Raspberry Pi Projects For Girlfriend

Raspberry Pi Projects For Girlfriend – Thoughtful readers have been sharing their home tech projects — here are some of our favorites, from the ingenious to the absurd.

A solution to a relative’s disease, a saddle camera and a gingerbread robot that dances when it sees a person’s face – just a few of the projects you told us about after we asked you to show off your Raspberry creativity. Pi and other electronic platforms like Arduino.

Raspberry Pi Projects For Girlfriend

If you’re a regular reader, you’re probably familiar with this idea – we also asked you to show us the Raspberry Pi projects you’ve been working on at the end of 2015. Many of you responded by telling us how you did it. d adapt and integrate Arduino into your hardware projects – so we’ve expanded the scope.

Raspberry Pi Home Automation

As well as the highlights below, you can see all the projects you’ve shared so far – and tell us about yours – on this GuardianWitness page, or, discuss your ideas in the comments.

First, one of the many musical ideas you shared. This kit, detailed below, can provide the soundtrack for the rest of this cycle…

The brain is a Raspberry Pi 3 that runs the step sequencer program, written in python. The monome connects to the Pi via USB. Arduino Uno also connects to Pi via USB. The Arduino controls 8 servos, each with a “mallet” attached. (These mallets are actually Lego bricks attached to coffee sticks.) The Arduino is programmed to receive serial * commands from python programs. The command is one byte or 8 bits, each bit represents ‘on’ (plays the note) and ‘off’ (does nothing) for each servo. Monome is fully controlled by python programs. The program sends several commands that, for example, tell the monome which buttons need to be lit or turned off. It also receives data from monome – like, which button is pressed and depressed.

I named this drone “Gabian” in honor of the call of the French Mediterranean seagull. It’s a waterproof quadcopter built entirely around a Raspberry Pi with a Navio 2 board. It uses an RPi Cam V2 and a home-built gimbal to provide full HD in-flight video. It has a built in casting system to transport fishing line to where the fish are! Its lights even allow for use at night thanks to powerful LEDs.

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Arducam Ov5647 5mpx Camera For Raspberry Pi Botland

Simone Dassi told us about another type of camera built with a Raspberry Pi – one that he says can take multiple pictures that monitor plant health.

The next idea that caught our eye came from a reader looking for a solution to make life easier for a relative with Alzheimer’s disease.

My stepfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and lost touch with time, places and people. Constantly asking what day of the week it is, periods can last an hour that seem to last for days, wake up at night and wonder what day it is, don’t want to bother anyone and seem to last for days it – it all looks like torture. The clock tells you the day of the week and the time, along with a reminder of where you are. “It’s almost lunch time”, “morning evening” etc. The first night with the clock he woke up and the clock said “it’s night” – and he went back to sleep. Built with a Raspberry Pi, and the Foundations touch screen and about 1200 lines of Python so you can change the time, date, message size, when it’s dark at night and when it’s bright in the morning etc

This is a coffee roaster. The speed of the drum and the temperature of the oven are controlled by the Raspberry through the Arduino. It has a web interface via Wi-Fi so it can be controlled from any web-enabled device. The drum is driven by a stepper motor, controlled by an Arduino that receives higher commands from the Raspberry. The same goes for the Temperature, which the Raspberry reads from the thermocouple and controls through the Arduino and the solid state relay. The software on the Pi is written in C#/Mono.

The Coolest Raspberry Pi Projects You’ll Find

If coffee is your drink, you can also check out “Alexabot” – which uses Amazon Alexa software with a Raspberry Pi robot to fetch this reader a cup on command.

I like playing chess online but the 2D view on the screen just doesn’t make sense to me – I prefer playing on a physical board. Thus the Internet-Of-Things chess board was born. It is connected to online games so that users can play chess with anyone in the world, with a real board. It uses an Arduino to control the LEDs and detect the position of the pieces, and it uses a Raspberry Pi to check for illegal activities and host the online game.

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The possibilities of play are not limited to chess, of course. Paul Bilan tells us about his cute mini arcade machine, and Claire Pollard shares her Formula Pi project, a series of racing videos she’s commented on.

Clocks with occasional thunderous roots. Time to tell without a bell. Ask well and he will tell you well, but if there are no people around, there will be no sound. Dozens of them won’t leave you in trouble, the chorus will sing something for us. To make time a pleasure – a real treasure – not just something to measure. Can you do it? I pushed the button at 10:45

Building A Raspberry Pi Humanoid Robot In Java: Part 1

You don’t know how to tell the time? Hint: count those birds … In the morning or in the afternoon, says Kim Booth, who shared the project, in a blog explaining the technique: “You can look out the window with it .”

This is a 1940’s DeWald table radio that I gave new life to using a Raspberry Pi Zero, Blinkt! LED strips and a set of stripped PCs, all housed in a case. It reads notifications, text messages, emails and tweets using a Text-To-Speech engine, while the dial flashes different colors depending on the text, for example if it reads the word “Sunny” in weather report flashes orange when speaking.

You can read more about Martin’s project and watch a video on his tutorial page, here. Another notification system we like comes from James Dawson, who told us how he uses a Raspberry Pi to modify an Amazon Dash button to send him a message when someone is at the door.

As always, thank you for your participation. Other highlights include an “off-grid ecological campsite monitoring system,” a robot that helps teach robotics for those on a tight budget and a color-controlled model owl. You can read about these and more on the GuardianWitness dedicated page.For Valentine’s Day last year, I made my girlfriend a Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror! I love working with my hands, programming and learning by trying things out of my comfort zone. And, of course, I love my boyfriend and (relatively) practical gifts!

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Best Raspberry Pi Projects: 16 Great Projects To Try

I have heard about the Raspberry Pi before and the various projects that can be done with it. The Raspberry Pi is a very cool, small and affordable computer. It has more features than I need, such as an additional USB port, multiple GPIO pins, and an audio jack. The features I need, included in the Raspberry Pi 3 B model, are 2 USB ports, wifi and an HDMI port. Another nice feature is: the memory can only be a micro-SD chip, and the power is provided by micro-USB.

One Raspberry Pi project that stood out was the Magic Mirror. At its core, it’s just a computer behind a single mirror, so it works like a mirror but any text, video, or clear image on the screen is displayed through the single mirror.

Then I had to design it. I decided to go with a 23″ or 24″ monitor because one of the cheapest and most affordable single glass options fits that size monitor perfectly without much trimming. I thought I would go with a wooden frame, which I figured would have to be 6″ deep to accommodate all the electronics. I decided to use drywall aluminum beads as a retaining lip on the front to hold the monitor securely, and wooden dowels on the back. I decided to secure most of the contents with sticky Velcro straps. I wanted LED lights around the edges because I think they look really cool, and I also wanted an extension cord that could power the monitor, RPi, and lights. I envisioned this piece, looked at it piece by piece, and mostly hoped it would all come together in the end!

Computer: I need a Raspberry Pi, HDMI cable, power supply, microSD (32gb for flexibility), and a computer screen. I already had a heat sink, hot paste and a USB mouse and keyboard. I bought a Raspberry Pi

Raspundercontrol By Adriano Ambrosi — Kickstarter

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