Aftermarket Diesel Parts

Aftermarket Diesel Parts – S.p.A. has been on the international market with a wide range of “aftermarket” spare parts for diesel injectors and diesel pumps for more than 50 years.

Automotive Aftermarket is a market sector formed by the production, distribution, sale and installation of vehicle components and spare parts, equipment, tools and accessories for cars and commercial and industrial vehicles. This market focuses on what happens after the manufacturer sells the vehicle to the end user.

Aftermarket Diesel Parts

S.p.A. has focused on spare parts for diesel injectors and pumps for more than 50 years. Thanks to the experience in this field, we can satisfy every customer with quality products comparable to the originals at competitive prices.

Vision Diesel Performance

Diesel injector assembly and disassembly tools, spare parts and components are designed to offer customers safe and efficient diesel injector and diesel pump repairs and provide a cost-effective solution.

Our product range covers most diesel fuel injection systems in all market sectors: automotive, industrial, marine, agricultural, and in our spare parts catalogs you will find spare parts for all major brands: Caterpillar, Denso, Bosch, Delphi, L’Orange, Cummins , Unit Injector, Siemens, MTU.

All our products, tool kits for spare parts for diesel fuel injectors and diesel pumps are carefully tested in our workshop and thanks to the detailed drawings made by our technical and graphic offices, they are presented in our catalogs and website, always up-to-date. In this way, our customers can easily search for our products in our e-shop or in our catalogs.

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This is why we can count on more than 1,500 satisfied customers worldwide and are a key service provider in Brazil, India, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and many other countries. You can easily request all our prices thanks to the “Request a quote” function on our website, and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible with our best prices and answers to any question.

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