Renewable Energy World Statistics 2018

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Renewable energy seems to have been gaining momentum for at least the last decade. Every day you can read about a new technological breakthrough or some other amazing milestone. However, fossil fuels still dominate energy consumption.

Renewable Energy World Statistics 2018

The achievements in the field of renewable energy below are certainly impressive, but there is still a long way to go before a full energy transition.

After Steep Drop In Early 2020, Global Carbon Dioxide Emissions Have Rebounded Strongly

Even in the United States, one of the world’s largest clean energy giants, renewable energy accounted for only 11% of the country’s primary energy consumption in 2018.

But before analyzing why the renewable energy boom has not had a significant impact on the fossil fuel industry, a quick review of the development of renewable energy over the past decade is necessary.

In 2010, for the first time in the world, more than 15 GW of solar power was installed per year. By 2018, this number reached 102 GW.

In 2011, the US Department of Energy launched the SunShot initiative, which aims to make solar energy more competitive with other forms of energy. The initiative reached its 2020 goal three years ago.

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In 2012, 7.6 gigawatts of PV panels were installed in Germany alone, making the country a world leader in renewable energy.

In 2013, wind power became more competitive with natural gas and coal, and some wind farms in the Midwest signed power contracts for as little as $25 per megawatt.

Related: World’s biggest oil producer says demand could fall by 20 million barrels. The Ivanpah Solar Facility opened in 2014 in the Mojave Desert, proving the feasibility of large-scale solar power that could power 100,000 California homes.

In 2015, 153 GW of renewable energy was installed, which was more than conventional fuels that year. “We are witnessing the transformation of the global renewable energy market,” said Fatih Brol.

Chicago To Run Civic Operations On 100% Renewable Energy By 2026

In 2016, Portugal had four consecutive days of renewable energy, with solar, wind and hydro power supplying the country’s entire electricity consumption for 107 hours.

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In 2017, for the first time in the modern nuclear era, renewable energy surpassed nuclear power as a share of US energy production.

In 2018, California approved a historic policy to require all new homes in the state to be solar powered by 2020. Clean energy legislative victories show that there is plenty of political will behind the renewable energy revolution.

In 2019, for the first time since the Industrial Revolution, the UK produced more energy from carbon-free sources than from any fossil fuel.

A Future Clean Energy System

An impressive list of renewable energy sources. However, many obstacles need to be overcome in this context, and the reality is that great ambitions and even increased political will are not enough.

The most important problem in the integration of renewable energy into energy sources is the lack of energy savings. Our nation’s power grid must consistently and reliably balance supply and demand, as renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and tidal tend to increase or decrease. Adequate and efficient energy storage solves this problem, but is very difficult to produce at competitive prices.

Another important issue with renewable energy is the space required to generate large amounts of energy. The world’s largest wind farm, the Guozhou Beidaqiao project in Gansu, China covers 30 square kilometers. The world’s largest solar power plant Noor Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates occupies 8 square kilometers. Most of these large projects are built in the desert, but this is not a realistic solution if renewable energy is to become our main source of energy.

Finally, as strange as it sounds, renewable energy has environmental problems. Solar farms, wind farms and hydroelectric dams have been accused of negatively impacting the ecosystems in which they are located. From killing rare birds to altering river flows and creating chemicals during production and disposal, the clean energy revolution faces many environmental challenges. Proponents of nuclear energy have this problem.

Solar Energy 2018: China’s Jinko Solar Ships The Most Panels In 2018

Although these major obstacles have slowed the development of renewable energy, they are slowly but surely being addressed in several ways.

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The first issue is that many people now consider efficient and cheap energy conservation to be the holy grail of energy promotion. Tesla is already playing its part in this industry by building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery in Australia. Around the world, flying saucers, red batteries, thermal storage, compressed air and hydroelectric power plants are making renewable energy more reliable to feed into our grid.

In addition to advanced energy storage, another solution to the problem of national power grids that are not designed for intermittent electricity is to replace the grid itself. China is piloting a supermarket network that connects renewable energy-producing areas with high-consumption areas to reduce renewable energy emissions. Some researchers believe that micro-electricity is a way to take renewables off the grid and increase efficiency by reducing energy demand and load.

This microgrid approach also solves two other major problems of renewable energy. As renewable energy plants have to pay for large areas, their scale and thus their environmental impact worsens. If we can combine high-power, low-power circuits with adequate and efficient energy storage, then the dream of a completely renewable world may one day become a reality.

What’s Holding The Renewable Revolution Back?

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Renewable Energy Statistics

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