Great Lakes Renewable Energy Hayward Wi

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Hayward Wi – Workers install solar panels on the roof of Van Nuys Airport in the Van Nuys section of Los Angeles on August 8, 2019.

Gov. Tony Evers wants Wisconsin to be carbon neutral by his 2050, and state politicians offered some ideas on how to get closer to that goal at a panel Thursday morning.

Great Lakes Renewable Energy Hayward Wi

The environmental nonprofit RENEW Wisconsin joined a bipartisan committee of legislators and Public Service Commission Rebecca Cameron Valcuk, the head of the state’s utility regulator, as part of the Renewable Energy Summit in Madison. convened a meeting.

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Evers’ 2050 goals include achieving carbon-free energy production. This does not mean that all energy will come from sustainable sources. For example, according to the US Energy Information Administration, nuclear power directly produces no carbon emissions.

Senator Robert Cowles, a Green Bay Republican, said the technology needed to be developed to meet Evers’ energy goals.

“I don’t know if we can make it that far, but I think we can make great progress.

State legislator Adam Neylon (R-Pewaukee) pointed out that new technology could help him reach his goals.

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“Technology is advancing rapidly, and we will probably get there in 2050. No one will be driving, and driverless taxis will be everywhere.”

“I think we need to get there by 2050. I think we need to get there sooner,” he said.

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Neubauer pointed to Racine’s declaration of a state of emergency after recent storms hit the city’s coast as an example of the rapid progress of climate change.

Valcq PSC expressed confidence that Wisconsin can meet her 2050 goals and presented several strategies. He acknowledged that coal-fired power plants should be closed and suggested updating building codes to prioritize energy efficiency.

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In response to an audience question about offshore wind energy harvesting in the Great Lakes, he said it is possible.

“It’s going to be a race to see who comes up with it first, so it’s going to be Wisconsin or Michigan leading the way,” Valcq said.

“I think we’ve solved the problem,” he said, adding that solar power is “more efficient than putting it on Lake Michigan.”

“And I think you’re trying to get into a very strong recreational industry where you can’t move,” Kowles said.

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Panelists also considered past sustainability efforts. Valcq sought approval last year for the controversial Cardinal-Hickory Creek power line.

“We have seen a healthy debate about the need for this transmission line and how it can play a key role in bringing renewable energy to Wisconsin. ” he said Valcq.

The PSC is being sued over its approval, and local opponents in southwest Wisconsin fear the power line pylons could reduce property values.

Editor’s Note: The American Transmission Company, involved in the Cardinal Hickory Creek Project, is the underwriter of Wisconsin Public Radio.

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