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You don’t need to be told that pickups scream to be bigger and bigger than ever. Trucks are not good and haven’t been for some time. With the unveiling of the 2022 Tundra, Toyota’s full-size lineup has gotten a lot younger to match the “roid fury of its off-road contemporaries.”

Aftermarket 2022 Tundra Grill

One of the interesting byproducts of the emphasis on the truck grid is progressive.

Tundra — Adventure Motors

Included in these inserts. We’re used to seeing grilles differentiated by trim and color depending on the trim, or perhaps a unique, exclusive design for a performance mud-slinger version. But these days, the face of a new pickup truck can vary quite a bit depending on how much you spend.

Taking the new Tundra as an example, we can see potential mugs up and down from different packages. Here’s the notch in the Limited, for one:

It’s a very late Ford, isn’t it? While they’re attaching Gillette blades to the front of every Fusion and Flex. But this is probably the most traditional or boring Tundra cage; we haven’t really started yet. Next is the front of the SR5 TRD, where things start to get complicated:

My problem with this one is that there’s a lot going on, as the hexagonal pattern that makes up the lower three-quarters of the grille makes for a harsh juxtaposition with the bar, which has another rectangle underneath the egg-shaped Toyota logo within it. These shapes don’t quite work together, but I don’t think aesthetic consistency was a major concern in the Tundra’s design process. Or at least it didn’t matter that much

Grill On My 2023 Sr5 Trd Off Road

Perhaps Toyota is deliberately teasing potential buyers into making the mistake of moving to the TRD Pro model, which features essentially the same grille but replaces the matching TOYOTA badging underlined by an integrated LED light bar:

The latest Tundra grille is top-of-the-line, and it’s for the top-of-the-line Platinum, so it’s all metal and chrome, with intricate vents that don’t trigger my trypophobia. I don’t hate it – it looks like it could blow up the world’s biggest block of Colby-Jack – and it plays better than the jewel-toned LED lights on the bumper:

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These grilles are a sight to behold through the back window of your car, especially if you have a small hatchback and sit six feet below other drivers. I would tell you to study them and memorize them, but you will soon become familiar with them all, like it or not. People often decide which trim they want on a truck based on the appearance of the grille. So, we thought it might be helpful to line up all of the 2022 Toyota Tundra grilles to show the differences.

Toyota impressed us by providing us with tons of photos of the Tundra from various angles, so we thought we’d give you a good sampling of the photos we were given. Scroll down for cutting edge galleries.

Tundra Trd Pro Grille

There are two regrets to note: we don’t have any pictures of the SR, and we don’t have any pictures of the SR5’s interior. So, while we still don’t have a chance to see the 2022 Tundra at its most basic, and we don’t know what the 8-inch infotainment screen will look like, we do have one spy shot video. smaller screen.

The base SR5 is a single bezel, and the grille is on the simpler side of the spectrum – if you can call it all yawning plain black. It has a lot of black plastic and you’ll see flat black bezels surrounding the Toyota logo. This particular car appears to have the TRD Off-Road or Sport package as the plastic to the right of the logo is stamped with TRD. Another important thing to note: this trim gets basic halogen headlights.

This is where the mesh starts to look a little better. You have a bright chrome surround, and the black plastic turns an attractive dark gray. The bits surrounding the Toyota logo appear to be part of the design rather than smoothed and glued, and there are strong horizontal lines rather than an interlocking pattern. There is also a gloss black insert at the bottom of the grille that separates the face from the skid plate and is stamped TUNDRA. You also get fog lamps and advanced headlights.

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Okay, we’ll talk now. Here, the mesh is similar to what we buy. In addition to the chrome surround surrounding the Toyota emblem, the grille insert features an elegant chrome pattern. There’s also a body-colored stripe below the grille that houses the fog lamps and the word TUNDRA in bold letters. The version we’re looking at has an optional, high-end hybrid powertrain, which is painted in blue with the grille emblem.

Tundra Trd / Limited Led Grille Lights

We have another grille treatment on the 1794 grille with a dark gray (plastic?) insert with the interlocking pattern seen on the SR5 with a flat solid piece next to the TRD stamped Toyota logo. Similar to the Platinum, this grill is also surrounded by chrome, but instead of a body-colored section, there’s a TUNDRA-stamped chrome strip at the bottom.

This high-end, rugged finish has the same grille pattern as the SR5 and 1794, but it’s finished in gloss black. You also have yellow lights and a light bar on the grille. One interesting and potentially polarizing differentiator on the TRD Pro grille is the camouflage-patterned plastic lower section. You’ll see this pattern on the wheel arches as well as on the top of the rear tailgate.

Toyota has done a good job of visually distinguishing the Tundra’s edges with both the materials and the dough – just by treating the grille. More on the luxury side, the Limited and Platinum have a more refined look, and then the SR5, 1794 and TRD Pro look more rugged.

Our trash pick would be absolutely platinum – mainly because of the case-colored bit at the bottom of the grille. To us, it’s a weird wide-mouthed, pointless fish that covers the look more than the face net. A close second would be the 1794 with chrome.

Customizable Toyota Tundra Front Bumper

Want more information on the 2022 Toyota Tundra? Check out our full preview story with the most important things to know about this new full-size truck.

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Jill Ciminillo is the managing editor of Pickup Truck + SUV Talk, as well as a Chicago-based automotive writer, YouTube personality and podcast host whose articles and videos appear in stores across the US. transportation items for the local Chicago station. Prior to that, Jill was an automotive editor for newspaper and broadcast conglomerates. She is also a past president of the Midwest Automotive Media Association and holds the distinction of being the organization’s first female president. Jill is also currently a juror for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY). Our 2022 Toyota Tundra LED Grille Light Kit is available for the TRD or Limited style grille. The kit includes two laser-cut, anodized mounting brackets,  two yellow or white LED lights, and a complete, professionally assembled wiring harness for easy installation.

This kit is designed specifically for the OEM Toyota grille shown in the photos – it is not compatible with any other grille styles due to the special mounting brackets. Please confirm your equipment before ordering, if you have any questions about fitting your car please email us at laura@ and we can help. The easiest way to confirm compatibility is to ensure your vehicle has the grille as shown in the photos.

We are the first to offer a complete plug and play wiring harness for the 2022 Toyota Tundra. Professionally designed, insulated wiring makes this popular LED trellis light fixture an easy 10-15 minute installation.

Toyota Tundra Trd Front Grill Decal

The lights can be set to turn on with the vehicle’s ignition or set to turn on with the headlights. The choice is yours – see the Installation Guide link for more information.

Don’t mess with DIY wiring or shoddy electrical equipment in your car. The Yota LED wiring harness does not require touching or cutting the vehicle’s original wiring. Our professionally designed wiring harness is the first and only Tundra LED Grille Light Kit installed.

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