Build Your Own Picture Frame

Build Your Own Picture Frame – Hey Everyone! Corey is back from Sawdust 2 Stitches. If you already follow my blog, you may have seen my latest bedroom makeover. It turned out phenomenal (if I do say so myself)! It included shiplap, weathered wood and my feature today; custom artwork!

When designing my room, I really struggled to find a way to fill the space above my head. I didn’t want to make it visually heavy, but I also didn’t want it to cover up all of my beautiful new boat wall. So what’s a girl to do? Do it of course. I dreamed up an idea that would allow the wall to be the background, but still make a big impact! I give you my Pressed Plant Frames!

Build Your Own Picture Frame

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BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Let me preface this by saying that THESE are not exact plans to build a measurement. These are the steps to show you how to make a double pane glass frame that you can customize to your own needs (or more likely your glass dimensions.) You can buy plain glass panes at most any hardware store. After doing some pricing, I found it was cheaper to buy up to cheap frames from Walmart and use the glass from them. I used a frame that was 16″ x 20″. (Again you will need to base your build on the size of the glass, as the way the glass/frames are cut will vary.

“Ripping” a board basically means you’re going to cut it lengthwise. This is usually done on a table saw. I ripped a 1 x 2 “Choose Prime Pine Board” (This just means nice board) . I ripped the entire board to make it a 1′ “x 3/4″x 8′ board.

“Dado” are grooves or trenches cut into a board, usually used to hold shelves or in this case glass panes. I cut my dad (trenches) 3/8 inch deep.

I cut my first Dado 1/4″ from the back edge (on the 1″ surface side). Now, before moving on to the second dado, double check that your glass fits into the dado. My glass was very thin and could be fit into the 1/8″ dado. You may need to widen the dado cut depending on the glass panel. It’s really easy, just move the fence of the table saw just a hair and go through the board again.

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Once you’re sure your cup will fit, it’s time to cut the second dado. I placed the second dado about 1/4″ from the front of the frame. So all you have to do is flip the board around and run it through the table on the other side of your board. (See image below)

Again, the measurement you use will vary based on the size of your glass! I’m using 16″ x 20″ glass and will base the measurements off of that. (As a general guideline you will add about 1 1/4″ to the width x height of your glass window. So for example my glass is 16″x 20″ my finished frame ended up being 17 1/4″ x 21 1/ 4″ )

To construct the frame, you will need to cut the sides, both the top and bottom. As explained above, I needed to make these boards approximately 1 1/4″ longer than the dimensions of my glass. So I cut (2) boards at 17 1/4″ with 45 degree cuts on both ends. For the sides I cut (2) 21 1/4 inch boards, again with 45 degree angles on each end.

I was making three of the frames at a time, so I obviously had a lot more cutting boards.

Build Your Own

Next, I partially assembled the frames. I started by using wood glue on the corners. Using wood glue will allow it to hold for the long term.

I’m not a patient person though, so I immediately reinforce the joint with an 18g 2′ finish nail so I can continue working. This will hold it in place while the wood glue dries and hardens.

PS Make sure your dads are lined up! If they are off and don’t match perfectly, it makes it really hard to pick up a delicate piece of glass!

Ok, let’s imagine there’s a picture here… (how do I always manage to forget to take a picture of one of the stairs!? ) I digress… you’re going to glue and attach THREE of the sides. NOT FOUR! You’ll want to leave the top of the frame for last. Reason? We should still be able to add the cup!

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For the upper part, we prepare it a little differently. In the very top back corner (on both ends) we will use a sinker bar and drill holes for the sink. (This will allow us to add a flat top screw and it will be less visible.)

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In the same places we used the sink piece, we will pre-drill (also using a 1/8″ bit) through our top plate. We will need to do this on both ends. (May I suggest holding the top in place on your partially constructed frame by pre-drilling the plate for the screw to go in as well.)

This will allow the top piece to be removable so we can add our glass panes and if ever needed adjust the plants in the frame.

I used a layered style of distressed paint on my frames. If you want to see how I layer the paint/stains, you can check out this tutorial here.

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In order to keep my plants from moving, I taped mine to the glass. It’s pretty simple, just arrange your FAKE plants in a pleasing way. Then, using a hot glue gun, gently lift the edges of the plant enough to add some glue. You don’t need to go crazy with this part, just enough to hold the plant in place.

Remove the top part. Then be patient. Haha, no, but seriously, you’ll need to put both panes in place at once. (It just makes it easier, trust me!) It will take some finesse, but just pull it into place…that’s what she said.

I decided that I wanted to hang my frame using twine, so I needed to add eyelet hooks. I used a small 1 inch screw in the hole. (I spray painted mine black). If you want to add this feature, just add them approximately 1 1/2″ from the top of your frame. (BY THE SIDES!!) Then add twine. I doubled mine just to be safe.

To hang mine I used small hooks I found at Hobby Lobby, but a screw of any hook shape would work!

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We love to hear from colleagues, so let us know what you like about it and leave your questions below in the comments. If you’ve followed a tutorial or are inspired by something you’ve seen here, we’d love to see pictures! Submit pictures here or by messaging us on Facebook. This weekend is a HUGE weekend for me and my business. This weekend required months of planning, hours of organizing and too much brain power to consider. If you’ve seen me in the last few weeks and I can’t form coherent thoughts outside of this weekend, I’m truly sorry. You’re watching THIS weekend is the Austin Bridal Extravaganza, one of the area’s largest bridal shows. It also happens to be … my first show.

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Yesterday, vendors were allowed to set up their booths in preparation for Sunday’s show. I am SO SO SO thankful for my in-laws for coming all the way from Dallas to help me this weekend. Yes, THEY DID!!! I might just have the BEST SACKS EVER (and, yes, you’re totally allowed to be jealous)!!! Not only did they drive all the way just to help me, but they also brought things to decorate my booth and built a custom easel to display my photos on! I am almost over the moon with how the booth turned out and will most likely share with you how it looks in the coming weeks!

As we were setting up yesterday, we’ve already heard a ton of compliments on the frames that hold my photos. I am proud to say that my sweet husband made every frame in my cabin! WHAT?!?! He is so talented and can do anything he puts his mind to! I am so thankful to have such a supportive husband who goes along with all my crazy antics!

A little backstory before I tell you how he made the frames: Dylan and I bought a new house this past winter. One day, while taking a break from the to-do list required by the remodelers, Dylan took some of the old baseboards we replaced and made me little picture frames. I had a whole bunch

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