Aftermarket Cooler

Aftermarket Cooler

Aftermarket Cooler – Never build a computer without making sure there is a proper cooling system installed. CPU coolers are designed to dissipate the heat generated by the processor that sits at the heart of your PC. The coils, radiators, and other elements in these cooling units allow the accumulated thermal energy to move away from the critical working parts without damaging the equipment.

There are many CPU coolers available in the market; however, each chapter is built with a specific goal in mind.

Aftermarket Cooler

A single CPU cooling system consists of hundreds of small components, and there are many choices to make when choosing the right cooling system for you. Buyers need to decide between an air conditioner or a liquid conditioner. To complete their setup, buyers also need to decide between a silicone-based thermal paste or a carbon-based paste.

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A single CPU cooler can have different sizes of fans, sounds, and different speeds. The correct mixing process for the cooler will also vary, depending on whether you have an AMD or Intel CPU system. Some coolers are optimized for CPU socket sizes that are compatible with AMD or Intel. The MasterLiquid Lite ML240L RGB AIO cooler is a special case that supports both.

Coolers are great for general PC users. They are cheap, and aftermarket air coolers can be used as an alternative to stock air coolers. Air conditioning units actively dissipate hot air using specially designed heat fins. These fins lower the temperature of the PC case.

Air conditioners can be an ideal solution for small standard computers and desktops that require additional cooling outside of the air conditioner model.

Air conditioners are not small. A typical aftermarket cooler is quite large, in terms of water cooling options. This means that this radiator will not fit perfectly in every PC case. Additionally, if you are building a gaming PC or other system that will frequently run in hot temperatures, an air conditioner may not be sufficient for your needs.

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Also, most aftermarket air conditioning fans run at high RPMs, making much louder fan noise than both stock air units and water-based coolers.

A commonly used cooler with a vertical stack of heat fins, parallel to the heat sink. It is shaped like a tower, thanks to the u-shaped heat pipes. The bottom of the heat pipe is inside the heat sink.

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An overhead air cooler with c-shaped heat pipes bending from the heat fin assemblies. These fins attach to only one end of the heat sink, allowing the fan to be mounted on top or bottom of the heat sink. The design element allows multiple fans to be installed in a given unit.

How these fans are installed and the thickness of the fans will determine the overall quality of the air flowing from the unit, and its cleanliness inside the PC case. The 120mm and 140mm designs, which are mostly used in C-Type Air coolers, will fit a variety of CPUs.

Building A Gaming Pc: The Cooling

A simple cooler that doesn’t take up much space. This type of unit is great for buyers looking to build a computer case that doesn’t have extra space.

Water- or liquid-based CPU coolers are a step up from air coolers and are generally more effective at controlling your processor’s temperature. Some examples include the Rosewill RGB AIO 240mm CPU liquid cooler and the CORSAIR Hydro Series H100i RGB PLATINUM.

Liquid coolers are not recommended for builders who do not have a CPU that is prone to heat, or for those who are not heavy PC users. If the builder has a simple PC or low-end gaming setup, they can get a good air cooler or air-based solution in the aftermarket.

Liquid coolers have lower RPMs, which makes them quieter than air coolers because the heat passes through the liquid and never leaves the unit. The construction of CPU liquid coolers is very different, and advanced GPU cooling setups are usually based on liquid.

Asus Rtx 3000

All-in-one PC liquid coolers are also available in a variety of sizes, making them easy to integrate into any system.

Considering that water is a liquid medium, the presence of electrical cells is a potential hazard. If it were to leak, the fluid could short out the coolant and the process system. All liquid cooling units try to eliminate this issue by reducing the number of operating parts and protecting all internal processes.

Closed loop systems are factory assembled ready to install and sealed. Fluid in these units is not readily available without damaging the unit and voiding the warranty.

The ultimate in cooling technology and efficiency is a custom-made liquid cooling system, designed specifically for the needs and style of the customer or builder. These individual units may contain a unique arrangement of components, combining different types and styles, sizes, materials, finishes, styles, and quantities.

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IHS, or integrated heat spreader, is another name for the silver cover slot on top of the CPU. This flat copper plate protects the CPU core. It is designed to circulate the heat of the processor, and then distribute this heat evenly to other regions of the CPU radiator. Depending on the manufacturer and model, the IHS can be attached to the CPU with glue or soldered in place.

Soldered IHS units maintain better contact than unsold models. The decision to sell is entirely up to the manufacturer, which is usually overlooked as a result of structural limitations.

TIM, or thermal interface material, is a very smooth component that acts as a bridge between the IHS and the CPU cooler’s thermal base.

The quality of this part will affect the behavior of the cell. Manufacturers are never able to produce a completely clean product, so they artificially create a smooth surface by using electrical and non-conductive adhesives.

Stock Cpu Cooler Vs Aftermarket

A commonly used hot melt adhesive, that moves smoothly and doesn’t work. Only a thin layer of glue is needed to provide high heat. Manufacturing also affects product quality.

A highly conductive liquid, consisting of either silver or aluminum. Because of its potential for heat storage and power transfer, improperly distributed glue can lead to unnecessary supply of the unit, which, in turn, can slow down the CPU cycle.

Also, this glue has a long curing time; Active ingredients are likely to gain their effectiveness with regular use, rather than diminishing.

A premium range of carbon-based adhesives containing refined diamond particles and grease. Efficiency and lifespan depend on how the product is manufactured and the workload of the CPU.

Xt Aftermarket Cooler Suggestion?

Copper or aluminum tubes filled with liquid material that allow heat energy to transfer to the heat exchanger and fan. The heat then turns into a vapor, which turns into a liquid after it cools. The construction and number of heat pipes determine the overall efficiency of the radiator unit.

Copper or aluminum surface where the base of the heatsink makes contact with the IHS. The base has two types, extended and direct connection. The flat surface provides substantial contact support, while the direct contact unit is a coil pack that touches the heat pipes.

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Usually made of aluminum, heat sinks are a fundamental part of all CPU coolers. Their effectiveness largely depends on their construction, spacing, placement, shape and quantity. Stock CPU coolers, especially Intel CPU coolers, often use the only heat sink in the fan construction.

Choosing the right CPU cooler for you depends on your specific needs. If your computer gets light to moderate use, a CPU cooler may be fine – or you may need to step up to an aftermarket cooler.

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On the other hand, if you have a high-powered CPU that will be put under heavy demand with gaming, streaming, or content creation, then you probably want to spend a little more and go with the all-liquid cooling option.

Ambitious, you can get good results with custom liquid cooling – but this represents one of the most difficult parts of PC construction, and probably not the right choice for someone reading this guide.

If this is your first time building a PC and you need more help, be sure to check out our first-time PC building guide. For more on CPU coolers, you can read our review of the black shade and one author’s hands-on experience with the Noctua NH-D15S.

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Sure it’s convenient when your CPU has a cooler in the box, but is what’s in the box enough?

After all, a CPU cooler needs to have two things to be considered “good”: cooling efficiency and low noise generation. Technically, each

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