Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy – From left, Harrison County Tobacco Director Julie Florian and SIRE Ethanol staff Laura Schultz, Christy Harrington, Stephanie Otterbeck, Bill McInturf, Betty Harmsen, Tammy Molt, Justin Schultz and Dan Velasquez introduce the new “No Smoking” company. A sign outside an ethanol plant on Friday morning.

SIRE Ethanol employees Justin Schultz, left, and Dan Velasquez leave the company’s conference room with new “No Smoking” signs for distribution throughout the ethanol plant and office space.

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy

“The company has been working on this for several months and we put the flyer in the (Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce) packet,” said Julie Florian, community specialist. “SIRE called us and said they were working on (tobacco prevention). They decided to go to a smoke-free campus first and work on future tobacco use.”

Sire, Iowa Dnr Reach Consent Order Regarding Air Quality Violations

One reason was safety, said Laura Schultz, SIRE’s chief of staff. The plant handles flammable materials, and officials tried to reduce the risk of fumes igniting.

Finally, the plant is trying to anticipate regulations that may result from the Food Safety Modernization Act. The law, signed into law by US President Obama on January 4, 2011, requires “precautionary controls to be implemented in animal feeding facilities similar to those offered for human consumption,” according to the FDA’s website, although administrative rules are still being finalized. . The by-products of ethanol production are used to feed animals.

“They gave us a sample policy, they gave us some materials for our employees to support the break and then signage,” she said. “That will help us promote it throughout the plant.”

“Since we’re a state, we can go through Iowa Prison Industries and they make the signs,” Florian said.

Ethanol Leaders See Happy Days In The Future

Florian’s group came up with ideas for working with insurance companies or pharmacies to get discounts or reduced prices, she said.

“We greatly appreciate the help and support and are happy to have a good partnership with them,” Schultz said.

Community Partners has worked with a pair of low-income housing units to control tobacco, but this is the first time the West Iowa group has given an employer a sign, Florian said.

An old friend and a local bank are taking care of the assets and finances of “American Picker” Frank Fritz, who is still recovering from a stroke.

We’re Tightening Our Belt’: Trump’s Midwest Support Tested As Farmers Struggle

Members of Page County Horizons have filed a motion to stop the Page County Board of Supervisors…

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Are prices rising or falling? Where are the buyer and seller centers? Find out with these charts and graphs, updated weekly.

During the search of the car, 17 kilograms of cocaine and dozens of unknown pills were found. The materials were located in a hidden space in the back of the vehicle.

A 60-year-old Minden farmer was sentenced Tuesday to two months in prison, followed by five years of supervised release after his appeal…

Epa’s Rfs Proposal Angers Iowa Farmers, Politicians

Shingles of any type is estimated to affect 1 in 3 people in their lifetime, and up to one million new cases of shingles are estimated to occur in the United States each year.

The Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors once again heard proposals from several Pottawattamie County small town mayors during its weekly…

Breasia Terrell went missing on July 10, 2020 and her remains were found on March 22, 2021 in rural DeWitt. Here is a timeline of the search for her and the prosecution of Henry Earl Dinkins.

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Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, Llc Declares Distribution To Members

© Copyright 2022 The Daily Nonpareil, 300 W. Broadway, Ste. 108 Council Bluffs, IA 51503 | Terms of use Privacy policy | Don’t Sell My Information Cookies Options ‘We’re tightening our belts’: Trump’s support in the Midwest was tested as farmers fought back. Farmers in the rural Midwest say they are being hurt by President Trump’s ongoing trade war and recent decision on renewable fuels.

An Iowa farmer loads corn seed into containers at a plantation near Luxemburg, Iowa. Forty percent of the corn crop in the US goes into ethanol production. Flag Hirsch/Getty Images Hide description

An Iowa farmer loads corn seed into containers at a plantation near Luxemburg, Iowa. Forty percent of the corn crop in the US goes into ethanol production.

Farmers in the rural Midwest say they are struggling because of President Trump’s ongoing trade war and the recent decision to ban renewable fuels from corn and soybeans that benefit the oil industry.

Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy (council Bluffs)

“We’re tightening our belts,” says farmer Aaron Lehman as he drives his tractor along a country road near his farm north of Des Moines, Iowa. “We are talking to our lenders, landlords [and] our input suppliers.

Lehman, president of the Iowa Farmers Association, says his members are trying to find some way to cut costs just to make ends meet. He says he fears an escalating trade war.

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“Instead, we chose to insult our business partners and have all kinds of battles with our business partners,” says Lehman. “Then go to China and make outrageous demands that we knew would not be met.”

The Trump administration has provided billions of dollars in aid to farmers to bear the brunt of the trade war. It is a short-term economically positive agreement that is supposed to fill a gap, but it does not solve the long-term problem of insufficient access to foreign markets.

President Trump Visits Sire Ethanol Plant

We lifted the restrictions on the E-15 just in time to support America’s summer vacation. We just made it.

In June, Trump arrived in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with a message to ease those concerns. His administration paved the way for higher corn-based ethanol blends. Forty percent of the corn crop in the US goes into ethanol production.

“We lifted restrictions on E-15s just in time to boost America’s summer vacation,” Trump said to cheers in Council Bluffs. “We just made it.

President Trump inspects a sample of corn used in renewable biofuel in southwest Iowa in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on June 11. Mandel Negan/AFP/Getty Images Hide caption

Renewable Energy Possible By 2050, Study Says

President Trump inspects samples of corn used in biofuels to produce renewable energy in southwest Iowa in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on June 11.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, as well as Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts, joined the president at the ceremony in Council Bluffs.

The president also granted dozens of concessions to oil refineries exempting them from ethanol blending. As a result, more than 15 ethanol plants are closing their doors. Trump recently tweeted that he would introduce a “huge package” to help these farmers.

Bloomberg reported Friday that Trump had agreed to a temporary plan to offset that exemption, but nothing was released.

Endangered Monarch Butterflies Migrate, Refuel Through Nevada, Iowa

Iowa Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Ecksen, who faces a tough race for her seat next year, says she’ll believe it when she sees it.

“He said it was the best thing that ever happened to farmers, and literally two months later he had his fingers on the wall for granting exemptions to Exxon and Chevron, multi-billion dollar companies.”

“He said it was the best thing that ever happened to farmers,” says Iowa Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Exen, “and literally two months later he was involved in issuing waivers for Exxon and Chevron, multi-billion dollar companies.” Clay Masters/Iowa Public Radio Hide caption

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“He said it was the best thing that ever happened to farmers,” says Iowa Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Exen, “and literally two months later he stuck his finger out to make concessions to Exxon and Chevron, multi-billion dollar companies.”

Sire Expands Monarch Habitat Project

“We can only talk so much before we have to act, and he stood up,” Walton said. “We really saw that. He fought for it, so it’s no surprise.”

Walton admits that negotiations have taken longer than he thought and that soybean biodiesel has also been affected by refinery concessions.

Creighton University economist Ernie Goss says his research shows the president’s trade policies are shrinking the rural economy. Goss oversees a monthly survey of rural bank managers in the Midwest and Plains.

Seven out of 10 bankers he surveyed support keeping rates unchanged or, in some cases, raising them, Goss said. “Their belief is that the long-term gain will outweigh the short-term pain.”

North Iowa Renewable Energy Highlighted In State Legislators Tour Millennial Action Project

The farm economy is already struggling, and the trade war adds insult to injury that won’t heal overnight, says University of Iowa agricultural economist Chad Hart.

“Trade negotiations, especially on the broad issues we have with China, take years to reach a final agreement,” he says.

That anxiety is something Democratic presidential candidates — like Joe Biden — are talking about in Iowa.

Last month, he was asked what he would say to farmers who are hurt by the tariffs but still want to see Trump make those deals.

With 2020 Looming, Trump Weighs Boosting Farmers At Refineries’ Expense

“Well, if you think it’s a good deal, vote for Trump,” Biden told a group of reporters after a campaign stop in Prola, Iowa. “But I don’t think there are that many farmers who are that slow about things.

Democrats hope to chip away at some of Trump’s support. His high hopes are tied to swing states like Iowa, which almost went to the president

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