Mirror Backsplash Diy

Mirror Backsplash Diy – We love antique mirrors. I’ve loved it for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement when it popped up in home decor photos all over the internet. I got on Pinterest, I saved in my “idea books” at Hoose and decided to start sharing a beautiful, handmade antique mirror. I couldn’t wait for people in sleepy Florida to come call me and ask for Antique Mirror.

I have been dying to work with this antique mirror. I envisioned an antique mirror in a non-traditional, even modern setting. I really wanted to do a kitchen sideboard in an antique mirror. I didn’t want to wait any longer! When my younger sister, Britten, was looking for a new home, I secretly hoped that her kitchen would hold a place for me to transform. Before the papers were signed, she agreed that the antique mirror back would be perfect. I started imagining what my backsplash would look like.

Mirror Backsplash Diy

I felt like leaving out all the details because it’s really in the details. Antique Mirror Backsplash details begin at our first meeting.

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We had a lot of time to design what I had in mind. His new braces weren’t in for 4 weeks and we couldn’t measure until then. We had our first “meeting” where my sister chose which antique mirror she wanted. We discussed the design of the diamond, so after this first meeting I drew up some drawings to measure with the taller diamond and the square diamond. Mainly ‘Harlequin’ variants.

Now it’s time for our second meeting. I showed her the pictures and now that the harlequins are out, she doesn’t want the stinky diamonds. In fact, she doesn’t remember ever wanting Harlequin. Thank God. Harlequins have their place, perhaps in a nursing home, but this was not the place. Now she is trying to describe what she wants to me. Words like “rectangle” and “brick” came up. he was describing subway tiles. interesting Antique Mirror Subway Tiles. Since I know so much about *Metro Tiles, I told him they should be 4″ x 8″ like standard metro tiles. She agreed, but she also wanted some squares. Yes, some squares are 4″ x 4″ and some random tiles are 4″ x 6″ because we can never be predictable. So kind of like subway tiles, but not really.

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*Disclaimer – it turns out that subway tiles are actually 3″ x 6″. When this article was written a few years ago, there were no antique subway tiles. I didn’t know I was going to show the next dimension of antique subway tile. I didn’t know we were starting a phenomenon. The 4″ x 8″ size has now become the standard size for Mirror Subway tiles. I call it a happy accident. Size 4″ x 8″ inscribed. And it’s the perfect size for a mirror.

This is a photo of some of the antique mirror tiles we have, showing a mixed set of 8 different tiles together! See how well they can mix? Mixing tiles will definitely add some interest to your project.

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Now we have our 3rd meeting, a 2 hour meeting to bring it out again. At this point, she decided it would be much better if we put together some antique mirror patterns. So now we have bricks of different sizes to cut from antique mirror patterns. I would have to agree about the sample mixing, damn she was good. I had considered the idea of ​​using different antique patterns, but honestly, I didn’t want to tell her and open another can of worms. Now he had the same idea and there was no going back.

I show him some of the other types of antique mirrors I have in stock. She doesn’t like them, none of them. She is turning into a diabolical design diva before my eyes. I loved him for it. She was as passionate about this mirror as I was. I explained to him that the antique mirror only comes in large 4 foot by 8 foot sheets and all those extra sheets quadruple the price. He did not destroy. He wanted what he wanted. We will end this meeting around 7:00…. after she decided on the perfect percentage of each antique mirror pattern. You read that right, the splash in the split percentages includes different samples – 40% from her favorite, 30% from #2, 20% from #3, and 5% from two additional samples to piss me off.

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Finally it was time to start cutting all this antique mirror, over a hundred antique subway mirror tiles. The various patterns were cut into the different sized subway tiles in a short amount of time and the crew was due to install on Thursday. Thursday morning my crew is wondering if he will be home for the installation. They were concerned that he might be special in placing these different patterns. Maybe he is special? Why didn’t I think of this? Of course, he was special. When I realized she wasn’t coming home until noon, I knew we had a problem. They suggested that she could position it however she wanted and they would install it next week.

‘I knew what it meant. She didn’t want to wait until next week. This meant that my sister and I would install the folder ourselves.’

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As the owner of Glass and Mirror, I know a little something about mirrors and their installation. and Britten installed his own glass tile in his first house years ago. I felt that qualified us for this installation.

I called him and he came to my shop 20 minutes later to pick up this beautiful antique mirror. He could not wait for this encounter. My crazy sister was looking at me like “are we doing this now or do you have something to do right now?” Saturday night. “No problem,” he told me, “come after your trip and we’ll do it Saturday night.” Well, it was a relief to hear him say, “No problem.” But wait, did she just say Saturday night? Saturday night, after I’ve been traveling all day? I don’t remember having a choice about it. It was Saturday night. I arrived at his house around 7:00. It should be said that I have 3 children in my hands. When I told her I was picking up the kids on Saturday night, she was kind enough to say it was fine if I brought them. So we’ve all been there. I see him there in his huge living room, all mirrored, admiring the perfect arrangement of antique mirror tiles together.

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Sister was very serious about placing each mirror. I think he spent several hours arranging and arranging the tiles. We ended up moving this entire table into the kitchen so we could work from his design.

Thickened in organic flow. I was a little nervous about the idea, the subway tiles are always the same. By 9:00 she confirmed she didn’t want any of that boring nonsense. This is an antique mirror, after all its beauty is perfectly imperfect. It seems as if we scoured every antique market around the country to put together this antique mirror backsplash. Masterpiece.

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We started working. We were playing around with putting a few pieces together and I felt like we needed something. I wanted the edges of each tile to be older and the darker antique edges. Remember how I told you to never try to make your own antique mirror? (No, of course you don’t. I edited that part so now you just have to trust me on this one – don’t try and make your own antique mirror. I’ve tried too hard for everyone. ) I didn’t. At that point take my personal advice. I had an idea to make an already antique mirror even more antique. There we were in the garage, sanding, carving and trying to keep the antique going. It was just nonsense. Don’t do this.

We lost our minds. I don’t know why we care so much about this. I had to find another way to create a dark, aged edge. I became crazier. I had an idea. We needed silicone. Silicone is the only thing I’ve known to deteriorate mirror edges quickly. Silicone and mirror do not mix, but for this, it will be perfect. We went to Lowe’s for Silicon. We were lucky, they were open until 10:00.

While at Lowe’s I gathered some more materials for our upcoming project. The girl didn’t give up on her desire for antique cut-out mirror cover plates. * Update – us

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