Free Diy Planter Box Plans

Free Diy Planter Box Plans – Could your outdoor space have a little pick me up? Is your patio deck practically begging for a new look? Don’t worry, we have a great solution. Armed with these FREE PLANS, some wood parts, screws, paint, and a little “Cottage Weekend” knowledge, we’ll show you how to make EASY DIY PLANTER BOXES. So, grab a saw, a drill, some paint and brushes and prepare to be amazed. These homemade outdoor planter boxes will transform your outdoor space into a place of beauty.

Often thought of as container gardening, the planter boxes act as movable garden beds. Some people think of them as gardeners or planters, and we just love how they give you even more room to grow.

Free Diy Planter Box Plans

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Privacy Screen Planter Diy

We intentionally designed this DIY project with as few tools as possible. You will be able to make these boxes using a circular saw, electric drill with screwdriver bits, measuring tape, square measure, pencil, wood screws, paint and brushes. If you don’t have some of these tools, it’s always a good idea to borrow them from a friend. You can also replace the drill and screws with a hammer and nails. Be sure to check out this VIDEO to see how we put these tools to good use.

Because we want you to enjoy this experience, it’s important to mention three additional things about the tool. Number one is safety first; always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use of power tools. The second is to always wear safety glasses and the third is to measure twice and cut once to avoid disappointment. We want your garden planter box project experience to be an enjoyable one.

Let’s hear it for free! I made a rough sketch of a simple wooden planter box and sent it to some design friends (thanks Abe and Sam!) who then turned it into PLANS! Feel free to download, print and share. A few things to note: The bottom part of the drawing shows the exact measurements of the seven pieces of wood you will need to cut. Pay attention to the dimensions of the longer length. Two are used for the long sides of the box and the third acts as the bottom of the planter. This helps keep the design very simple. While we’ve shown you how to make 3-foot planter boxes in this post, you can also make them smaller or larger to fit your needs. Simply increase or decrease the length of the long sides and bottom to create a 2-foot, 4-foot, or 5-foot planter box. Side lengths and feet remain the same. I told you it was easy!

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When we planned this DIY project, two things were most important; to make it easy, but also as cheap as possible. Our aim was to make the rear box cheaper than what you can find at your local garden centre. Wood type options used: MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), Mahogany, Cedar and Pine. MDF, mahogany and cedar were the most expensive so we looked at pine. Of course, an even cheaper good option would be to use scrap wood or old pallets, but we like it better.

Diy Planter Boxes

Hats off to the guy at my local building center who suggested using weatherproof pine roof boards. One side of these boards is smooth and the other side is rough. This unfinished side, usually hidden as the underside of the roof, is what keeps the price of this pine product so low. I figured we could hide the rough side like the inside of the boxes and no one would be the wiser. It works great and keeps the price low at $11 total for each box.

Assembling the planter box is easy. Simply connect one of the long pieces to one of the side pieces and secure them together with 1-inch wood screws. TIP: To avoid cracking the wood, pre-drill the screw holes. Once the sides and lengths are attached and the four corners are connected, screw the bottom board into the sides. The next step is to use a 1/2 inch drill bit to add drain holes in the bottom. Then we change the drill bit back to a screwdriver bit to attach the two legs to the bottom of the box. The feet were specially cut smaller to remain hidden. They hold the planter boxes up and are therefore rot-resistant, ensuring you can enjoy them for years to come.

We hope you’ll follow our lead and give your planter a coat of paint to match your surroundings. Of course, you can leave them as is or add a simple stained finish, but we love the painted look. If you decide to paint, apply a good coat of durable outdoor primer first. Allow enough time for the primer to dry completely before adding your chosen color.

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As mentioned, choose a paint color that matches your surroundings. I chose the same trim colors that were used on both the shed windows and the front door of the cottage. I have painted boxes of various sizes CLOVER PATCH (green), APRIL LOVE (orange) and CHILD OF THE MOON (yellow). What can I say, I’m a colorful guy!

Planter Box Plans • Insteading

One of the best parts of this afternoon’s project is filling the box with flowers. We purposely did not line our boxes with plastic pots or plastic lids; we like a more natural fit. Emptying the boxes each fall ensures they last for years. To fill, start by mulching with premium potting soil supplemented with compost. After that, it’s easy to add your favorite annuals.

Consider things like location and amount of sun when choosing the types of flowers to include. This year I filled the dock boxes (full sun) with SANVITALIA and then the boxes closer to the cottage with multicolored COPPERHEAD COLEUS and white NEW GUINEA IMPATIENS.

Speaking of filler, I also want you to think outside the (flower) box. Why not complement them with a collection of different herbs? A herb garden is a great idea for the home cook. Another option is vegetables or fruits. Pepper and tomato plants, as well as strawberries, grow well in containers.

My final thoughts on this project are how much fun the flower boxes bring. Place them on your front porch, deck, dock or patio to add interest and color. We also think they would make amazing window boxes too! They really add an inviting welcome to any area.

Diy Wooden Planter Bench

Simply click on the links below to purchase the items through and add them to your collection. Happy shopping! Looking for an easy weekend project? Check out this simple planter box that you can make with just a miter saw and a finishing nail gun! This free plan includes a cutting list and instructions for creating your own beautiful DIY planter box. This is a great project for anyone new to power tools and looks great on your front porch.

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I use a 7.25″ miter saw which is a bit small but does the job! I have to cut the 45 degree end pieces twice, flipping the piece over to cut all the way through.

Next, place (5) 16-inch 1x4s so that their long sides are connected to each other. Place one 16-inch 2×2 on top of the 1×4 on each side as shown above. Nail them in place with a tack (finishing nail gun) and 2-inch nails. I load about 9 nails on both sides. Repeat to create two sides of the planter.

Now place 5 more 16″ 1x4s and place one of the finished side panels on top, butting it against the edge. Nail in place. Repeat adding another finished side panel to the other side.

Easy Diy Tapered Planter Build Plans

Next, place the last 5 16-inch 1x4s and place the 3 attached side panels on top. Nails in place.

Now add 20-inch 2×2 leg pieces to each outside corner of the planter with wood glue and nails so the top edge is flush with the planter.

Next, create a platform inside the planter a few inches from the bottom by nailing 12-inch 2x2s on two sides inside the planter and nailing 3 pieces of scrap wood evenly spaced across the top.

Finish the planter by nailing 4 corner 15-inch long 1x4s to the top of the planter. I think it’s best to put them in place first and make sure they sit nicely on top of the planter. Then nail the trim corners to the planter first and drive the final nail through the corners horizontally to hold them together.

Diy Cedar Planter Boxes

You can strengthen the planter by adding more nails to the ends of the 1x4s on the outside.

You can fit a planter up to 14 inches in diameter in these planter boxes. I’m using a 12 inch diameter here.

I made two of these DIY planter boxes and I think they look so amazing on the back porch of our Little Lake house!

So there you have it! Simple, step by step

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