Phone Says Iphone Disabled Connect To Itunes

Phone Says Iphone Disabled Connect To Itunes – Have you ever picked up your iPhone to find “iPhone is turned off” and “Try again in 1 minute” or try again in 5, 15, 60 minutes? At worst, the message says: “iPhone is turned off. Connect to iTunes and the device was previously unavailable. So what’s going on here, why is the iPhone turned off? And how to fix it to get your iPhone back on track? The answers to these questions are usually simple, check the cause of this message and more importantly, the solution to this problem so that you can unlock and restart your iPhone for full use.

A locked iPhone requires a PIN or Touch ID to access and log into the device as a security precaution. After entering the iPhone passcode incorrectly 5 times in a row, the iPhone will automatically turn off within 1 minute, giving the error message “iPhone is disabled” on the screen. The obvious solution in this case is to wait a minute (or more) and then enter the correct passcode to unlock the iPhone and get the shutdown message. In the future, just enter the correct password first, you will avoid this message and the duration of the lockout.

Phone Says Iphone Disabled Connect To Itunes

You may be wondering how many wrong passwords it takes to disable the iPhone for a certain amount of time and receive a message with the information:

Iphone Disabled Connect To Itunes

Waiting a minute isn’t too bad, but waiting a few minutes to an hour is just as annoying as going to iTunes to turn the iPhone back on. Let us know more about this issue so we can avoid it in the future and continue to show you how to close the message.

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In some situations, you didn’t actually try to unlock the iPhone and (intentionally) entered the wrong passcode, but the iPhone says it’s disabled anyway. How did this happen? The two most common reasons an iPhone locks itself are pockets and people. Talk about both.

Close your pocket. accidentally locking your iPhone in your pocket. This usually happens to iPhone users who keep their iPhones in hand pockets, often in pockets, hip pockets, trouser pockets, or front pockets. Because the iPhone’s screen slides to unlock, the feature can be swiped from anywhere on the screen, it’s not uncommon to accidentally activate the screen and then enter the passcode screen while the iPhone is in a pocket with one hand. Or two, and maybe it is. I don’t know. Enter the password multiple times to activate the random lock. I’ve had this happen when I’ve been toting my iPhone around in my pocket, and recently I saw a friend accidentally turn off his iPhone while searching for a wallet containing the same iPhone for me to pay. This happens surprisingly often if you leave your iPhone in a busy pocket or reach into your pocket frequently.

Individual disconnection. there are two types of human interactions that can disable an iPhone, intentionally entering someone’s password that tries to guess your password, then disabling it when it fails, usually a realistic scenario. And another type of random code entry, usually caused by young children. This latter scenario is most common for parents and caregivers of young children who can navigate by tapping and dragging on an otherwise locked iPhone screen. Parents or guardians always think of everything because the iPhone is locked with a passcode or Touch ID, but the child always finds a way to enter the passcode on the screen (it’s just a swipe) entering the wrong word for the secret over and over again. They tap the screen and then the device will lock because “iPhone is off”.

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How To Deal With ‘iphone Unavailable’ Screen In Four Ways

Want to unlock iPhone stuck on lock screen? You must wait for the time to pass and then enter the correct password.

If you can’t wait or don’t know the password, you need to put your iPhone in recovery mode and restore it.

This is the worst case scenario for a disabled iPhone as you need to connect the iPhone to the computer to log in again. Hopefully you’ve backed up to that computer recently, and hopefully you’ve remembered the correct iPhone passcode, otherwise you’ll have to wipe the device and lose all of its data. Yes indeed. Another reason is that frequent device backups are very important.

If you know your iPhone’s passcode and recently backed it up, you can unlock your device using iTunes, even if a restore is required.

Problems With Enabling Iphone

If you don’t know iPhone password, you need to erase iPhone and it will erase all data using recovery mode. Instructions for recovering a forgotten iPhone password are here. If you’ve backed up to iTunes or iCloud, you can restore the backup later.

If you don’t know the iPhone password and don’t have a backup, the iPhone data will be deleted and lost forever. There is no way out, even Apple can unlock the iPhone and access the data in such a situation. So the lesson here is don’t forget your device password and back it up regularly.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you have several options. The easiest way is to simply not enter the wrong password again and again, which will prevent the iPhone from locking and unlocking. It is not so: Since this is not always an option, another option is to enable complex passwords, as it requires a longer string to be entered before the password is rejected. It’s also a good idea to keep your iPhone in a different pocket or away from anyone who enters the passcode on purpose or by accident. And finally, the title made you want to read this article.

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Do you know other useful information about a locked iPhone or how to bypass the locked warning box? Let us know in the comments.

Unlocking A Disabled Iphone

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