford a lazy susan.

So I decided to do it myself! I’m really excited about how well my lazy susan turned out!

Homemade Holiday Gifts: Lazy Susan Tray With The Home Depot

Once I had all the materials, this DIY project literally took 10 seconds to put together, and it’s so much fun! It’s instantly gratifying once you put your items inside and give it a spin

As you can see below, the marbles make the pan spin really nice and smoothly It’s seriously the simplest thing to make!

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You can see my DIY Lazy Susan and more DIY organizing products in my DIY Organization Ideas (Part-1) video.

And now, make your own $3 DIY Lazy Susan! This project is cheap, easy and best of all, it works really well! You can see more of my DIY organization projects

Kitchen Designs Get A New Spin On The Lazy Susan

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A lazy susan is great for decorating and all kinds of organizational needs It’s also very easy to make – just a top, bottom, and lazy susan hardware in the middle When you decide to install hardware, you have no idea where to start

I read the installation instructions on the package at least 5 times when I was putting my quilted ply lodge Susan together, but it was confusing and a downer.

Diy Lazy Susan Spice Rack

Installation is very simple with a little fifth grade geometry (which I covered for you).

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The bottom plate has two holes in the corner and the top plate has one hole in the corner

Important – Remember that the bottom plate is attached through small holes It’s easy to miss

Diy Lazy Susan Using Patterned Plywood

Some tutorials show you how to use the large holes in the bottom plate to attach screws to the top plate, but we won’t be using that technique in this tutorial.

I made a small hole to attach my circle jig to cut the circle with a router, so my center was already marked.

We now have 4 locations on the circle that should line up perfectly with the small holes on the bottom of the lazy susan plate.

Measure the distance between the holes in the top plate and repeat the above steps to make the circles, perpendicular lines and pilot holes.

Diy Lazy Susan ⋆ Dream A Little Bigger

The length of the screws depends on the thickness of the top Mine is 1″ thick, so I use ¾″ screws, but if the top is ¾″ thick, you can use ½″ screws.

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Start by inserting the screws into the countersunk holes in the bottom plate As it comes out the other side, attach it to the bottom plate of the lazy susan You need to look from the side and adjust to make sure it goes in

Attach the triangular countersunk screw You can look from the side and make sure the screw goes into the correct hole in the plate

Once attached, if you want, you can fill the holes in the bottom to hide the screws with wood strips and apply the bottom.

Upcycled Lazy Susan With Diy Tutorial

If needed, you can add a little lubricant to the ball bearings in the hardware to help smooth rotation.

I made this lazy susan using scrap plywood, and it has become my current favorite project. You can watch the full video here This simple DIY lazy susan was completed in less than 15 minutes and looks like a million bucks!

I bought this wooden disk at our local hardware store (ok….I gathered very few materials that I needed.

Using a ruler and pencil, I drew out my design Then I taped off the first section of my design (the mountain) using painter’s tape

Lazy Susan Alternatives For Your Next Kitchen Renovation

I applied my Dixie Belle stain in American Honey (that’s right – no paint!) to that section using cut-up fabric.

Be sure to wear gloves to avoid staining your hands Tap off any excess stain and then

I was able to immediately tape over the stained area so I could stain the next section of the design I was originally worried that my tape would pull the stain but glad it didn’t!

To seal and protect this lazy susan, I chose Dixie Belle’s hemp oil, since we want it to be food safe (in case someone wants to use it to serve food).

Lazy Susan: An Easy 3 Piece Project

Hemp oil is absorbed into the wood, dries to a matte finish, and is water resistant (30 days) when fully cured.

I am gifting this to my daughter to use on her kitchen island! I can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

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New Customized Wood Lazy Susan Turntable Trays Perfect For Centerpieces, Kitchen Islands, Dining Room Table Decor

If you want to paint glass surfaces but aren’t sure how to adhere the paint, it’s all set! It’s easy, fool-proof, and I’m so excited to share the process with you! It works on not only glass, but also tile, formica, any ultra-soft surface… see…. A 4 foot lazy susan shoe organizer……a large “Nike” shoe box made of wood only…..and a handmade shadow box for the husband’s soccer jerseys.

It’s pretty cool, actually, because every project excites him, and he thinks his little “Sissy,” who’s got a whole stack of big ‘ole power tools sitting in the wings, can pull it off with the same flair as seen on Pinterest. Yay, Ronette!)

Herequests spark my curiosity, which makes me think about projects I never thought of before. I mean, who would ever think of making lazy susans for shoes??

Instead of shoes, I was inspired to make one, from scratch, for my bathroom! Here’s how I did it

Diy Tabletop Lazy Susan

Then I started thinking about all the wonderful uses (along with some suggestions from some readers on my Facebook page) that the lazy susan could be put to…..and it struck me, “

1. To paint furniture – Set up a set of furniture on a lazy susananda and rotate the furniture around for easy painting without getting up and moving around. The lazy way to paint furniture! WOO HOO!

2. Cake Decorating or Frosting – I can’t boil water, much less freeze a cake. But if I can, I will make it my own

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