Automotive Aftermarket Is

Automotive Aftermarket Is – Manfred Baden, Chairman of the Divisional Board of the Automotive Aftermarket division of Robert Bosch GmbH and Dr.-Ing. Hans Peter Meyen, Member of the Divisional Board of the Automotive Aftermarket division of Robert Bosch GmbH at a press conference at Automechanika on September 11, 2018

Welcome to our press conference here at Automechanika. To begin with, I would like to inform you about the evolution of the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket together with my colleague Hans-Peter Meyen.

Automotive Aftermarket Is

Connectivity, automation and new drive solutions will have a major impact on our industry. Vehicles are becoming more and more sophisticated. Equipped with driver assistance systems, displays and infotainment systems, many of them are already safer and more comfortable on the road. Optimized and advanced combustion engines, hybridization and electrification increase the efficiency of the drive systems. Bosch is working to realize the vision of accident-free, stress-free and emissions-free mobility. The technical paths are automation, connectivity and electrification. It is a big challenge for car manufacturers in the secondary market. But at the same time, there are new possibilities. Even today, many new offers and business models are emerging. On the one hand, Bosch supports efficient and effective maintenance of current vehicle stocks through innovative service concepts. On the other hand, Bosch is preparing its partners to face the increasing challenges of tomorrow.

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Before I get into the details of this fascinating topic, let me first present some key facts about our current economic development. Bosch is part of the Automotive Aftermarket Mobility Solutions business sector, which increased its turnover by 7.8% last year to 47.6 billion euros. This means that the business sector has grown stronger than the market and we expect this positive evolution to continue in 2018.

In total, Mobility Solutions currently has 232,000 partners, of which 17,000 work in the Automotive Aftermarket. As mentioned at the beginning, our industry is on the threshold of an evolution that will be a challenge and an opportunity. There are opportunities in time for all companies focusing on digitization and connectivity. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket is also more focused than ever on offering connected products and services.

By 2025, there will be more than 470 million connected vehicles on the world’s roads (source: PwC). In Europe alone, the software and data services market will also triple to around 34 billion euros by the middle of the next decade. It corresponds to an annual turnover of around 140 euros per vehicle (source: CLEPA).

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I would like to use the example of our 16,000 Bosch Car Service workshops in more than 150 countries around the world to describe exactly how connectivity and digitalization are changing the daily life of our industry.

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Using our “Bosch Car Service Connect” app connected via a connector to the vehicle’s OBD connector, drivers receive driving information and vehicle status information in real time. If a vehicle component gives an error, for example, the application will document a brief description. At the same time, the driver can use the app to contact the Bosch Car Service, transmit the error codes read and make an appointment directly. In this way, the Bosch Auto Service can prepare for the repair work in advance.

In addition to the “Bosch Car Service Connect” app, in a pilot phase, we have successfully launched the MyBoschCarService online portal in the Benelux countries and are now expanding to Germany and other countries as well. On this service platform, customers and Bosch Car Service are connected and information such as online appointments, service history, offers or news are permanently available.

These two solutions complement each other. While the Bosch Car Service app keeps the driver transparently and conveniently informed about his car, the digital connection to the customer through the MyBoschCarService online portal opens up new opportunities for additional income and optimizes workshop processes for Bosch Car Service workshops.

Our connected solutions through Bosch Connected Repair are another example. Using this solution, vehicle identification is only required once in the workshop. The data will then be transmitted wirelessly to all connected devices. Compared to service and maintenance without Bosch Connected Repair, it saves 10 minutes of time per vehicle.

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Bosch Connected Repair connects vehicle reception, vehicle information and test devices and creates a common data base. Test reports, comments and images are stored directly on the digital worksheet and can be retrieved at any time. This means that all members have easy access to their digital job card and vehicle status at any time. This saves time and greatly simplifies the work flow in the workshop.

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In the case of connectivity, Bosch also relies on cooperation. In the future, open platforms and systems between manufacturers will be an even more important factor for success as the automotive environment contains ever-increasing volumes of data. Already at the end of 2017, the free data market Caruso started its operation. It closes the gap between data providers and users, while connecting data from different actors in a common ecosystem, thus opening the way for many new services, for example, remote diagnosis in case of vehicle problems or direct appointment to the workshop. Fleet managers automatically transmit position data, mileage and routes. We believe that the new partnership with Caruso is an important step towards the digitization of the automotive aftermarket.

In addition to connectivity, new discs are both a challenge and an opportunity for workshops. Addressing electromobility as soon as possible is important. In particular, the technology related to the battery is very sophisticated and requires a lot of experience. Thanks to 48-volt electrical systems, even today more and more power units are decoupled from the combustion engine to make it lighter. These forecasts show how the individual components and therefore the conditions set in the workshops will change. To this end, they provide factories with comprehensive training courses that empower associates to work in a qualified and safe manner on the new high-voltage electric drive and its ancillary units.

By 2020, Bosch aims to be the market leader in electromobility. In this regard, we rely on our system know-how, as well as the development and production of key components such as the electric motor, power electronics and battery systems. In addition, Bosch also offers customized solutions for the aftermarket, available as modular components or comprehensive overall solutions. After that, all repairs and maintenance will be carried out by the Bosch Car Service network. Therefore, we also have comprehensive experience in the field of electric mobility, from the development of the technology from the beginning to repair and maintenance.

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Automotive Aftermarket Data And Analytics

Ladies and gentlemen, for 132 years Bosch has been one of the drivers of innovation in the automotive industry. For half a century, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket has been the competent contact for retail and workshops. During this period, we were able to support many automotive developments from the very beginning. When our business division was founded 50 years ago, for example, Bosch simultaneously brought the first electronically controlled gasoline injection system, “Jetronic”, to the market. In the following years, this system became a decisive factor in the increasingly widespread application of electronic systems in cars. Solutions such as ABS, ESP, airbag control or park assist were created.

At the same time, the increasingly powerful measurement and diagnostic systems required the workshops to keep pace with vehicle development. With solutions such as connected repair, innovative training methods for workshops using Augmented Reality and even new digital services, Bosch is still one of the pioneers in the market.

In order to continue working successfully in the future, Hans-Peter Meyen will now introduce you to the innovations that we will present at the fair.

Some of you may still remember – as pioneers – that in 2014 we sketched the vision of an already connected workshop. At that time, we introduced Augmented Reality as an app for the first time. We were the first in the market and since then we have continued this development. In the meantime, we have put various hardware and software solutions into practice. Then when you take a look at our stand, you will notice that we followed this course systematically. At every stage of the workshop’s workflow, Bosch is able to provide solutions that increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. From vehicle reception to diagnosis and repairs to vehicle handover, we support our customers around the world reliably and quickly with parts and workshop services from a single source.

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Our workshop management software, for example, helps make significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. It represents the entire workshop process with all economic, legal and financial aspects: from planning to the management of modules such as finance, accounting, parts identification and purchasing, RMI information and

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