Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture

Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture

Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture – Well, I think this build may be my biggest project yet! It is definitely the heaviest. With the high winds we can get here in Florida, we needed substantial outdoor furniture. I can’t take credit for the plans, they are from one of my favorite Ana White sites. She is my word work guru! I started working with wood following her easy-to-read (and free!) blueprints, and every time I think of a new project, I check to see if she’s already tackled something similar that I can base my project on.

The link for this particular build is here for the sofa. I made some modifications along the way which I will detail. In total this took 2 full days. I built the sofa first, stained it the next day, and then decided (since I was trying to stain all the nooks and crannies) to stain the chair pieces before putting them together.

Build Your Own Outdoor Furniture

Ana’s plans for the sofa fit 3 25″x25″ cushions. I found these outdoor cushions that I wanted to use but they were 24″x24″ so I knew she would have to tweak things a bit. The first part of her instructions tells what to do if she uses different size cushions, which was very helpful! For the 24″ cushions, she says to reduce the measurements between the armrests by 3 inches – easy!

Diy Plan To Build Yourself A Garden Bench In Modern Design /

*If you want to keep all the original plans the same, here is a link to the 25″ outdoor cushions.

The first step is to make a list and get the wood. I combined the wood plans for the sofa and the matching char to take a trip to the store. Here’s my first change: Your shopping list calls for (4) 2″x6″x8′ boards, I was able to use 4 total for both builds and added an extra 2″x4″. Wood isn’t super cheap right now, so using a 2″x4″ stud saved a ton of money, and it’s in an area where you can’t even see it!

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These plans are made using a Kreg Jig to make pocket holes. Pocket hole gaskets are super strong and the Kreg jig makes drilling the perfect holes a breeze. I could drill each hole quickly and didn’t have to hold or ask another person for help, even with the long 2″x6″ boards. Trust me, you need one if you’re doing any kind of woodwork!

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Thrifty And Chic

The arms are made from 2″x4″ and 2″x6″ boards. They are sturdy on their own and start to show just how substantial this sofa is going to be! I used 2 1/2 screws for exterior pocket holes since this is an outdoor sofa. I feel it’s worth the extra few bucks to keep the screws from rusting.

Using the pocket hole template makes it easy to add the 2″x6″ front and rear bases. Just line them up with the existing 2″x6″ boards on the legs and attach. A 2″x4″ is added as the top of the backing.

*Remember, if you are not using 25″ cushions, these 3 long pieces will need to be modified from the original plans.

The plans call for 9 slats, but since I was shortening the lengthwise piece by 3 inches, I only made 8 slats for the back and it worked well. Here I also substituted a 2″x4″ board in place of a 6″ board at the base of the back, since that’s a third of the cost!

Diy Patio Furniture Plans

Once the back is together, you’ll install the front 8 inches from the back of the sofa, at an angle. This part made me stop while I was figuring it out. I knew I didn’t want to screw the beautiful 6″ bases in because you would see the screws from the side. So I installed the bottom with angled screws (called a finger screw, here’s a quick guide) and this back plate is super secure.

The last step is definitely the easiest. Attach the 2″x2″ back flush with the bottom of the 2″x4″ back. Attach the front 2″x2″ one inch below the front brace so the seat is slightly reclined. The seat slats screw directly into the 2″x2″ boards.

After a good sanding, now it’s time to stain! I used Thompson’s Water Seal Clear Waterproofing Stain because it prevents water and UV damage. One advantage is the single coat application! Like I said before, getting between and behind all the slats took a long time. So when I built the matching chair, I stained everything first.

Ana’s plans for the matching chair can be found here. I made the same modifications as with the sofa, substituting one of the 2″x6″ boards for a 2″x4″ one. Also, I reduced my width measurements by 1″ in the front and back since my cushions are 24″.

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Build A Diy Outdoor Sofa (video)

Measure, cut, sand and stain your boards in one go to save time. Thompson’s stain dries super fast, I stained the boards in the morning and was able to put the chair together later that afternoon. Use the Kreg Jig to make the pocket holes.

In the back, this is where I substituted the 6″ board for the 2″x4″. Then re-install the angled back using the same bolting technique from the inside of the frame, 8 inches from the back brace.

Add the 2″x2″s for the seats and then the seat slats. After building the big sofa, this chair assembles with ease.

And that is! Thanks to one coat stain and sealer, you’re ready to put cushions on and sit down! I’m so excited that it’s ready for spring, this is the time of year when Florida really starts to shine. It’s time to grab a glass of wine and relax on your beautiful new outdoor sofa, you’ve earned it!

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If you liked this project, follow along below and be sure to check out some of our other DIY ideas, like this easy faux boat wall.

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Are you looking to build an inexpensive outdoor sectional? A PDF (22 pages) is included showing how to build an end piece and a middle piece of our outdoor sofa.

We designed and built our low-budget outdoor sectional with cedar pickets for our backyard and are excited to share our plans so you can build one for your home.

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