Build Your Own Planter Box Kit

Build Your Own Planter Box Kit – Cut the 1 x 6 into three 2-foot lengths and two 6 5/8-inch lengths. (Your local Dunn Lumber will do this for you!) We used fencing cedar because it’s thinner than regular 1×6. The thickness of 1×6 varies. 5/8″ to ¾”, so if you’re cutting it at home and want to be very precise, you’ll want to measure specifically for your pieces.

Drill five holes with a 3/8-inch drill bit 4 inches apart in the center of one of the 2-inch lengths. This will be the bottom of your flower box.

Build Your Own Planter Box Kit

On another two-foot section, measure an inch from the edge on either side. Place the tape measure along the two marks. Mark every four inches and ½ inch from each edge with a pencil. You should get 7 marks. Repeat this step for the remaining two feet. Now you have a bottom and two sides.

Diy Pallet Planter

On the end piece, measure half an inch from the short edge. Line up the tape again and mark every inch along that line. You should have 5 marks with one side about 1/2 inch from the edge. This is your top edge. Repeat the measurements on the opposite side.

Now along the bottom edge of the piece you will make three marks an inch from the bottom and 1 and 3/8 inches apart and the marks on the sides. We didn’t know too exactly where we were measuring, but we worked to find out the exact measurements so you could be accurate. Repeat with the other end.

You have made all your marks, now you can drill them with the small drill. Your drill should be a hair smaller than the nails you are using. This way the nails have something to grab onto when you insert them.

Next, take a hammer, nails, and a two-foot length with all the little holes. Lightly tap your nails so they just pop out the other side.

Raised Patio Planter Box

Fold the bottom piece over the left side over the 1 x 6 (you should have about 10 inches). This will position the bottom of the flower box so that it has room to drain. Now take the piece with the nails and hold it perpendicular to the table and line it up with the rest of the pieces. Press the nails firmly into the edge of the top board and start tapping the nails. Once you have the nails in place, you can turn the whole thing sideways to nail the rest. Repeat. with the other side.

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Now repeat with the bottom edge of the end piece. Finish by nailing the end and side pieces together through the pre-drilled holes. Be careful to be really straight when you hammer these nails.

Lift the flower box from the extra board and you’re done! You can leave your flower box as is, or you can add paint or stain. It would make a great gift for mom, dad, or anyone who loves summer blooms!

This display case is a fun addition to any room. Whether it’s on a shelf or mounted on a wall, it’s a great way to organize and display your knick-knacks.

Our Favorite Diy Raised Garden Bed Ideas • Gardenary

Something about crisp, clear autumn days and cold nights cuts us inside and makes us think. The lazy distraction of summer is gone and suddenly our hands and minds need something to fill the time. With Halloween and Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to start decorating! These easy-to-build DIY wooden planter box ideas will beautify your border or yard! Get lots of inspiration to make your own wooden planters!

Whether you’re in an apartment or a large house with a lot of space, DIY tree planters are a great way to add curb appeal or grow your own vegetables!

Making a wooden planter box is very easy! Most of these are the perfect afternoon project for any beginning woodworker.

When choosing wood for a planter box, be sure to use untreated wood. Chemicals in treated wood can harm plants.

How To Build A Raised Bed—even If You Have No Idea Where To Start

Once you’ve decided what type of wood you want to build with, here are some great DIY wooden planter box ideas to inspire you!

It’s perfect for small yards where you don’t have a lot of ground space. Not only does the tiered planter give you plenty of room to grow those veggies, it looks great too!

This trellis planter box adds striking character to your garden or yard. It is meant to be decorative and you can easily place your pot inside for plants. Or you can attach landscape fabric inside and plant directly!

This tiered tree planter is super easy to build and only takes about an hour! All you need is a saw and a nailer!

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How To Build A Weather Resistant Planter

This planter may be simple to look at and build, but it has a built-in self-watering system! See how it’s made. Spoiler – it’s very simple too!

This end table is a genius idea! The planter serves two purposes! Can you guess why it might be turned off?

This is such a great planter box idea! Gotta go see what it looks like in a few months when it’s full of flowers!

A simple wooden window box is easy to make and adds such a fun pop of color to the house!

Best Diy Window Box Ideas

If you want modern and clean lines, this is the perfect DIY planter box! It is also very easy to build!

If you’re more into rustic beauty, this is a great way to add color and plants to your window!

It is NOT metal! It’s a tree and it’s gorgeous! See how to make it look like zinc!

This little table planter is made from scrap wood and takes about 10 minutes to make! I think it’s a great gift idea too!

Diy Tiered Strawberry Planter

If you’ve been wanting to get into vegetable container gardening, this is the perfect place to start!

Made from cedar fence pickets, this planter has a great tapered shape perfect for patios, decks and porches.

Modern planter boxes can be very expensive. Create your own and add a beautiful look to your outdoor space.

Cedar is known for being resistant to the elements, and with the addition of corner brackets, they become the perfect wooden planters for your deck railing.

How To Build Raised Garden Beds (diy)

Fence pickets are easy to work with and you can use the leftovers to make this amazing wooden planter box with trellis for planting vines.

Add sweet-smelling flowers to your outdoor space with this end table that doubles as a wooden planter box.

Give your front porch some much-needed warmth with this simple wooden planter box. Made from pine boards, simply place in a plastic pot and add your plants!

Using cedar for outdoor wooden planter boxes is a great idea as it will withstand the elements. These louvered planter boxes will make a great addition to any outdoor space!

Diy Modern Cedar Planter

This planter uses cedar fence boards and a 2×2 post for a simple, elegant look that’s perfect for your outdoor space.

How fun is this pink wooden chair planter?! You can adjust the words to say whatever you want.

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Easily connect two wooden planter boxes with a bench in between to create a great place to relax after a long day!

These amazing slatted planter boxes were made from scrap wood. This easy beginner build is a great way to use up that pile of scrap wood!

Build Self Watering Planters (diy)

Pallet wood projects are still very fashionable. This tiered planter with diamond accents is so cute and looks great anywhere!

Planter boxes don’t just have to sit on the ground. Take them upright and hang them outside with shelves to add extra potted plants.

When outdoor space is at a premium, stack your planters like these vertical planters. They are perfect for seasonal flowers or herbs and vegetables.

Garden hose reels can be so ugly. Hide it in your planter with this awesome DIY wooden planter. You can stain them to get this color or use the shou sugi ban method to make them low maintenance.

Raised Garden Bed Plans For Building Your Ideal Plot

This cedar vertical planter box has multiple levels and has its own watering system, which takes watering your plants off your to-do list.

Decorate your outdoor privacy wall with this large DIY planter. It’s easy to make and will use up scrap wood!

These simple planter boxes are easy to build for beginners and will give your deck railing a great look!

Want a place to relax outside? Check out these DIY hammock stands with plans to make your own! Want to grow fresh vegetables and flowers but don’t have a lot of space? Learn how to create a raised garden bed. You can maximize your backyard garden space, gain better soil control, reduce soil compaction, and care for your plants more easily.

Planter Box With Trellis: A Beautiful Means To Privacy

Choose a location for your garden bed. Keep in mind that many types of plants, such as vegetables, need a lot of sun. Watch our video on Gardening Basics – How I should start my own

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