Build Your Own Multi Tool

Build Your Own Multi Tool

Build Your Own Multi Tool – If you’re​​​​a Multi-Tool MacGyver, I’d guess you probably don’t have a bit of DIY. Because of what a multi-tool is all about, that means they’re a great piece of equipment to have along on any DIY project you tackle. Just about any decent multi-tool will have something that can help, but some multi-tools are much better suited to DIY than others because of the type and size of tools they contain.

I own a lot of multi-tools from the big 4 manufacturers – Leatherman, Gerber, SOG, and Victorinox – and I don’t mind taking on a DIY project or two. So I have a lot of multi-tools to choose from when I get ready to start my next project and the multi-tool I almost always find myself putting on my belt is the Gerber Center-Drive.

Build Your Own Multi Tool

The Gerber Center-Drive doesn’t have a huge tool count like some other full-size multi-tools, but what it does have is a set of tools that are well designed and a size larger than most other multi-tools. Because of this, you will find the Center-Drive very useful when you are in the middle of a DIY job. There are no fiddly tools that are difficult to open on the Center-Drive.

Leatherman Free P2 Universal Hardware

The way I use the Center-Drive is to attach the scabbard to my belt and carry it inside. If you want to carry it on your body, unless you’re okay with it loose in your pocket or tool bag, the sheath is the only carrying option as it doesn’t have a pocket clip.

If I am a DIY job that is a reasonable size, I will not be able to get the whole job with only the Center-Drive – it is not so good! So I’ll have some specialized tools with me, probably even some power tools. Where the Center-Drive pays its way is when I just need to grab a tool to do a quick job in the middle of the larger job. Your other hand is full or your tool bag is across the room, so you grab the Center-Drive from the sheath to turn a screw, cut a wire, grip a bolt, that sort of thing .

Here’s where the toolset on the Center-Drive really shines. The pliers are one hand opening. To get to the pliers on most multi-tools, you have to fold out the handles. The Gerber’s pliers slide out inside the handles. Press a button on one handle and slide forward and the tongs slide out and lock into position. They are also spring loaded, which many pliers are not – including probably the ones in your tool shed.

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The pliers are what I would call halfway between needle nose and normal nose pliers with a bolt gripper section. They also have my preferred type of thread cutters – replaceable. Almost a must have for my multi tool. The great thing about Gerber’s cutters is that they are triangular and you can reverse them if you bump or damage one of the sides. You get 3 sides to use before you have to replace them.

Modular Multi Tool On Behance

The tool that gives the Center-Drive its name is the bit driver. It is accessible from the outside and can be deployed with one hand. Unlike any other bit driver built into a multi-tool, this one is on an extension arm that swings out and slides into position. And it is bent so that the bit point is in the center line of the tool when you hold it. Makes it comfortable to push through. It usually holds size 1/4 in bits and the driver is magnetized so the bit won’t fall down the drain just when you don’t want it to! The CenterDrive can carry two bits – one in the driver and one in a holder on the inside of one of the handles. Comes standard with a Phillips head bit and a medium size flathead bit. You can purchase an optional bit kit from Gerber to carry in your sheath or just carry your 2 favorite bits.

The last tool that is accessible from the outside and can be used with one hand is the knife. Gerber says this is an extra large blade, but it is no longer than a full size blade from the other major makers. Still, it is a good blade that locks in position and like the bit driver, is released by pressing a liner lock style release.

To get to the tools inside the handles, you have to slide out the pliers. That’s the downside of this one-handed opening design. The other disadvantage of the design is that the pliers seem to take up most of the room on the inside of one of the handles that would normally be used to store many different tools. However, the CenterDrive has been able to fit 5 tools – the extra bit storage holder I mentioned earlier, a two-sided file, a combination pry bar with nail lifter and bottle opener, a serrated knife and an awl. Of these tools, the ones I find most useful for my DIY jobs are the pry bar and my favorite underrated tool – the awl. That’s it for the tools – unless you count the ruler markings……which I don’t.

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Why the Gerber CenterDrive stands out as a tool for us DIYers is because the main tools it has are all well designed, and that’s partly just because they’re bigger or easier to get than other multi-tools . I have multi-tools with more secondary tools, but the ones the CenterDrive has are fine for the types of DIY jobs I do.

Garden Multi Tool

You can buy the CenterDrive in a package with a nylon sheath and a bit set or just the sheath. Check out the current price on Amazon.

A few years ago I discovered the fascinating world of multi-tools. There are so many multi-tool designs for so many uses for so many different types of activities. Probably explains why I have a few dozen multi-tools in my collection!

Join me as I learn all about multi-tools and what you need to know and what you need to know. You “design your own” by selecting different design elements to create your very own masterpiece. You don’t need your own expensive design software or even design elements like patterns and graphics – we have it all free for you to use. All you do is select and change from any web connected device.

You can also upload your own artwork. Take your favorite photo or design and upload it to whichever product you’d like to see it on! Want your child’s artwork on a mug? You got it! Do you want your dog’s picture on your pillow? You can upload it! Do you want to add the dog’s name to the photo – no problem!

Create Your Own Custom Engraved Wolf Tooth Multi Tool, But Only Until Dec. 1st!

With “Design Your Own” – you start by selecting a layout for your design. We have several different layout styles – select the one you like – don’t worry – you can change the layout again at any time during the design process!

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Once you​​​​​​​​​​ have chosen a layout with content, your next choice is your content style – your choices include text, monogram, name and initial, graphics and text, frames or quotes and sayings. Make your choices and build your design.

With our live preview, you’ll see your selections as you make them. Undo if you don’t like your selections. Make changes to layouts, backgrounds/patterns, colors, fonts, ribbons and frames until you have the perfect combination that reflects your personal style!

An ideal customized gift for that handy person in your life. This multi-tool is perfect to keep in a small toolbox, your car, or on top of your workbench in the garage. Makes a great gift for the hiker, biker, fisherman, hunter, camper, or anyone else who regularly uses tools.

How To Build A Hidden Door

This multitool has all the tools you need on a daily basis. This multi-tool has a knife, file, bottle and can opener, screwdriver, and a hex wrench, as well as the hammer and an adjustable wrench. The rosewood handle can be laser engraved on one or both sides to your liking to add that special personal touch for the user. Includes a black dust bag with belt loop for storage. Also includes white gift box.

Great for a Father’s Day gift or to give to the handy person in your life for any occasion!

The hammer is very nicely made. It’s a lot heavier than I thought, which just means it’s built strong. So that is a plus. The engraving is nicely done. The only downfall to this product was that it took a little longer to arrive than originally stated. But it was Christmas, so I understand. My son didn’t get it on Christmas Day. By the way, he is a firefighter But all in all I would recommend this company to friends and family.

I just received my Hammer Multi-Tool. Wow! It comes in a nice pouch to keep it protected and has a

Gentlemen’s Hardware Hammer Multi Tool

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