Diy Bench Seat Indoor

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Diy Bench Seat Indoor

I’m so excited to share our DIY bench reveal and cost table with all of you today!

Diy Entryway Bench — From Jennifer Ann

As I mentioned a few times on Instagram Stories, we are in the early stages of a complete kitchen remodel using IKEA cabinets. And it’s overwhelming, to say the least!

IKEA’s current stock is very limited and there is too much to think about when it comes to kitchen design. We are still waiting for a lot of our cabinets to arrive. So in the meantime, we decided to kick off the project with something

This window bench has been my dream for a long time. It would be great for both seating and storage, as it’s made of four IKEA cabinets with drawers.

First thing first. Below is a complete list of all the supplies needed to complete this project, along with the cost of the materials. When it comes to materials like wood glue and paint, I adjusted the cost for the actual amount we use.

Coolest Diy Ikea Bench Hacks To Try

While you don’t necessarily have to have all the tools on this list, they certainly make the job easier. I consider every tool we buy an investment that will pay off in the long run. We have collected tools gradually over time and fortunately we had all these tools available before starting the project.

We created the couch using 15″ IKEA cabinets that sit on a 2×4 base (these cabinets are 3.5″ tall). We also added 1/2″ to the top, so in the end the bench is about 19″ off the ground.

The first step in the process is building the IKEA cabinets. I used 15″ high x 15″ deep cabinets for the window seating, along with two 30″ wide and two 36″ wide cabinets to fit the space almost exactly. We added a stand and seat to the boxes, so the 15-inch tall cabinets are just the right height!

After completing this step, I decided to piece together one of the drawers to see how they fit into the boxes. And…sorry! We encountered a problem. The drawers are too deep. IKEA sent us the wrong drawer, but was quick to fix the problem right away. They sent us new drawers and arranged to clear the wrong ones, but that took us back a bit.

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No Sew Bench Cushion

While waiting for IKEA to send us new drawers, we made a trip to the Home Depot in 2×4 seconds and started on the premises. We started by removing the baseboard so that the bench could sit close to the wall. (This is where our multi-oscilloscope comes into play!)

Next, we made small holes in the board to easily connect the center supports to the front and back. Pocket screws are a great way to attach two boards that need to be connected at a 90 degree angle!

Since the bench would cover our existing vent, we also left a gap between the planks for a new vent to come out the front.

Our new IKEA Drawers have arrived! At this point, I held my breath and put one together hoping it would fit – and it did! How long the first one takes is always amazing, but then I always figure out how to solve the problem and finish the rest much faster.

Diy Window Seat Between Bookcases

But the drawer play is not over yet! At this point, I realized we had another problem. Drawer fronts have pre-drilled holes to fit our original drawers of the wrong size. So we had to drill new holes in the back of the door for them to work with the new drawers. Rub!

We make a template for the new holes, then Justin glues a piece of tape over his drill to make sure he doesn’t go too deep into the wood.

Once all the drawers are assembled, it’s time to secure the four window panes together with screws. We then attached the cabinet boxes to the 2×4 wooden base and attached spacers to the gaps on the side to give the bench a more sturdy appearance.

At this point, we also cut out the stone slabs and spacers from the Nieu Tu door. (With plans to attach them later with finishing nails.)

How To Build A Banquette Seat With Built In Storage

Next, we install the drawers to see how they look! There are no instructions on how to do this, so we work clumsily, compartment by compartment. When we finally got them in, it really started to look like a couch!

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Then it was time to cut our large chipboard to make the top of the bench. We want to size them perfectly, then paint them, then attach them.

And if you’ve ever done any home projects like this, you know that walls and wood are never perfectly straight! In this case we have a gap on the side of the bench because the wall is not straight. Even though we planned on sealing everything, I still didn’t want such a big gap, so we had more chipboard to work with. We just cut a little bit at the ends, then repainted the whole thing to fit the cabinet.

After filling in the gaps at the top of the bench, I went to Sherwin Williams to get a primer and paint for the chipboard. I have a topcoat with a satin finish, which the paint experts say will be super durable. And since it’s water-based, it’s still easy to use.

Built In Bench Seats That Will Make You Want To Curl Up And Read A Book

I used a small foam roller to apply two coats of primer. Then I let it dry completely then applied two coats of paint, followed by two coats of polyurethane (to make it more durable.)

Next, we used wood glue and screws to attach the chipboards to the top of the bench top. We were so close to the finish line! We also filled drill holes and seams with wood filler for a more polished look.

With the top part installed, we then attached the trim with our air compressor. We also installed new vents because we covered the old vents in the floor.

At this point, the bench is basically finished. We just need to add the finishing touches to polish it up!

Amazing Diy Bench Ideas For Every Room

I first applied the back line to the back of the bench. This is a strip of foam that you can press down on an area before filling, to help close the gap and reduce the amount of glue you need to use.

Then I applied glue and used a finder and wet tissue to smooth the edges. Tanning is a really important step in making any DIY project look more professional!

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Finally, it’s time to add hardware! I fitted these beautiful leather scissors to the front of the drawers. And finally, job done!

As usual, this project was not without a few bumps in the road. I always hope something goes wrong when I do a DIY project like this. Therefore, I am not too discouraged when it inevitably happens. And it certainly did! But it all came together in the end and I’m VERY happy with the end result!

How To Build A Bench Seat

I’ve filled the drawers with our leftover dishes and tableware. And now that we can accommodate an even larger crowd, I’m happy to finally buy a larger table that better fits the space.

I love wandering around on Instagram and sharing more in-depth tutorials on everything I do, create, and organize. Be a part of us

Get a PDF of 30 of our favorite family games using things you have around the house. The couch is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home. Not only does it provide extra seating for guests, but it can also be a beautiful place to display books, plants, and decorations — and with the right design, the couch itself can be a work of art. Art worth displaying.

Today I show you how to make a bench using a few small pieces of wood to create a mosaic-like surface that is sturdy enough for friends to sit on and ornate enough for display. To enhance the design, we’re using Semi Exact tubular steel legs and coating the table top with a shiny MirrorCoat Epoxy finish. Start!

Diy Bench Seat Reveal + Cost Breakdown

Our countertops are made up of a variety of wood sizes, each cut to 2 inches long. This video gives you our design tutorials, but you can get creative here and create your own designs. Think of it like designing a down comforter—choose your overall bench size, then cut and arrange a bunch of different sized pieces to fit those dimensions. Use a chainsaw

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