Best Position For Wrist Tattoo

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Deciding on a tattoo is only half the task – placement is also important! But should you go for that spot in your hip or be brave with an ankle tattoo? Deciding on the placement of your tattoo is not something to decide.

Best Position For Wrist Tattoo

In our ultimate guide to tattoo placement, you’ll find a checklist to help you decide on a tattoo placement, plus 25 cool tattoo placement ideas for inspiration! Some tattoo sites also have hidden meanings.

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Here is our tattoo placement meaning chart! It covers everything you need to know, including pain levels, the importance of placement, and the best tattoo sizes.

If you want to learn more, including tattoo placement’s spiritual meaning, check out our full list of tattoo ideas below.

And don’t forget, there are no strict tattoo placement rules. Your tattoo artist might think that a tattoo looks better in one place rather than another, but that’s an opinion. While we advise that you listen to the placement ‘rules’ that your tattoo artist prefers, it is not something you have

Since arms are one of the most popular places for a tattoo, we thought we’d also make an arm tattoo placement chart. Here are the most popular micro areas of the arm that can be tattooed (but remember to consider tattoo placement pain as well as meaning):

What Is A Good Tattoo Size For You?

Full sleeve: armor or expressing strong feelings Upper arm sleeve: protection and strength Underarm sleeve: beauty and beliefs Wrist: adorn and promise Wrist: beauty and symbols Inner lower arm: personal meaning Outer forearm: portrait and decorative Inner upper arm: strength and will Outer upper arm : Protection and armor Wrist in hand : Elegance and flow Upper arm on shoulder : Defense (e.g. giving a cold shoulder) Best Tattoo Placements for Women

A female tattoo placement chart may look a little different than a placement chart for guys. Although there is absolutely no reason why men and women cannot get the same tattoos in the same places (with the exception of genitalia), we have noticed that women in general opt for places that men prefer to avoid.

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As mentioned above, there’s no reason why guys can’t get the feminine tattoo placements listed above, and no reason why women can’t get these placements listed below—even if they’re more popular with men.

The long side of your forearm is the perfect shape for a quote or word. However, it is a very visible and public area of ​​your body, especially if you live in a hot climate. Consider how often it will be visible before deciding on a location!

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The ribcage is a painful place for a tattoo, but quotes look great here, especially if they are more than a paragraph! You can place the quote directly under one breast, or more on the side of the body – or even curl around the back.

The thigh is a great place for a tattoo in general, as it provides a wide canvas and is not too painful due to the fleshy nature of this part of the body. Quote tattoos can look good here, especially longer verses or quotes mixed with other symbols and designs.

A small tattoo will not look good anywhere on your body – fact! Placement is really important with small tattoos. For example, a small tattoo on your back often looks like it’s floating in space… unless the tattoo artist is clever. For example, a small unalome may look good at the base of your spine, or a small flower right next to your shoulder.

However, a small tattoo slapped on the middle of the back will just look weird. Make sure you talk to your tattoo artist and get advice on which spot will look best for your design. In general, these are good places for small tattoos:

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One way to place a small tattoo in a large area (eg back or thigh) is to repeat the tattoo to create a trailing design. For example, a pattern of flowers, butterflies or stars that runs down a leg or across the back. You can also incorporate small tattoos into a leg or arm sleeve.

The best tattoo placement for names is often somewhere private. The same applies to symbols and motifs that have a special meaning for you. If you don’t want people to often look or ask about your tattoos, choose a discreet tattoo placement like:

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These are places that are mostly – or often – covered by clothes. The most discreet places are covered by your underwear as they would be if you were swimming or swimming on the beach.

Depending on your job, concealing tattoos can be essential. Although you could wear long sleeves and high collared clothes every day, it might not be comfortable especially in summer. So think carefully about which parts of your body can be covered without feeling too hot.

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When working out where your tattoo placement should go, you have a few options. You can literally draw it on your skin with skin-friendly markers, or you can ask your tattoo artist for advice.

Another option is to use a smartphone app. INKHUNTER is an app that uses augmented reality to project a tattoo onto any area of ​​your body so you can see what it looks like.

What we really like about this app is that it makes the tattoos look real and you can view them from different angles. This is amazing!

Tattoo You is a good app that also does placement. A cool feature is that it allows you to crop parts of the tattoo so you can tell what they look like when they are half covered with clothes.

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Virtual Tattoo Maker is another app but with less features. You can’t upload your own image, but the app comes with a number of designs and texts to use. If you want a quote tattoo, this app has some great fonts to choose from.

Whether you have a specific location in mind or you’re completely lost, make sure you think carefully about all of these considerations before getting your tattoo.

This should be the first thing you consider. Placement can be the difference between a great tattoo and a weird looking mistake. A good way to check the placement of very simple tattoos and tattoo outlines is to draw it directly on your skin (try liquid eyeliner or use henna) to see how it looks.

In general, small tattoos look best on smaller areas of your body, or along a line. For example, a small star would be cute on the inside of your wrist, behind your ear, or even along the collarbones. But on your back? It will look like it is floating in space or just mistaken for a freckle.

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Large and detailed tattoos need a larger space. Trying to cram a detailed portrait into the size of a postage stamp is not a good idea. You lose the quality of the artwork.

Once you’ve created a shortlist of placements you like, run them past your tattoo artist. They know when a tattoo design looks out of place in an area, or if it is even possible to place your tattoo there.

If this is your first tattoo, pain tolerance is probably your biggest concern and it’s totally okay to let that color be your decision.

Getting a huge (but bad) design across your back just to prove you’re not afraid of pain will really backfire.

Best Place To Get A Tattoo: Top 5 Spots For Men And Women

Instead, we recommend starting small if you know you have a low tolerance for pain and choosing places that are known to be a little easier than others. Outer thighs, your inner hip, and any other area where there is a lot of flesh between your skin and bone will help minimize the pain.

Some tattoo artists are happy to use a numbing cream, but remember, you can’t completely avoid the pain! Although the session itself is fairly painless due to a numbing agent, the aftercare process as it heals can be painful, itchy, hot and uncomfortable.

Do you want your tattoo for everyone to see? There is no right or wrong answer. Sometimes tattoos can have very personal, deep meanings – so if you don’t want to share that with strangers on the street, choosing a more private place is advantageous.

Some private tattoo placements include your inner thigh, sole of your foot, breast, and even your scalp where you can grow hair back over the tattoo. Anywhere that is normally covered by clothing is a good private place.

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A full back tattoo could make your detailed artwork look fantastic, but you won’t see it as much!

Think about why you want your tattoo. Is it all about meaning, so it doesn’t matter if you can’t see it 24/7? Or do you want a tattoo so you can decorate your body and admire some stunning works of art?

Areas of your

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