Diy Projects With Old Dressers

Diy Projects With Old Dressers – Let’s think outside the box today! Find an old chest of drawers at the thrift store and come up with some repurposed chest of drawer ideas that will inspire you to turn it into something cool and useful. I’ve gathered some repurposed closet ideas from around the web to help you see your closet in a whole new way. Can’t wait to see what you think!

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Diy Projects With Old Dressers

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Old Dresser Repurpose Ideas

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Ways To Upcycle Your Dresser

Need an extra bookshelf? You can do that. How about storage under the bed? Old drawers are perfect for these crafts! Check out our tips for recycling old drawers for more inspiration.

If you like this old drawer makeover idea but don’t have drawers you’re willing to sacrifice, don’t feel like you should skip this fun DIY project! Use our upcycling ideas here to repurpose old storage space. Keep an eye out for flea markets, thrift stores, and even yard sales. Keep your craft supplies, new paint and wraps together so you can enjoy this upcycled drawer project. This is a great way to find an old chest of drawers with drawers that you can repurpose at a very affordable price. If you’re lucky, you might even try bartering!

Add a cork board to a drawer and hang it on the wall for a cool bulletin board. This is great for a teen’s room to help organize a busy school schedule. You can also use it to display friends photos or fun pins and decorations. Add drawer liners for extra color.

Turn an old drawer into a beautiful flower box planter. Love the distressed paint look. This can spruce up any area, whether you’re sitting outdoors or on an enclosed porch. Paint it to match the flowers or give it a rustic feel like a painting.

Repurposed Furniture Projects And More

Small drawers make great bookcases and lamps. Yes, this brings double duty. Perfect for small apartments looking for a way to utilize limited space.

Need a new bathroom shelf? Old drawers are an excellent choice! Use the towel pegs below. This is a very popular design these days. Add mason jars, succulents and you have a farmhouse style bathroom. Drawer liners add personality and can be easily replaced to suit your space.

This sandwich station in an old drawer will save you time packing lunch every morning! Keep everything you need for sandwiches in one place for easy sandwich making. If there’s another drawer, you can even use it to store after-school snacks, so your kids know exactly where to go for tasty treats.

Aren’t each idea cool? Put them together at home to create an old drawer theme. What a fun idea!

Diy Upcycled And Repurposed Furniture Ideas

Replace the sewing machine drawer with the mail box on the table in the entryway. These drawers are smaller than typical dresser drawers and have many features. They add so much charm to the room. Place the mail you bring home each day on the table and/or counter for storage, throw napkins, and sit at the table for guests at dinner parties. It is a very stylish and versatile product.

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Place two drawers next to each other to create a dollhouse for children. A frugal solution to a really expensive toy! Your child will appreciate the new way to play with dolls for days. This is an easy enough project that they can help you paint and decorate. When done? A custom house for dolls to live in!

Make a lovely side table. Add shelves for extra storage. Decorate and use for storage. Are you lucky? Paint your table a bold color to make it stand out and add a splash of color to your room.

Use a rustic-looking drawer as the centerpiece of your holiday decor. Add a candle and a runner below to show it off. With each new season, you can adapt it to the season by adding new items inside. They can be painted in different colors to suit your decor. What a fun farmhouse look.

Dresser Makeover With Shutters

Add wheels to the bottom so you can slide your kids’ toys under the bed. You can keep your children’s toys within easy reach and put the clutter away when it’s time to organize. so smart! (Get more toy organization ideas.)

If you’re a salvage junkie with a lot of small drawers, try making a nice patterned shelf on your wall. This is really neat and would look fun in an arcade or basement. This is one of my favorites. I love filling my walls with collage and this gives a great idea a new direction!

Turn colorful drawers into stylish ottomans. Bonus points if you open it for extra storage. These are great for gifting too. It is one of the many versatile and useful items in the home. The before and after of this ottoman will make you drool. Repurposing brings a lot of life to old neglected pieces.

Add legs to the bottom of the drawer to create an open storage box for toys or books in your kid’s room. Sit at the end or corner of your child’s crib and watch them keep their fun objects and toys inside. It can also be used as a crib for some dolls.

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Diy Mirrored Dresser

Paint the inside of a drawer with chalkboard paint and create a message center for a mudroom or entryway. You know I love anything that helps keep my home organized and clutter-free. This particular one has a cork board and key ring. I love this and will do it myself!

Paint some drawers in pretty colors to match the theme of your child’s room, then hang them on the wall to store your child’s favorite books or toys. This makes finding books convenient and easy. genius!

Turn old drawers into bookshelves to store your favorite books and use them as displays in your home or kid’s room. This is a fun way for your child to grab a book, read it, and put it down after they’re done with ease.

Or, if you have minimal space, build a mini bookshelf. This is fun to sit beside your child’s bed so they can try their hand at the perfect bedtime story.

Ideas For Old Dressers Without Drawers And Upcycled Chests

Grab an old drawer and make this rustic boot tray to catch drips and dirt from outside. You can paint it to match the look of your home, or you can accentuate the wood and give it a rustic farmhouse look. If you have multiple drawers, make just a few so that each family member has space for their shoes.

As you might have guessed, check out this neat antique table made of drawers! It’s so neat and I like the way it used to be. Adds so much character to a room.

If you have a drawer on hand, don’t throw it away and repurpose it in one of these cool ways.

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