Build Your Own Dining Table Plans

Build Your Own Dining Table Plans

Build Your Own Dining Table Plans – My mission is to teach you how to confidently build magazine-worthy DIYs. I used to be terrified of power tools which is why I am a firm believer that ANYONE can DIY.

People often think DIY dining tables are difficult, but most of them are actually pretty beginner-friendly projects. The third thing we ever built was a dining table.

Build Your Own Dining Table Plans

I think the fear comes from the large size. Yes, they do require some lumber, but for many floors they are pretty simple builds. Today, we’re sharing with you the best DIY dining table plans in the country.

Elsie’s Diy Dining Room Table

We’ll start with rectangular dining tables, then look at some DIY round table plans, and finally, share the best DIY outdoor tables. Let’s dive!

The goal with this build was to achieve a high dollar look on a budget. We built this table with under $150 worth of lumber (at peak lumber prices in 2021). If you love the Studio Mcgee style, this could be the DIY dining table for you.

This stunning table has an interesting geometric base which really makes it stand out in the crowd. It’s built with dimensional lumber, so it doesn’t even have to break the bank.

If you want something other than a solid wood table, you need to check out these gorgeous table plans. It comes complete with a fun wooden base and a concrete top. I’ve never seen another DIY table like this!

How To Make A Table (with Pictures)

When you don’t have an oversized dining room, but you’re the Thanksgiving host, you need an expandable table. This DIY dining table includes leaves so you can expand your guest list and seat more people in an instant.

Calling all lovers of sleek and modern design! This DIY corner dining table might be just the thing for you. Complete with a stylish top apron.

This modern design table has sturdy legs and a top that appears to “float” above them. It’s a unique design and a plan worth checking out.

If you’re looking for a quick build, this hairpin-legged dining table is a great option. It’s always a great way to get a mix of wood and metal without having to learn to weld.

Easy Diy Dining Table Plans

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned designer trick! If you’ve been eyeing West Elm’s Emmerson table, you won’t want to miss this tutorial.

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For all lovers of classic farmhouse style, you will love this beautiful build. It is a timeless design and very beginner-friendly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do those curvy legs yourself 😉

Here’s another modern farmhouse design to consider. Unlike the last table, you will build these legs yourself. The finish takes it from a basic chunky-legged table to a high-class design.

Don’t you feel the thick leg look? All right! Check out this fun trestle dining table from Anika’s DIY Life.

Diy Table With A Removable Top

One of our first projects was a dining table just like this one! We’ve altered the size to fit right in our dining nook, but for the most part, we’ve stuck to this great plan from Shanty 2 Chic. While there are some angles, it’s still a beginner-friendly tabletop build.

This two-tone dining table is graceful and timeless. Check out the building plans to see the extra details added to take it up a notch.

X-shaped dining tables are one of the most popular design options and it’s no wonder why! The x-shaped base is sturdy and offers a fun design element. Check out this modern farmhouse design.

Sometimes a space is more suited to a round table rather than a long rectangular one. Here are some round dining table tutorials for spinning wheels.

Easy Homemade Dining Table Plans

This round dining table looks like it came straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. The extra detailing on the base makes it look much more expensive than the $70 worth of lumber needed to build it.

Another beautiful round wooden table to consider. Similar to the one above, the extra detail on the base takes the design to the next level.

This is one of my favorite DIY dining table plans on the internet. Every piece is beautiful, from the beamed legs to the patterned top. Don’t miss this tutorial!

This is the most unique round dining table tutorial we’ve found for you. Complete with pedestal legs and an extra x detail.

Diy Six Seat Dining Room Table

If seating a lot of people is your goal, check out this 70″ round table. You can seat up to 10-12 people here!

When building an outdoor dining table, you’ll want to consider ways to make it more resistant to the elements. This could be by choosing a water resistant wood or a great exterior finish.

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You might also consider adding gaps between the slats on the tabletop to let some water drain off the top after a big storm.

If you love any of these tables, you can definitely build them as your main dining table too! There is no rule that says they have to belong outdoors!

Pedestal Trestle Dining Table

Not only is this DIY outdoor table very water resistant, but it’s also a beginner-friendly construction! You can knock it out in a weekend. So what are you waiting for? Skip to the full tutorial and build your own today!

This design was based on a $2200 table and I can pretty much guarantee you can make it for much less than that. This table has been crafted from cedar wood, which makes it perfect for outdoors.

Looking for the perfect farmhouse design for your outdoor table? You will like this! This plan has written instructions and a video tutorial.

The star of this outdoor table is the beautifully patterned top. It was modeled after a table that cost nearly $1500, but this one was built for about $250. Talk about a good deal!

Diy Dining Table Makeover Ideas For 2022

If you love a classic apron-style table plan, check out these farmhouse dining table plans. You can even make a bench to match!

This outdoor dining table is particularly elegant thanks to the beautiful herringbone top. It is complimented by the elegant lines of the base x.

A common question we get asked about dining table construction is: What wood should I use? Almost all of the DIY tables we shared were built using construction lumber also known as pine. It’s a cheap option to try!

3D rendering, detailed shopping lists, cut lists displayed in two ways (both graphically and visually) AND a bonus SketchUp file. Printable plans don’t get better than this.

Diy Retrofitted Dining Table Top

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced DIYer ready to unlock the full potential of DIY, our courses are here to help. In this post, I’ll show you how to build your own dining table modern DIY with a “floating top!”

A few years ago, I built the same modern dining table design when we first moved into our small garage at home. We have used it for three years and loved it.

BUTTTTT… We recently sold that house and the buyers have asked us to leave that table and chair behind. (I mean… I don’t blame them. It’s a nice set! Ha!)

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So before we packed up and moved out, I went ahead and built a new dining table to take with us to the new place.

Diy Dining Table Bench Plans

Since I loved the old one so much, I built this new one with the same basic design, only, this time, I assembled it a little differently and used thicker lumber.

I’ll show you how I built both versions of the DIY Modern Dining Table below in plans so you can build your own, and I’m also sharing a video tutorial, right here which you can check out for more details:

As you can see from the material list above, you can build this table from 1x material (which is typically ¾” thick) or 2x material (which is typically 1 ½” thick). I’ve built it both ways and it looks/works great.

I would not recommend using 1x material if you are making a very long table as it will be more prone to sag over the longer arc.

Diy Wood Beam Round Dining Table

You can use any species of lumber you prefer for this. It just depends on your budget, availability and preferences. I used 1x poplar for the older table and 2x maple for the newer one.

Standard dining table heights are 30 inches tall, the heights don’t vary much as they are made to be used with standard sized chairs.

Widths usually range from 36-42″ wide…there is no specific “standard”. And lengths vary greatly – typical length is between 6 and 8 feet.

I built mine about 40″ wide and 80″ long and that was enough to accommodate 6 chairs, potentially 8 if you want to add chairs at the ends.

Diy Farmhouse Dining Table Makeover

I’ve listed the x10 boards for the tabletop in the materials list just to make things easier. Rated x10 boards are actually about 9 ¼” wide. Four of these together would give you a top about 37 inches wide.

But, if you want bigger, you can use x12s instead, or you can use any combination of lumber you want to put together to make any size top you want. A couple of x6, a few x10… it doesn’t have to be specific as long as you have enough to make your top the size you want.

For my table I used boards of various widths and

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