Wooden Pallet Planters Diy

Wooden Pallet Planters Diy – Skip the farmers market and spend your Sunday sleeping in it, thanks to this charming and compact garden pallet! It can be laid flat, or propped upright against the wall if your living space is tight. Plus, it adds rustic cabin warmth to your decor.

DIY Wooden Herb Pallet 6 years ago Duration 1:30 Turn a shipping pallet into a chic herb garden perfect for your backyard patio or balcony.

Wooden Pallet Planters Diy

It can get messy, so it’s time to put the tarp away! Place the palette on top. Put on some gloves and add a layer of dark stain to the wood. Using a cloth, thoroughly wipe away any excess stains.

Decorative Diy Pallet Wheelbarrow Planter For Your Garden!

Once the stain is dry, flip the palette back over. Take your weed cloth and wrap it over the back of the pallet so that it is completely covered.

Use scissors to cut the weed cloth to the same size as your pallet. Use your staple gun to secure the fabric in place.

Place the plywood over the weed cloth. Screw it firmly with a drill: make sure to screw the sides as well, not just the corners. Once you’ve done this, turn the palette back right side up.

Pour some topsoil into the pallet and start planting between the slats! Be sure to add more topsoil as needed to ensure the herbs are fully rooted in the dirt.

Pallet Planter Box: Diy Project

Keep track of which herbs are which using a brush and white paint to label them with some pretty cursive writing!

This pallet garden will get you so excited to start cooking. It’s convenient, eco-friendly, and not to mention beautiful to boot! New here? I invite you to subscribe to my free newsletter for exclusive tips on growing a healthy food garden. As a bonus, you’ll receive 2 x Plant and Container Gardening eBooks ($10 value) as welcome gifts! Thanks for visiting and ‘digging in’!

Looking for a DIY pallet planter project? I always create compact solutions for my garden. If you have limited time, money, space or skills, you can find this simple, inexpensive pallet project an easy way to make your garden functional and beautiful.

I like to reuse everyday materials to save money and be easier on the planet. Wooden pallets are a free resource available in many business and industrial locations. I convert pallets for all kinds of garden projects, from mini storage units to compost storage and planters.

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Diy Hanging Wood Pallet Planter

For this year’s Balcony Garden display at the Queensland Garden Expo, I rescued some wooden pallets from a local organic farm and gave them a facelift for a new life outdoors. They formed two side ‘walls’ on the display. I plan to use them again at home now because they are so versatile.

At the front there are six window planter boxes + hanging hooks and at the back, a vertical fence – again with options for attaching more planters or hanging items such as garden art.

Take a good look at your palette when choosing it. Each one is made differently, and some are more suitable for this project than others. This is what mine looked like from the bottom.

Left: This palette had 2 horizontal dividers at the top/bottom and one in the middle. Right: When painted, these are the front of the planter.

Give Your Garden An Update With This Easy Diy Pallet Herb Garden

The pallet planter is supported by 2 durable black coated steel star stakes driven into the ground next to the planter + 2 pallet wood screws.

Although it will take a little longer, a primer and top coat of paint will give you a longer lasting planter.

It’s time to put a planter on your balcony, deck or in your garden. You will need to consider where your water will run off under the planter so maybe add a gravel drip tray.

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Diy Pallet Wood Raised Garden Beds

Here’s another pallet planter I made for the Expo at the other end of the Balcony Garden exhibit:

Well, I hope you are inspired to make your own pallet planter using this tutorial.

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Upcycle Old Pallets To Make Beautiful Vertical Gardens

We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. All right. If you could use the extra space in your garden and don’t have the cash to spend on pre-made raised garden beds, I have just the project for you. I’m going to show you step by step how to make this raised planter box out of wooden pallets DIY!

This wooden pallet box requires very little budget to make. You may even already have supplies for it. You can usually get pallets from farm and garden stores for free, or if they charge, they’re usually just a few dollars.

One thing to pay attention to when getting a wooden pallet is the condition. You want to try to find one that has the least amount of splits in the boards (unlike mine in the picture I had on hand that had been sitting for a few years) the more splits they have the harder they are to remove.

Another thing to pay attention to is age. Although gray boards look nice, the more worn they are, the more difficult the boards are to remove. Remember, even if you choose a newer plank look, it will age over time to look like this.

Best Diy Pallet Planter Ideas & Tutorials

The first thing to make a planter box is to remove the boards from the pallet. I removed all but the last panel on one side. I figured one was already where it was supposed to be so no need to waste time removing it.

When removing the boards, make sure that there are no nails left in them. If you can’t get all the nails out of the joist (the ones the outer boards are nailed to) the boards just take a hammer and drive them all the way in or bend them and flatten them.

Once you’ve removed the boards, it’s time to do some cutting. You need to cut those inner boards in half. Or you can measure them to the height you want the box to be and cut them there. Just make sure you end up with 6 joists that are all the same height.

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We started with reciprocation to cut them out and it was just a little slower than I wanted it to be. So we ended up using a chainsaw to cut it and it was much faster.

How To Make A Diy Pallet Planter: 5 Ideas Anyone Can Build

Now that you’ve removed the boards and cut the joists, it’s time to start assembling the wood pallet planter box. Take the boards you removed and attach them firmly to the joist boards. You don’t want to leave any gaps as this will allow dirt to fall out.

Be sure to do this on each half of the beams you cut in half. You want to make sure you have enough boards to keep everything even. For me it took 4-5 boards on each side. This depended on the width of the boards being used as some are wider than others.

Once you’ve screwed all the sides together, it’s time to start working on the ends. For the ends, you need to cut the boards in half for them. My wood pallet boards are 40 inches (may vary from pallet to pallet) so my end boards needed to be cut to 20 inches each.

Then simply screw them in like you did the others. Below is a picture of my box with 3 sides completed.

Diy Wood Pallet Planter Box

After you’re done with all your boards screwed in, you can either leave the longer beam boards as they are (if you haven’t already cut them to size) or you can do as I did and cut them even.

That’s it! Now you have a sweet new recycled wooden pallet box. Simply place it where you want it to be, fill it with dirt and plant! Did you know that pallets could be your next gardening option? You may not see the garden every time you look at it, but there is a real possibility. So the next time you come across a pallet, realize that it can be reconfigured and turned into a beautiful grow space.

In addition, pallet gardens are also very attractive. That means if you need extra (or just nice)

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