Aftermarket Glock Frames

Aftermarket Glock Frames – 80% Arms are AR-15 and .308 80% Lower Receivers; 80% Lower Jigs and other accessories are sold in most states that allow you to build a legal firearm at home.

We use state of the art 5-axis CNC machines to mill all of our .308 and AR-15 receivers using premium billet aluminum to incredibly precise tolerances of less than 80 percent.

Aftermarket Glock Frames

Our patented AR-15 and .308 Easy Jigs offer the first 80% lower jig that makes it ridiculously easy for non-machinists to complete their 80% lower in 1 hour.

Glock Signature Series

Products manufactured by 80% Arms carry a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We will promptly replace or repair any product that we determine to be defective.

The reason Glocks are called the Honda Civics of the gun world is because of the aftermarket components, rather than the Glock platform. Because no gun has more services and support. Honda Civics are pretty boring. But as long as they’re mocked up, there are plenty of different types of Civics. You have compressed natural gas models; hybrid models; coupes 4-door sedans; Packs and heck. There are even Type-Rs. Same with Glock guns. They may be as economical and basic – but they are Sig Sauer; It could also be a competition gun that competes head to head with other brands like CZ or the 2011’s.

Whether it’s for a Glock slide or a Glock frame. A custom Glock job allows owners to perform their firearm at a higher level. There are many adjustments that owners can make to make it look brighter or more unique. But there is usually a practical element as well. The biggest attraction for people to permanently change their Glock frames is usually to improve the ergonomics and feel of their gun, to increase performance and the overall shooting experience. But looking cool is an added bonus.

Before we got to Glock stippling and its process, we went into great depth, but today we’re going to look at other modifications that can be made to a Glock frame.

Gsx 100 New Build Completed…

The first thing to know is that there are lots and lots of companies copying someone else’s design to some extent. Regardless of the design, All contours are smooth, Adapts to any medium or rough finish. See the previous blog for a comprehensive guide to Glock stippling.

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Regarding the grip part of the frame, Borders are the final touch that really creates a pristine work and are usually the key to separating a cheap budget job from a really high end job.

Undercuts remove material from under the trigger guard and where it meets the main grip or magwell area. This is where the middle finger is stitched. Having material removed in this area gives the user a higher angle and better purchase on that handle. At the moment, The GST-9 comes out of the box equipped with a single base.

Double undercuts are probably the most popular, but can be the most dangerous if you don’t use a reputable insole service. Finally, You’re removing stuff from your pistol, and once it’s done, it’s never coming back. Depending on who you go to, double-crossing can mean a few different things. The first is that it means a deeper cut into the frame and trigger guard. Second, it probably refers to the material removed from the bottom of the trigger guard, which is made to rest and fit the middle finger of the hand comfortably. Notice in the photo above that you can see two cuts on the trigger guard.

Glockstore Glock 19x 80% Framethe Firearm Blog

Glock trigger guards have been modified by owners for over a decade. The practice at that time was to surround the guard with what looked like a rhinoceros horn. Today, clippers are seen leaving the horn, removing some of the material in front of the guard, making the horn more prominent. It offers a more rugged look and better ergonomics for grip, but to each their own, of course.

Love it or hate it, you have a few options when deciding what to do with the fingers of a Glock frame.

Some people really like the fingers, but if they are held up, it will make it difficult to correct your grip if you initially pull the gun out of the holster incorrectly or at a less than optimal angle. For custom work included on the Glock 26/27/33; There seems to be a good amount of owners who have been able to maintain a groove that provides plenty of grip for smaller Glock frames. An option on the Glock 20 below could be argued to highlight the fingers.

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For those who don’t want to make their fingers too big, it’s there to help with a firm grip, but it’s not too bulky and can be reduced enough to make it impossible to adjust the handle on the fly. Ripping off your shooting arm (depending on how severe the straw pattern is).

Glock 43x Optimized: Customizing The G43x

Then there are those who can’t stand fingers at all – many would argue that you can remove them entirely and have more surface area to grip comfortably this way. Or if you live in a free state you could always try the Gen5 Glocks as they have really comfortable stocks like the one above without the fingers.

This is the most popular way to get custom Glock frame colors. Sure you can always use a spray and rinse, but the finish won’t be as dramatic or as long-lasting as a proper cerakote job. Cerakote is abrasive; rust; Ceramic paint has become very popular in the gun community because it can produce high-quality designs with amazing resistance to chemicals and hardness—all combined with a tough, ultra-durable finish. While watching tacticool.

On the low end, though, we’ve seen some professionals charge as much as $120 for a complete frame. We avoid those providers and look for packages that cost $275 or more. Obviously, If you want to go wild, go for top brand names like Agency Arms’ Build Services (For Glock). Get a custom Glock job from Taran Tactical Innovations; Or you can even buy a SAI Tier One Glock with all the goodies. Direct from Salient Arms International. The big caveat is, It can run you anywhere from $400 to $2400… the price of another Glock pistol.

If you’re going to conceal carry your gun in your belt, go for a smooth, tight finish. If it’s more for “responsibility”. Depending on who you work for and that organization’s policy on modified firearms/service pistols, a medium finish is still appropriate. If you are going for a competition and a full competition gun. This will be more time-consuming and partially smooth with actual usage, so get the strongest rule you can. Cerakote paint jobs are fairly priced, excluding shipping and handling. Unless you have a very complicated design painted on your custom Glock frame, the service will only cost around $75.

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Nomad 9 Frame Aftermarket Gen4 Glock 19 (g19) Type Modular Pistol Grip Frame For Custom Pistol Builders (video!)

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The unit needs some re-installation, but very pleased with the results. A Dremel is required to fit the Glock locking block correctly. A piece that is too wide to fit in the frame and frame block may require some adjustment of the pin holes.

Carefully work the circular file. After the gun is fully loaded, the trigger will not reset in the rack. Trigger bar and trigger bar replacement spring and reset trigger stop. Be aware that the trigger stop, which is a very tight fit with the trigger bar 90 deg bent over the frame, may impede travel. Made some frame files to allow a little more trigger barmvement. All good deeds are good. Looks good

Like p80, There is a little bit.

Completing A Polymer80 Pistol Frame

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