Build My Own Coffee Table

Build My Own Coffee Table – This is a beginner DIY project that you can build with basic tools and materials. Free plans of

This coffee table is easy to build and adds tons of storage right in the middle of your living room. We love it for storing home office, home school, toys, board games, video game components and more!

Build My Own Coffee Table

Hide a home gym in the middle of your living room  This ingenious coffee table cleverly stores yoga mats, hand weights and other home gym accessories, and rolls out of the way to create a workout area. T

Infinity Cube Table

Large, roomy space generously accommodates an exercise or yoga mat, foam blocks, exercise bands, hand weights and more – right where you need it.

It’s a home gym hidden right where you need it – in the middle of your living room!

This is an original design that you can’t buy – you have to stick with our free plans. You’ll need four 1×12 boards, a drill and a saw to tackle this build. Here’s a quick video of me building this project:

Since 1×12 boards can vary slightly in overall width, I recommend cutting the side pieces of the coffee table to fit.

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To do this, place two 1×12 @ 47-1/2″ on a flat surface.  Place your hinge in the gap, with only the pin visible on top.

Attach bottom 1x12s to bottom, all outer edges flush. Use the 1x12s to square the coffee table. Screw to all available edges.

Attach the remaining 1×12 to the top 1×12 with the hinge. Orient so when closed, any table top is turned down. From our Hammer It Out series: Showcase your collectibles with an acrylic top container that does double duty as a coffee table.

A cardboard box buried in the garage is not a home for your grandfather’s hand tools or your own hard-earned collectibles. Why not display them properly, in a coffee table with a recessed inset and removable top that you build yourself? With little more than a few lengths of wood, some stock legs, and a sheet of acrylic, you’ll have a DIY display coffee table that’s suitably beautiful for the history on display.

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Our shadow box coffee table cutting list is based on table legs with a 2¼-by-2¼-inch section on top that is 5 inches long. That unturned part of a post provides the flats to attach the apron pieces; its width will affect the tabletop dimensions, so be sure to adjust your measurements accordingly if you’re going with different sized legs.

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Using a miter saw, cut the 1×5 aprons and 1×1 support strips and screw strips to size.

On each apron, glue and place a long support strip flush with the bottom edge, and a short screw strip flush with each end. The supports will hold the plywood screen bottom. The screw strips create a block to attach the aprons to the legs. To secure the strips, first attach them with a pneumatic nail gun and 1¼-inch nails. Then, using a countersink drill, create pilot holes in the strips and countersink a 1¼-inch screw through the strip and into the apron.

Apply wood glue to the edge of an apron, and place it against a leg so that everything is flush on the top and inside of the leg, as shown. Drill pilot holes through the screw strip and into the leg, then secure it with 1¼-inch screws. Continue joining each leg and apron piece until the perimeter of the base is complete.

Beautiful Ottoman Coffee Tables To Maximise Your Lounge Space

Place the base of the table upside down on the floor. Align the inner edges of the apron with the outer edges of the screen bottom so that the frame would slide over the floor if not for the screw strips at the corners. Mark the outline of the screw strips at each corner, as shown.

Using a jigsaw, cut notches for the screw strips at each corner of the screen bottom. Slide the bottom into the base of the table so that it rests on the support strips along the bottom edge of each apron. Attach the bottom with 1-inch nails.

Miter the ends of each table frame piece and 1×1 lip piece at opposite 45 degree angles. The detail on the top edge of the baseboard should line up with the inside of the frame.

Apply wood glue to the 1×1 edge strips and lay them flat on their corresponding frame pieces, flush with the outside edges and miter ends. Using the pneumatic nailer, attach the edge strips to the frame pieces with 1-inch nails.

Build A Coffee Table With Storage (ikea Hack)

After all the frame and strip pieces are built, apply wood glue and a touch of cyanoacrylate glue to their mitered edges, one joint at a time. Bring the corners together to create a rectangle, then nail from the outside edge through each miter joint with 1¼-inch nails.

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Using a permanent marker, draw cut lines on the acrylic sheet using a ruler. Cut along the lines using a jigsaw with a metal-cutting blade.

TOH TIP: To prevent the puzzle shoe from scratching the acrylic, stick painter’s tape to the underside.

Place the acrylic sheet on the base of the table so that, as you look down at it, its corners match the corners of the legs. Place the frame on top so that it locks around the acrylic and the legs. Fill the fixing holes and joints with wood filler, then sand and paint the entire assembly.

Art Is Beauty: Diy Build It Yourself Vintage Farmhouse Style Coffee Table From Rescued Lumber

Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks and DIY Smarts projects from our experts – straight to your inbox. Build the farmhouse coffee table for under $40 with just a drill and saw! This is a beginner friendly DIY project that should only take a few hours to complete.

You’ll love the results – an absolutely gorgeous farmhouse coffee table made from solid wood, perfectly proportioned, with a large bottom storage shelf.

Our most popular coffee table is the Rustic X Coffee Table. This coffee table is very similar in design. The big difference is HOW it is built and the tools needed. The Rustic X Coffee Table requires a Kreg Jig. The Rustic X Coffee Table is slightly larger in size. It also has a solid bottom shelf (instead of the slatted design of the Farmhouse Coffee Table).

Yes! We just added the matching Farmhouse Console Table plans and the matching Farmhouse Side Tables plans (in two size options) here.

Free Pallet Furniture Plans

HOW this coffee table is built is everything. Watch me build it in our Farmhouse Coffee Table video tutorial:

The plans for this coffee table follow. Please share a photo when you finish building, we love to see your projects! Can’t wait to hear how yours turns out.

Place the first long X piece into the end of the coffee table and attach with glue and screws from the top and bottom.

Attach one of the 2×6 @ 18″ around the center of the coffee table with two screws with joint and glue.

Repurposing And Building A Kitchen Table

Place the 2×6 table boards on a flat, level surface, with the best side of the table boards face down.

Apply glue to top edges of coffee table frame, and place coffee table frame upside down on the table boards.

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Screw the base to the underside of the table boards. Use ample screws but reserve enough to complete the next step.

Place remaining slats inside the frame and connect with 2 screws per joint. The gap is about 1″ in between (slightly less).

How Much Weight Can A Wood Table Hold? (here’s The Truth!)

TIP: If heavy loads are expected on the bottom shelf of the coffee table, place a piece of 1×2 about 20″ long under the shelf, centered and running lengthwise to the coffee table.  This will act as a center “leg” for the shelf. and greatly increases the strength of the lower shelf.

Stained Finish: For my stained finish, I simply sanded the entire coffee table with 120 grit sandpaper. I did NOT fill any holes (you can see the screw holes in the photos). We all agreed that the holes helped give character to the coffee table. If the screw holes bother you, fill with colored wood filler.

Painted Finish: Fill holes with wood filler and allow to dry. Sand with 80-120 grit sandpaper. Remove all sand residues with a vacuum. Prime and paint. Want to make a coffee table? We’ve collected our favorite DIY coffee table ideas to give you inspiration and encouragement to give it a go.

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