Build Your Own Sliding Closet Doors

Build Your Own Sliding Closet Doors – Today I’m going to share how I took a 1963 closet and transformed it into a modern, minimalist aesthetic. All the closets in our house come in closets. They all had the original bi fold doors when we moved in and we had small children at the time. We lived with the bi fold doors as long as we could but eventually they came down.

Kids reaching closets are still door-less, and we’ve created fun spaces in each one. One closet has been turned into a rock wall, and another has a dresser and a beautiful photo ledge with pictures. However, in our room, if we’re being honest, I need ‘clutter’ or Scott’s clothes to cover up. We have a much smaller master bedroom than most. In fact it is the same size as our children’s room. There is enough space with our king size bed and a few die hanging Ikea cabinets.

Build Your Own Sliding Closet Doors

There were a few things we were looking for in our new closet design. We knew we didn’t want to have swing doors because space was an issue. We weren’t a fan of the bi-fold doors for fear of pinched fingers. We wanted it to blend effortlessly into the wall and not take away from the room. We wanted to incorporate wood tones.

Diy Storage Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Can you believe this?? that’s all. That’s all you need to do to transform your dated reach in the closet into a modern one! Check it out before and after.

We hope you enjoyed these short but informative blog posts on how to revamp your closet! Are you hanging out with us on Instagram? We’re working on our third One Room Challenge, where we always post behind the scenes. Pinterest is one of our favorite places to share what inspires us, including our DIY projects.

Bi fold closet doors closet doors diy closet diy closet doors diy doors how to add doors to closet modern closet doors reach closet sliding closet doors small closet small closet design comment Another project makeover completed in our daughter’s bedroom! This small room is taking a while to finish, and adding projects (like this closet door) as we go along doesn’t help it get done any faster. It takes a while because I’ve learned not to rush into decisions just to get things done. I have to take my time, search for the best deal and find the right parts for the space. It might take me four times as long to build a room, but it’s better in the long run. I wanted to add a sliding closet door to her room because the bifold doors took up too much space. Findingsliding closet door hardware can be tricky and expensive, so I’m going to show you how we built the door and the sliding closet door hardware we chose.

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Like I said, this closet “thing” wasn’t part of her room plan, but while we were doing things, it needed to be added.

Unique Closet Door Alternatives

The picture below shows my daughter’s closet when we hung the metal slider to the ceiling. When she was a teenager and her room was a “nursery”, I removed the 1960’s bi-fold closet door from her closet (don’t worry, I kept the doors in case we moved and the new owners wanted to bring the 60’s back. In). Those bi-fold doors take up a lot of space in our small bedrooms, and her little clothes looked so cute hanging in the closet, so I didn’t miss having the door there.

Fast forward a few years and as our daughter started to get older, I wanted to cover the top part of her closet that was used to store clothes as the seasons changed. How can we hide the top half of the closet so we can access it when we need to? A sliding door, of course!

So her “sliding closet door” started as a half-door made of wood we had left over in the garage. “Half-Door” The picture below is the best I can show you. It worked fine until we started this recent makeover.

So, I needed a solution to the closet mess. Not going to take up prime real estate in her bedroom.

Different Types Of Closet Doors

I was obsessed with all the sliding doors I saw and wanted to include one in our home, but we didn’t have the right space to have one. Now we do.

The door was easy to make. We actually had to go to Menard’s and pick out new lumber for this project. I can’t remember the last time I had to buy new wood for a project???We are always repurposing old wood from our “stash” but the “stash” is running low and this project needs more wood than we had.

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To make the door, we measured the closet opening and bought 2 – 1×8 and 5 – 1×6. Cut a few inches off the hubby board to get the correct height, leaving an inch or so above where the rollers will be placed on the door. I wanted the wood to run vertically and then frame it with 1×3’s.

We added the front board to make the door more structurally sound. I also like the look of it.

Sliding Closet Door Makeover Hack With Paint & Tape

We brought some fun colors into our daughter’s room with a painted bed, new bedding and an art gallery wall. To balance everything out, I stained the door the same color I used on her new dresser. Everything starts to make sense and fit together well.

I like the door, but there was a slight problem with hanging it. The sliding closet door hardware we chose was from our local Menards store. It’s a simple metal beam going in the grand scheme of things. (I’ve linked several sliding closet door hardware options at the end of this post.) The half-door we originally had there gave us no problem hanging it. This door is heavy and when we put it on the track, it looked bent? After taking the track apart, we found that the ceiling is not completely straight and you can really notice it with the long, large door. UGH. After figuring out the problem, we made some adjustments to the door rollers and it worked fine.

There’s a big mess behind that door, but you can’t see any of it now! 🙂 I’ll fix that mess as soon as I get a free minute from all the other projects in the works here. (Never a dull minute).

If you have ever thought about having a sliding door in your home, go for it. The door was easy to make and unless you have a curved ceiling like ours, hanging it should be a breeze. Add privacy and style to any room with these sleek hinged doors. They don’t need any kind of bottom track, but you do need a soffit at the top to install a track for the doors to slide on.

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Sliding Closet Doors Installation And Repair — Fix It Friend

1. If your room doesn’t have an existing soffit to hang your doors on, you can make one by connecting two 2x6s to your desired length. To attach them to your wall, pre-drill 4″ screws every eight inches along the edge, and place the screws loosely inside the holes. Hold the soffit to a header above your doorway, make sure it’s level, then screw in and paint the color of your choice.

2. Cut four 2x4s for the door frame, turning each corner to a 45-degree angle. Our doors were 86-3/4″ and varied in length.

3. Using a dado blade on your table saw, make a dado cut along the edge of your frame so it’s the same thickness as the door panel. In our case, we cut the 3/4″ dado a 1/2″ deep.

6. Peel back the plastic protective cover around the edges of your door panel and slide one of the two vertical framing pieces. Tap carefully with a rubber mallet for a more secure fit.

Benefits Of Custom Sliding Closet Doors You Might Be Overlooking

7. Slide the bottom framing piece almost into place, then glue the corner where it meets the first framing piece. Hold them tight, hold them together.

9. Drill two pilot holes in the bottom and top of each of the four corners. Start with a short bit to kick things off, then follow-up with a longer bit.

11. Install the first piece of track to the base of the soffit with 2″ screws. Place the first set of rollers onto the track, then attach the second piece of track. Make sure the seam between the two track pieces is even. .

13. Fit the plate inside the already fitted rollers

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