Tattoos On The Side Of Your Hand

Tattoos On The Side Of Your Hand – Hands are a great place for tattoos. Not only will the tattoo be extremely visible, but people will be able to see it even during the cold winter sweater season! Which is definitely the best part of having hand tattoos.

If you’re someone who likes to decorate their hands with jewelry, then maybe a hand tattoo has been on your bucket list. We understand! There are so many great designs and styles to choose from, not to mention the choice of size and placement is up to you. Where do you even begin! Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Tattoos On The Side Of Your Hand

We’ve compiled a list of the coolest and coolest hand tattoos for you to check out to find your style.

Top 101+ Best Hand Tattoos In 2022

The amount of pain you will feel when getting a tattoo anywhere on your body depends a lot on your personal pain tolerance. A 2 on the pain scale for some may turn out to be a 10 for others, there is no real way to 100% guess how bad it will hurt. With that said, tattoos done in places where the bone is closest to the skin tend to hurt a lot more than in more fleshy places.

This is because the bony areas are packed full of more nerve endings! So your hands will be more painful than say, your forearm. But it’s totally worth it to be able to have the finished product!

As you may know, tattoos themselves can hold a lot of weight and meaning. You can get one for a lost loved one or for a treasured keepsake, it adds depth and a personal connection to your paint. But did you know that where you choose to place the tattoo on your body also has meaning?

Form of rebellion. You see, considering how visible this tattoo is, what you decide to get may be something you intend for the whole world to see, you’re not hiding it in any way.

Patrick Mahomes Unveils Tattoo Of His Baby’s Hands On His Calves

Until now, tattoos were always considered a kind of taboo in society. Fortunately, things are changing and tattoos are now widely accepted. However, some of this residual shame remains. This tattoo placement takes back control of the narrative. It’s a really powerful message: I’m not afraid to be seen.

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This placement also symbolizes strength. As stated earlier, the hands are one of the most painful places to knit considering how close the bone is to the skin. So getting a tattoo here is a true sign of your strength and ability to be tough in unpleasant situations!

When it comes to side tattoo costs, many things come into play. Costs may vary from store to store depending on; Size, details and colors. In general, these tattoos can really be anywhere between $50-$350, so talk to your tattoo artist for a better idea of ​​what to expect.

Now, on to the exciting stuff. Here is a list of our favorite hand tattoos that you should check out to help you get some inspiration for your next tattoo session! Keep scrolling and see what you find.

Best Hand Tattoos For Women

Rose tattoos are a timeless classic that can never go wrong! Here are some of the coolest rose hand tattoos we’ve found, take a look!

With so many different styles and themes, it can be hard to start narrowing down what you might want to add to your hands. In order for you to feel confident about your choice, it is important that you see all of your options…and there are many! Below is a perfect mix of side arm tattoos for you to check out!

This cute and delicious flower deserved its heyday. It’s the perfect example of a minimalist hand tattoo!

Adding a loved one’s name to your hand is a great way to proudly display your love for that person! Here are some examples of styles and fonts, but you can easily make this tattoo your own!

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We hope you enjoyed our roundup of side tattoos and now have a better sense of your style as well as the meaning behind this placement. Happy tattooing!

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There are many unique places where you can get a tattoo, but a hand tattoo ranks among the least rare. Some people like to cover up their tattoos for a number of different reasons, and with a hand tattoo, you don’t really have that option. Hand tattoos can also be quite painful and the ink may not last as long as other tattoos.

If you’re still up for a hand tattoo, here are some amazing pieces to help inspire you and decide which direction you want to go with your piece.

Trending Hand Tattoos For Women

Do you want to show your strength and ability to overcome obstacles? A thunder tattoo is for you then.

Go for a cute dog tattoo that is a creative tattoo as a different perspective is used with a glass of wine.

Do you want to have a hand tattoo that will be a reminder of your inner strength and power? A tiger tattoo is for you.

A butterfly which is a symbol of freedom to fly away is a great tattoo idea. Plus, the decorative design makes it look bigger.

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Why would you go for a black ink tattoo if you want to be different? Flowers with red paint will give you a unique look.

If you are a fierce protector of your family and friends and fear nothing, get this dragon tattoo.

If you’re getting a snake tattoo as a reminder of something you’ve been through or to show your growth, it’s a great tattoo.

A single rose tattoo is all you need to show your love for someone else or you can just do it because you like roses.

Rose Hand Tattoo

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is a mysterious character. Why not get it as a tattoo?

If you are a woman who has the ability to fight for what you believe in, go for a warrior woman tattoo.

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Here is a common symbol in Chinese culture: Foo dog. It also symbolizes protection. With its unique design, you will look stunning.

Lion tattoos are quite popular, but how about getting a grave lion tattoo? It will show you that you are strong.

Fashionable Small Hand Tattoos For Women And Men (2022 Updated)

If you are not sure which tattoo design to get, do a combination of two different things like a rose and a spider.

Gypsies were free spirits and did as they pleased. Thanks to your gypsy tattoo, you can show your free spirit.

The flower, which often blooms, represents the beauty of life. The skull, on the other hand, represents the inevitability of death.

Did you know that the insect is a sign of luck and fortune? Let’s go and get it with ink in hand.

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A barbed wire is used as a symbol of protection. Plus, it represents the user’s strength to overcome difficulties.

Here is another foo dog tattoo design. The wild look is for those who want to show their wild side.

Hand tattoos are amazing and although they can be a lot to sit down, the end results are always beautiful and something you will never regret.

I have been a tattoo artist for over 13 years and have worked in 35 states nationwide. My art can be seen a lot in the Pacific Northwest and here in Hawaii. I also travel the world doing tattoos on military bases in foreign countries. I share my inspirations on this blog.

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